Reading for Blmoon.

  • Hi Blmoon, iv been wanting to do this for awhile now, just havent figured when the right time is and feeling its now. i Have been feeling that your a very strong willed person, who pushes past a lot of insecurities and fears, you two have past issues to solve, but you are working at them at a faster pace than others. You are on your way to more healing and the ability to help and heal others is also deep within you. Your creativity is sparkling right now and your imagination, is very vivid, too. You see things in ways that often other people missunderstand, because you see them so differently to how another would perscieve something. Like a story, a painting or when your traveling you tend to look at things, in a deeper way. Signs symboils you notice. You hide within yourself alot, but you have those few close people that you can really connect wiith. you love flowers, Daffodils and posies? I am sensing a lot of yellow and greens around you at the moment. Your feeling abit agitated about something, that involves paperwork, maybe, i know that you have had a loss recently, that is an animal, could it be to do with this? Some docuements, i sore i guess. Lots of Paperwork. Sometimes you are a bit of a scatter brain, in a meaning you go from one thing to the next, things are a little un organized right now for you, but your getting there slowly. your a Very sensitive, kind gentle person. Who is willing to do go all out to do something for others and expect nothing in return. Of course good friendship and balance, energy. is also nice to recieve. But in general You do not expect anything in return. You have a lot of love to give, I sore the number 3 so i dont know what this means, maybe it means something to you. Something about aa necklace, that was given to you recently. or maybe you have had it for a long time? seems like it comes with matching earnings too. Now i see a letter box, and something about posting something to someone or receiving post. A message maybe? Candles and a glass.

    Let me know if this is okay, for you. I can try pick up on something more if you would like me to, go into something in more detail. I hope you enjoy this readng.

    Much Love and Blessings Blmoon


  • Than you. Talk later...very good. BLESSINGS!

  • I am still around, thankyou and blessings to you too.

  • I can agree with your intuitions. I did just treat myself to jewelry including an orange agate necklace with matching earrings. I often give easily to others so this year want to balance that with indulging myself. Paper work? I take care of all the business and as a Taurus I am most happy on top of taking care of business. I love security yet I can live very much on the edge juggling finances.....I am a queen at bargain hunting and using money and will fight aggressively should anyone try and cheat me........I know the credit game well because when younger I did NOT and made mistakes. I try to learn from my mistakes and turn the tables, even if it takes many years.. BUT.....I do have to take a break at times and get rid of debt just because the paper work will eat me up at some point. I'm not a big saver but I always get by and believe in the future.........fear of not having enough will often work against abundance. I make sure I have back up options and believe in abundance. I live in gratitude. After listening to Chopras abundance meditations years ago I received a windfall! I am indeed VERY sensitive and when younger it was painful....much of my path has been about managing that. It makes me a great artist and compassionate healer but I had to master that energy, learn about healthy detachment and the laws of energy. I can be so peaceful butterflys will land on my shoulder and animals are not afraid of me.In public I attract children and the elderly a lot. People are generally nice to me....I am blessed. BUT I also can be a mighty force and carry a heavy sword, and will use it. If the intention is within a necessary spiritual calling. Otherwise I do not jump on every offense.....and leave karma alone. Spirit tells me when to walk away. And yes right now I am on a path of very productive creativity! BLESSINGS!

  • Hey Blmoon, I am glad you liked the reading 🙂 i Love children, and animals, and when i use to sit at the bus stop, elederly would like to talk to me and id try my best to listen without being to anxious, as i use to get anxious of strangers and things. Detainment to things sounds good, to practice, i think thats what i need to try and do as well. I can relate to you alot, in many way, but then i guess, thats all about seeing mirrors of ourselves in other people, or parts of ourselves in others. 🙂 I am still learning too. I guess were all learning and taking things one step at a time. well, i know i am trying to 🙂 Is there anything specific you would like me to pick up on? I could try if you would like me to if your happy with the message you received, thats cool too. Id like to work with children, but im a bit stuck at the moment, id love to do art too, and iv been going to some free art things at life craft, for mental health. Trying to balance, now, its not going to badly, but i have my attachments still and i get distracted alot but finding al ot more focus since working with crystals. I. I like to try and learn from others how they did it, which is why im listening to eckheart tolle alot on youtube and i like deepra chorpra too, well iv heard of them. not sure if iv listened to there stuff yet, but i might look into it.

    Thankyou for your time and for reading and answering. i get kinda excited talking to another psychic. Blessings and love Bee

  • I was frustrated at your age, I am probably twice your age right now. The problem was knowing intuitively were I'd be in the future but not having much patience for respecting the growth necessary. It's like having a big puzzle and seeing it's finish but none of the pieces fit. My real growth spurt started in my later thirties.........I stopped trying to change outside things and people and really committed to investing in ME. I took scary leaps out of my comfort zone....went to college and almost gave up because the anxiety was intense.....I bought subliminal meditation tapes and used them religiously to calm anxiety. After getting past anxiety I bought other tapes to address other issues and then mentors and friends started coming into my life. It was a magical ponderous time and I worked very very hard on my poetry while tending a family. I opened my heart to love and learned to trust beyond my pathological fears other words I addressed my shadow side that often sabotaged me. I found a sense of destiny that still fills me with gratitude. I learned to not choose lazy friendships that would allow me to stay stuck. I reached up to those I admired and they kept me honest and working hard. Sometimes those that tick us off are just holding a mirror in our face and lovingly saying buck up camper. And sometimes those that wrongly ticked me off inspired my poetry as a way of speaking out against injustice. Despite my psychic would be a long time before I had the skills to use it properly. You must protect yourself and be empowered or you are like swiss cheese.....missing parts of yourself And others can fill in those holes....then you become a mess of emotions, not knowing where you begin and others end. Work on being whole first. Be patient and kind to yourself.! BLESSINGS!

  • Thankyou Blmoon for connecting with me. 🙂 it means a lot. i will work on being whole, i have al ot of anxiety too, but working on it. meditation and guided meditations help me. yes i get fustrated, but i feel that at time i can easily let it go, it depends on the situation person and things like that. I love poetry too i love writing poetry. trying to learn to open my heart as well and want to feel less like clinging onto people , things and places, but feelings like i cant, or, i wont sometimes take over, or like resisitng change because of fear- I am working on that now, but it might take time, i dont know. but i guess there is plenty of time, if we live in the now moment and not force things to happen right away, and just go with the flow. Change i understand is constant. Thankyou for your messages, and insights. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your break.

  • Blessings and love

    Bee. 🙂


    I thought you might find this interesting, its a deborah king couse, but iv never heard of her, however looks good. it does cost thought, so i was umming and arring about it, so ill have to think on that one. but you do become a certified chakra reader afterwards. So i guess that caught my attention and i thought youd be interested. it is Expensive. But its just an idea. 🙂

  • I do not buy expensive courses but that's me. I did pay for college the years building my writing foundation....I was soooo broke! Had no car and had to ignore extended family members harsh criticism about being a in why don't I give up my dreams and get a job!!. But a wise mentor kept me on track and assured me that my time was important and if I got a job for approval at that time it would have me miss my boat and she was right!!. I mostly am a self taught person with psychic and spiritual subjects......every time I paid for a guru worship I regretted it. Yes, in my early days I looked for a magic teacher to enlighten me.......but I was looking for something that did not exhist. My challenge was to believe in myself. I did a lot of reading and Spirit will direct me to books. I do love Rev Nina Roe's website at angelsteach.....she gives great courses and certificates but I am not needing that. I love Ishar Lerner's site as well. You have to choose what's right for you. Know yourself. Even the impatient stuff I pushed for that didn't pan out taught me something. Nothing is a waste. Have you ever read THE ARTISTS WAY? Great book.....changed my life. Pray for help to receive the info you need and it will come. I just got word m poetry was accepted in an anthology............I'm so excited!! BLESSINGS!

  • I llike the idea that we have many teachers and we ourselves are teachers too, im trying to develop my psychic and spiritual path abit more right now. but also trying to focus and balance on practical things, which is always difficuilt for me since i want to be infantasy land most of the time and i get distracted lol. so glad about your poem, yes i am reading the power of the heart finding your true lifes purpose by BAPTIST DE PAPE will look in to the artists way 🙂 i havent read that no, but thankyou for the suggestion, I have a lot of interesting spiritual books on my shelf that i havent finished reading and need to read, books. or half read or finished ones too. I guess im a book hoarder as well. lol I feel like the Archangel micheals been close to me recently, i guess i should know this is true, but would like to ask what your thoughts are to this? As sometimes i do doubt. an im like am i sure, or not sure i dont know. I have also read the Alchemist by paulo coelho that was a pretty interesting book. I am listenign to alot of eckhart tolle too. and his power of now book with interviews on youtube. I also follow doreen virtue, yes iv heard of Rev ninas Roes too, so many teachers 🙂 with lots of diversities and differences.

  • is it possible for me to share some of my poetry with you? i have a couple on a online website if youd like to look or browse sometime? Some of its dark, from when i was using it to express my dark emotions and how i felt about things, love, romance, spirituality. Sometiems i have a theme and sometimes it doesnt always, have to make sense or lead anywhere at the end.

  • Hey Blmoon, i wanted to ask, Iv been having trouble still with these two australian guys, well the one, i have known for less time has been going okay, im just not sure, if this is a safe or good friendship relationship or not. hes not really available as such either but we have known eachother for two years almost and we got rly rly close , i know people come into your life to teach and show you things, but, im not sure exactly what this relationship is suppose to be sometimes. Hes been there for me alot, but he has a tendancy for depression and anxiety aswell and can pull me down with him sometimes. but he is also connected to the first guy i like, i met them on a chat room called the empath chat, iv been having a lot of power struggles within myself and within these people, the guy iv known the longest, for about four years, has confused me alot. Do i really need to let go of him as in a relationship way, idea, I guess im not great at letting go of people, and i find it hard to detach sometimes and need to practice that, because i understand that these are distractions but at the same time teaching me something, i would love some advice on how you detached, from others, or if you could lend some advice that might help me, i need to take it slow as i cant do it straight away cut of i dont think, anyway, but the challange is change and ristance, of letting that person go, or persons. the current friend ship with the one iv known two years, is going well but i sometimes feel hidden agendas, within him, as like the other one i guess, but i dont know if i read into it to much. The empath chat is a chat site i go on, complicated and full of illusions within itself. I sometimes feel ait lost goign there, but i do get drawn there for some reason, is this a challenge, or something. would love some advice, if its possible. thank you blmoon.

  • You want the truth? Take 6 week vacations from that chat site and make note of how it changes anything. How you feel or if you find yourself just attracting other drama. Connections are either giving or draining. But you have to know the signs to discern. The internet has great potential to connect but is also a place for the introverts and intimacy phobics to hide in their safety net of distance. For empaths or psychics with healing energy connections are not so easy without risking being drained or absorbing others energy. I imagine there's no one method. I do know it is an issue for every psychic to manage and symptoms may be different. I believe prevention is better than fixing. If I sense a deep depression in a post I will not allow too much empathy to pull me too far in.....deep introversion and victim energy craves nurturing and sympathy and wants to be taken care of...........they crave an enabler. They lack action. It's easy to feel sorry for them because they are drawing inward with outside energy. Chatting with someone very anxious as well can create chaos in your energy. When someone is fearful and anxious but posts for help I ask them first to remove fear and calm down as it is very hard to do a reading for anxious people......their energy blocks out the true connection...versus their fears....otherwise I read their fears and they need to know what is real. If you are just chatting with the two men and not taking note of how much they drain you then you must take care.. I know I have been drained when I feel over energized.......unable to's a false energy.....a chaos really. I know to take a break from readings when I have dreams that feel like they belong to others! It means I'm carrying residual energy. I know other psychics who manage more than I will so you must know your limits. We are each different.....and have our own methods. Also, some people feel more need to save then others. Just because a person tugs at your heart doesn't mean you must save them. Some people never get saved......they stay victims their whole lives and move from toxic relationship to relationship. Change takes bravery, trust and work. I trust Spirit connects me to those who change and do the work if they are going to get help through me. I just know who gets an answer and who doesn't..........some folks are meant for guidance from someone else.....I know I'm not for everyone and also people attract the guidance best for their place in a journey. Your journey calls for different help at 20 then 30 or 50. I prefer folks who are sick of their much that they are ready to do the change..........they are seeing a pattern and are done making excuses. I am not a full time psychic, my life has other purposes that must share energy. Detachment is a just do it and it actually gets stronger on it's own. I can see that your man connection is not serving you in a good way. You need to go deep and answer why you go there.....what is the pay off....... You can turn any bad habit into good by turning it around. THAT is the way of the Godess. Use the chat room for practice. Pay attention to your energy and body and practice when to take a break or not respond when someone pulls you in deeper than is wise. Your challenge with that is you developed a survival habit in childhood of dissociating from your body......pain, hunger, hurt, needs, you had no boundaries because you had no adult rights. You learned to turn it all off but unfortunately FEELING pain or harm is a protection. You need to learn to be safe. Life brings you people who repeat your victim past so you can have an adult re do. Healthy Detachment comes easier if you know when to reflect versus spinning in your head. When overwhelmed with another....just put energy and focus into something good. Art, music, clean house, build something. BLESSINGS!

  • Thankyou blmoon, i understand what your saying,, i am honoured that your helping me, i am working ona few things, the advice about the chat room, is actually really helpful to watch observe and notice. and the 6 weeks break thing too. I have a social worker saying i need to take two days out a week from the chat room and kind a working onthat, so i can not always need it. I do want to do the work, honestly blmoon, i guess we can make excuses within ourselves not to , because were scared or afraid, but this past two weeks have been ok, despite the , guys i talk to and the empath chat. im pushingmyself hard, despite that i may fall sometimes. I want to break old patters i cling to fear alot and old habbits but things are changing slowly. I Just want to help people i guess and be a guiding light for others help heal myself, and sometimes others, has been a sanctuary for me in the past, sometimes its nice to feel safe. your adivce means alot. Do you feel that, i want to change some things ? do you think i will do the work, as much as talk the talk i guess, its something i am curious what you feel. about that. I certainly want to try, and iv been changing alot. I dont want to fall down so quite hard as i did, in the past id like to balance alot. despite my need for the empath chat and people. I rly want to bring that light back into myself and my life. Even if i find a bit of peace and happyness along the way, iv been in the dark along time, too. Wth my shadow self. I want to learn as much as grow and become a better person. 🙂 Thankyou.

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