Leo and Pisces Would like a reading if anyone has time :)

  • My DOB is 3.8.1983 - Pisces - 12.45 am

    Hello all. I've been gone for 1 year and had to remake an account. I'm very involved with Tarot cards and Cartomancy so I would really like to ask for a Tarot reading involving the cards for my situation and please no Clairvoyant unless you feel drawn to answer my post you are more then welcome but I'd like to see what others pull in my situation.

    I have been on and off with a man for 4 years and now again he is back to ignoring me. I flipped out and keep contacting him but he wont answer. We had gone almost 2 years without talking and this recently I saw him once. We didn't do anything really. Anyway I think he is with someone else cause he answered the phone 2 weeks ago like he thought it was someone else. He has been ignoring me since except for the times when he sent nasty responses to my text messages. Other then that he pushed my calls to voice mail.

    His DOB is 8.17.73 - Leo

    Thank you to anyone who responds. 🙂

  • The tarot readers may all be busy at the moment so I can look at your astrological profiles until they get back to you.

    This relationship will likely not work out as a long term commitment. It actually works best when the two of you have a great deal of independence from each other in daily life. You cna relate well if you don't have to see each other that often. It's not that you aren't close - on the contrary, it's just that your relationship is at its most healthy when both parties have enough breathing space and don't feel crowded by the other person. You tend to be the more introverted OceanPisces, although you both have an extroverted side that the relationship can activate. You will also be more sensitive to your partner's needs, although it doesn't mean that you will ultimately be able to satisfy them, or even be all that interested in doing so. This guy can prove to be too demanding for you, especially in the bedroom where you may prefer to keep it light. You tend to get deeply involved emotionally however and you may have trouble letting go of your powerful partner - in an extreme case, you may develop a sex/love addiction. This man can give a great deal of intensity to an affair without being really involved at a deep emotional level. He can also have trouble controlling his temper. The extreme independence of thought and action that is the byproduct of this match-up can make a long term commitment difficult or impossible.

    The main lesson for you that this relationship teaches is how to retain your independence, without alienating others in the process, by applying the art of compromise to some of your more forceful opinions and expressions. You are often adored by others but real closeness may elude you, especially in your teens and twenties. You crave intimacy but can have problems with it as you tend to be a loner. You can be passionate but are afraid of losing control and, for your relationships to be fulfilling, you need to learn to be more spontaneous and to take more risks.

  • **** = sex*

  • You're right. I have been battling back and forth with him since 2011. He doesnt care about me at all. He ignored my calls and text messages. Pops up 2 years later saying he was worried about me and now he is back to ignoring my calls and text messages. And sometimes he will responds with short messages saying something cussing at me or something and then goes back to ignoring me. Before he use to just block me without any reason. I hate myself for talking to him again.

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