Love struck & totally confused Gemini-reading please!

  • Okay. This is a long, long story. Don't know where to begin, but I'll try to be as descriptive as possible.

    I went on the senior trip with my friends, left saturday morning (march 14th) and got back home on wednesday(the 18th)

    The clubs were totally out of control with a bunch of horny teenagers and what not. There were 3 club nights. On the second club night I was with my friend and this gorgeous guy came upto me and asked me to sign his t shirt (it was graffiti night you were supposed to sign ppl's shirts)

    He then pulled me close and we started making out. We talked in between so I managed to ask his birthday. It was december 22nd 1997 so I guess he is a sag/capricorn cusp.

    He asked for my # when i tried to leave so i gave it to him. Then he held my hand tightly and said he'd stay with me until i find my friends. I found my friends but we still talked for a bit after.

    He invited me to his hotel but I didn't go. When I came home that night he texted me saying "Hey, what did you think tonight?" and i replied with, "about?" then he just said "nvm" and I said good night and went to sleep.

    The next morning was snow tubing at this ski resort. He texted me again and tried to find me but i was sort of avoiding him mostly because I was really shy and i was vague as hell when he asked where I was.

    Later that night it was the final party, I texted him but he didn't reply. In the meantime I kissed another guy and when i pulled back i realized that he was right behind the guy I kissed, yikes! So yeah, he probably watched us the entire time.

    We walked past each other a few minutes later and he put out his hands, so I held them. He said "Hey how are you?" and I just said "good, how are you?" and he replied with "good" then we both walked away from each other.

    The next morning on the bus back home I texted him saying "hi, how was your trip?" and stuff. But he never replied to me. After that I haven't texted him at all.

    For the past two days I've been pining over him. I don't know what it was but I felt a really strong connection between us. I wish I didn't act like such a little b*tch but I was really shy, so i didn't know what to do really.

    I doubt he will text me again. But the strangest thing happened. I was on youtube and there was an ad that said "Meet Kirsten and win a trip to great Britain".. His name is not Kirsten but I saved his # as kirsten on my phone. Maybe I'm thinking too much about it and taking it as a sign? I don't know.

    Either way I really miss him and i can't stop thinking about him. I feel like there could've actually been something great between us that i'm missing out on. I am totally love struck and so confused about this situation.

    My bday: May 27th 1997 sun in gem, moon in aqua, leo rising. not sure about venus!

    His bday : December 22nd, 1997.

    It would be so, so awesome if I could get a reading about this issue preferably from the captain. Or even some advice would be nice too!

    Thanks! 🙂

  • This relationship was great only in your hopes and dreams, CT. In reality, it would have made a better friendship than a love relationship. Dishonesty was already in place here and the relationship would likely have grown to become frozen and distant as you two spent more time together. This is an enigmatic moth-to-the-flame sort of relationship and its complex energies and swirling emotions are quite at odds with the facade of detachment that would come to characterize it. The effort to keep up this front of a false image can make you both stiff with each other or else lock you even more into the currents between you. When you are alone together, it can be almost as though you have been sucked down to some deep dark place, womb-like but without enough air to breathe.

    You are the moth to this guy's flame, CT. The flame is a dark one, but your flitting nature cannot resist its smouldering intensity. This guy has a passionate nature that arouses your emotions and makes you feel alive. This is not necessarily a good feeling by any means, for a good deal of negativity can emerge here too. This guy can frequently push your buttons, often silently by refusing to react or respond, or by acting as if he doesn't understand. You have a tendency to repeat yourself which may be matched and perhaps stimulated by this guy's tendency to forget what he has or you have said. Thus your literal communication could be constantly swallowed up or absorbed by his well of silence. A relationship here can involve a lot of play-acting and dishonesty, with each person taking on different roles. These games are not of the healthiest sort but they are only roles, after all, and do not represent what you two are really like. On the plus side, they do enable you CT to vent deep feelings that you might otherwise ignore, and may allow this guy to come out of the shadows and into the spotlight, exhibiting a theatrical, expressive and vibrant energy. But that would only happen if the relationship can progress and strive for truth and honesty, not illusion and deception.

    CT, you need to be more careful how you come across to other people. It is not shyness but trying to please others that got you into trouble here. What is a guy to think about a girl who makes out with him as soon as he meets her and then is seen kissing another guy not long after? This guy thinks you are just a girl who is anybody's. You really don't need to do what everyone wants in order for them to like you - that way will only get you into trouble. A serious guy wants a girl who is faithful and loyal to him. Learn the lesson here for the next guy you are attracted to and chalk this one up to experience.

  • Yay! Captain to the rescue! ❤

    What a relief to hear from you!

    Yeah, I get that even I became totally out of control at the parties. On the first night I was super innocent lol. But then my friends started saying stuff like they're disappointed in me and I'm acting totally lame. I don't blame them for my actions though, it was completely my choice to behave that way. But it definitely triggered it. I guess lately I've just been craving excitement- school and all these other responsibilities have totally gotten to me.

    It was senior trip, and ofc a once in a lifetime thing, so.. just like everyone else I also decided to go through the "yolo" phase.

    The time I kissed my sag guy I even asked him, "so how many girls have you kissed so far?" and he said, "I have no clue"

    I wasn't the only one hoeing around, I guess he was too.. except it's super cool when guys make out with a bunch of girls but when a girl does it, then she's a totally sl*t

    Either way, thanks so much for the reading! I am still totally dying to text him but I'm not going to. Hopefully my feelings will fade as fast as they grew, I guess it was my first time experiencing this love at first sight kind of thing. I hope he doesn't text or call me or else I will probably crack though.

    Captain are you also psychic or only give tarot readings??

    And thanks so much for the reading btw, you are the best and I love you!!

  • I have to call on psychic ability to give tarot or any other kind of readings.

  • Right, I guess it was a pretty dumb question.

    I'm just kind of curious to know whether he will ever communicate with me again or if I will ever see him again in the future.

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