Black Scorpion Dream

  • I dreamt that I was marrying a very large, black scorpion. It stood upright and on two legs like a human but was definitely a scorpion. It was an arranged marriage and my parents (who bore no resemblance to my actual parents) were from India. I wore traditional Indian garb for the wedding. I was scared at first, but later on I actually wanted to marry him. I remember standing on a very grand staircase - white. My dreams have been so strange lately - can't figure any of them out!

  • Good to see you watergirl! I know signs and symbols mean different things to every person, psychic. Black, when shown to me usually indicates something similar to illness, cancer, etc. Be aware of your own health. Since the black was another (close) person perhaps it indicates another. Are ur parents both alive. Look to health issues and those that have passed w/cancer.

  • My dreams are weird lately too...but your black Scorpion creeped even me out ( : Your standing on the WHITE staircase is an INNOCENT vantage point. You decided to embrace the scary groom from a place of higher standing. How did you feel in the dream?

  • Thanks guys :).

    I don't think it was about anyone's health, at least I hope not!

    Basically, i was feeling creeped out that I had to marry this creepy insect, hahaha. But later on, I can't remember how, but I got to know him a little better somehow - what was underneath the shell - and I felt compassion for him and then wanted to marry him.

    A psychic friend said that it was a past life memory that was triggered by something in my life that day. After thinking about it, I think she was right. It does explain why my parents weren't my current parents. But that day I was listening to a young man speak - he was Indian and had an extremely thick accent - and the sound of his voice got on my nerves after a little while. He also had really long arms and the way he motioned with them reminded me of a praying mantis. Then I felt bad for being so judgmental because he was a really sweet young man. Somehow the praying mantis turned into a scorpion in the dream - maybe because of the color (the praying mantis is green). I think the black part was about his Indian culture/origin.

    Kinda funny in retrospect. Seems I have had trouble with relationships in all my lives LOL.

    Dreams lately have been pretty intense. I wake up feeling like I have been drugged and it takes me a good while to shake it off and feel awake.

    Thanks again - hope you are both doing well.

  • Doesn't the praying mantis female eat her mate ? I guess he survives by going scorpion! My first impression was you had connected with a person or idea during waking hours and it triggered a deep reaction in you that could relate or it stirred in you a deep fear. Really, what you describe does happen everyday somewhere as arranged marriages are very common. A terrifying idea in my book! Yet , it still survives.........successfully?. Interesting how he turned ...shape shiffter.....and you went back and forth, guilt, wondered if your fear was superficial....then you feel compassion yet the reality is he turns you off. Green is the color of heart energy. But maybe if he was too nice you would have to eat him,,,,,hahaha! BLESSINGS!

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