Save flowers and much more from wild rabbits

  • Hi all,

    I live in the city but am now seeing these wild rabbits creating so much damage in and around the house. What can I do? These rabbits are eating all the vegetations, flowers, running in the garage and making holes by the house walls. No help from the city or animal control. Any advice how to get rid of, deal with these creatures.

  • How are they getting in - do you have a well-constructed fence, preferably one that is dug down securely into the ground to prevent rabbits from pushing underneath it? Sometimes, scare tape or balloons can frighten rabbits away from an area. The pinwheels sold to repel moles and birds might provide a look scary to rabbits as well. Remove vine thickets, tall grass, shrub cover etc around your garden or lawn so the rabbits don't have any escape cover. They will spend less time (and eat less food) where they feel unsafe. Usually their natural predators will keep their numbers down. Rabbit populations can rise or fall dramatically. Sometimes, by doing nothing and letting nature take its own course, you may see the same result as you might from trying to "control" rabbits.

  • Hi Captain.

    I don't know what we would do on this board without you. Thank you. The yard is completely fenced in with variety of things though. I have also paid for wires, woods, bricks, stones etc to put in where there has been a cap and can see they came through it. Thing is they find another way. It may take them a few days to dig another hole or push around and there is really no way to stop a rabbit. I had no idea they were back because they were coming at night. I already stopped getting a vegetable garden because of this problem.

    They are not living here but near by there is jungle like parks and I believe some yards are rather huge & woody but they have the best repellent of all times cats and dogs. :_) I refuse to get any more pets bec I can't bear losing them. I am going to look into some of your suggestions. I hope your garden is going well. XX

  • I heard from a friend that you can plant flowers known to repel rabbits - like forget-me-nots, impatiens, amaryllis, bleeding hearts, foxglove, daylily, ferns, English ivy, pachysandra and others. apparently they also hate oak, pine, maple, spruce, cedar,and magnolia trees.

    You can also install automatic sprinklers that are triggered by a motion sensor. If rabbits are sprayed with water every time they enter your garden, they may stay out.

    Try a natural repellent. Although results vary, some home remedies may help deter rabbits -

    Spread blood meal, cayenne pepper, manure or dog or human hair around plants.

    Spray your plants with a solution of hot sauce and water or vinegar. Reapply the solution after each rain. This solution can be washed off of vegetables after harvest, and so does not affect their taste.

    Use a foul-tasting spray deterrent that contains bitrex. You can find products that are marketed for use on ornamental plants. Do not use bitrex sprays on vegetable plants because it will affect the taste of the produce.

    Use humane live traps. Bait traps with apples, which are the rabbits' favorite treat, or use a small amount of peanut butter. Monitor the traps regularly and release rabbits as quickly as possible after they are captured. Wear protective gloves when handling traps and releasing the rabbits. Contact your local animal control officer or parks and recreation department to learn about your laws in your area. In most places, I believe it is legal to release trapped wild rabbits onto state park property.

  • Dear Captain.

    It has been strangely warm this winter and so the tulips are out a bit early (or in my case, trying to be out) but it is too early for any other types etc. So, much of what to grow will be for the summer and such. I do however have taken it upon myself to use a human live trap and it is a pain for me to catch, transport (find someone to do it :() , etc etc. Worse is that I think they all talk to each other hence the "night" coming over and not leave anything behind so that they can go undetected. LOL. This is strange that they are that smart. Oh, and it was not fun at all trapping a raccoon out of the blue too. Cute but oh my God!

    Well, I will see what other kind of suggestions I can use. It is oceanic weather here so it is not pretty much possible to spray and let it be for a while but can't hurt. They have pretty much eaten a lot already.

    Wishing you a very good week. Thank you again.

  • Captain, I did spread some red pepper flakes around some of the new plants. Do you think, when it rains and these are eventually absorbed in dirt then can this affect the soil/ type and such?

  • The peppers (you can use cayenne and vinegar as a spray too) will eventually be dispersed by the rain, soil and wind. So reapply the pepper after each watering, so it doesn't disappear. You can even sprinkle it in the leaves of plants. This is an eco-friendly, people-friendly, inexpensive solution to repel pests off all kinds so go for it! It should not affect the taste or condition of any plants or veg you use it on. Mothballs can work too though they are not as eco-friendly.

  • Thanks, will try.

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