Hi The Captain.

  • Im sorry to call on you again, but i feel as if, the darkness around me hasnt let up yet, or im still clinging to it for some reason, something happened last night, thats kind of hard for me to describe, i think its because im still connecting with those people that i like in australia and there energy, like is around me maybe, or spirit. im not sure. But also feel like someone around me at night sometimes, i dont know if is good or bad. but im trying to protect myself and sometimes it feels like i cant always do it by myself or i slip. I might try reiki, but i was going to ask if i can work with you on it, somehow, like, about managing shielding and protection, i do guided meditations on youtube alot, sometimes i feel like i have attachement issues to things, and people so its like, i dont have confidence to see that it will be ok, or, i can manage by myself, when i know i want to beable to. i dont know why i did what i did last night, but i guess healing the darkness is going to take some time, i think the past, memories and other things, reminders and bad habbits, come into play. i really need to let go with things. i guess im scared i cant manage sometimes. Thankyou,

  • Well, the entities that were around you for so long don't like to be shucked off. They are still around you but if you remain positive and protect yourself, they cannot harm you. But your protective measures are only as strong as your belief. If you believe your own defences are good enough, they will be. This is all about self-belief. But you do also need to work on letting unhealthy detachments go and creating new healthy ones. Your fear of being alone makes you vulnerable. But you are not alone - I for one will be here as long as you need me. And there are other good people here who will also help you. The angels and your spirit guides are always with you. Strengthen your spiritual connection and you will never be alone. The Universe is your father/mother and we here are all your friends. You are loved.

  • thankyou Captain 🙂 that means alot I appreciate that. I am greatful for tarot.com and you and everyone here. 🙂

  • Also, don't give these entities, darkness or people more power than they actually have. Your fear and lack of self-belief can exaggerate their abilities or effect. See them instead as mere little flies buzzing around you that you effortlessly swat away!

  • Thankyou, Would you beable to, help me with a guy i like or do a reading on him, iv known him about, 4-5 years, for some reasn im struggling to let go and dnt know why, its like, i keep thinking about them a lot, and past stuff, trying to find some answers as to why, im still clinging n to him when i know hes not going to be there, its like im having a hard time with it, and just want to let it be, but, its hard. i guess. 13 March 1964 this is his birthday things happened with us in the past,i gues and is this somethingi should be diffidently letting go? do you see anything here. Thankyou.

  • RebeccaAnn, the power of persuasion is enormous in this relationship, yet it may not have been easy for the two of you to reach an agreement with each other. This relationship was more soulful than romantic. An element of sorrow or pain may invade the relationship, for the two of you carry with you an awareness of the hardships of life. Happiness here will have had a slightly bittersweet quality, being infused with the belief that, although life is not a bed of roses, things most often turn out for the best. A spirit of resignation would carry you both through some pretty rough spots in life. The two of you likely preferred to keep to yourselves a lot rather than socialize which can make the relationship intense but also rather unbalanced in its privacy. It was a meeting of the soul here rather than of the mind or heart which makes it seem ethereal and difficult to let go of. It came into your lives at a time when you both needed it but it also had to end when it was time too. Use the memory to remind you that it is possible to connect with someone else's soul and move on to find a relationship that can be both soulful AND romantic.

  • Yes, thankyou TheCaptain. 🙂 I appreciate that alot, and definitely soulful.i am finding it hard, i stil keep dreaming 😞 but, understand that we have to let go of somethings sometimes. I just a dreamer i guess, and he touched me, very deeply, with emotions and feelings. yes he made me feel weak at times but hes given me alot too, iv cried a lot over him and i still accept and forgive him from the pain and things, when it has been most difficult, it felt very deep and meaningful, to me, even if it wasnt romantic as such, but yes very bittersweet. There wasnt enough chance for usto explore that, or to know that side, it was very short lived i guess. perhaps to much pain from the past but, i do understand why things are different now, im just wanting to let go, and find something as u say soulful and romantic. my heart nows but my head is refusing to believe me, lol.. u know emotions 🙂 but i appreciate your input. we have been through a lot. but i still care for him as a friend and will be ther for him as a friend, will try my best to not invade in his space to much.

  • I dont like loosing people, but i know i have to in ways of relationship terms and how theyre set up, I try to keep those i love even if its as friends, i forgive them again and again. I have always been very clingy/needy person, so i guess i can push people away that way sometimes. But im starting to make close connections with people in different ways now, an realizing more things. I just miss him and how it use to be sometimes, he still talks to me, but its v ery different now, and sometimes i wonder why acts distant yet he is there in ways too, but not completely, i guess thats kinda of, understandable, but i guess its been hard, struggling with emotion and feelings, towards the situation. I know i realize whats gone is gone, and wont be back, sometimes my mind wonders to the pasts and is still hopeful, i dont know if this is good or bad. but i guess, maybe it will help me to learn, for later.

  • When you live in the past with only ghosts, replaying old long-gone encounters, you miss the golden opportunities that are playing out right now before you in the present - to meet new real people and have new experiences. You live as a ghost yourself.

  • True and I guess so. Thank you captain.:) your words and reading does help.

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