Havent Been Here In Awhile-Ready For A New Path

  • Hello everyone! I haven't been on this site in years but I have matured and been through a lot since the last time I've been on here. Just seeking guidance on my life. I've recently gave birth to a baby boy my precious 6 month old Roman and currently attending film school in Hollywood. My relationship with my boyfriend has been rather wild lately and his anger problems have gotten to the point where I just want to live apart. I just want to know how I can get my boyfriend to understand his anger problem so we can move forward and what I can do to move forward financially.

  • I also would like to know if I am connecting with my son well. Just a fear I have being a new mom lol I always want him to know he is loved

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  • Hello Asia congratulations on your baby boy!! You are connected to your son just love him and take care of him and you will be fine.

    As for your boyfriend's anger issues you do need to move on. You cannot make him face his issues only he can do that. protect yourself and your baby boy move on.

  • Hi Asia, congratulations on your little Roman! A very cute and sweet name. I am thinking that if he is the father of the baby then it is worth to try and get some counseling for both together and or even you alone if he is not open to that. Hopefully, you can get to see a wonderful and very good therapist to be really helpful. Sending you lots of good wishes and much happiness.

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