Hello to all again! Does anyone want a reading from me?

  • Hello my friends. It's been almost two years since I last logged in. I am very happy to be back again and I really want to do a tarot reading for someone.

    So, please, if anyone wants a reading from me, I would be glad to give one 🙂 I will read for the first person that will reply to my post. I would prefer the question to be romance- related, if it is possible. Just bare in mind that I am not a professional, I just want to gain more experience by reading for others (which I really enjoy).

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Hi Mooncard, I would love a reading :). A general love reading pls what you see or cards reveal and with emphasis on a particular love one from the past. I can't forget him.. Welcome back and thank you.

  • Hello znl! Thank you! 🙂 I will do a reading for you. Can you please tell me your birthday?

  • Awesome. April 3.

  • Mooncard, It's me who thanks you.

  • Hi Mooncard,

    If you're still offering, I'd love one please. Just a general love reading or whatever you see in relation to love for me would be great. My date of birth is 18th March 1980.

    Many thanks


  • My dearest znl,

    I have mixed feelings about your reading… I promise that I did the best I could; and the cards fell in a very logical and plain way. I almost immediately came to a conclusion about them. It was as if every card was in the right spot; as if the meaning was absolutely clear from beginning to end. And then I realized that many of my ideas about the connection between the cards was based on my own problems at the moment. I only hope that that was merely a coincidence and that I didn’t let my personal insecurities interfere. But I really cannot be sure. I want your opinion on the matter…

    So (after that long and boring introduction), I used a Celtic cross and I asked about your love life. The first card was the 9 of pentacles and the one crossing it was the 2 of swords. For me this looks like the difference between what you really are and the way you are reacting to the situation. The difference between the ancient philosophical ideas of “είναι” (being inside) and “φαίνεσθαι” (doing outside). So, inside, when it comes to your inner world of feelings (9 of pentacles), you are a pretty emotional and mature human being. In other words, your feelings are rich. You know what you are and you can give a lot to a relationship. But you react like the lady in the 2 of swords. You are closed, confined to yourself, trying always to keep the balances, never letting other people approach you, afraid of the pain that they may cause to you. Sometimes your inner richness emerges and makes you unhappy about that retreat to self, makes you unfulfilled of the past, makes you want to find something better. Open up! When you are emotionally mature, there is no reason to be afraid of what the others may do to you because you can understand who is worthy of your attention and who is not. Just trust your instincts and your feeling.

    But why a person so rich feels the need to close herself up? The answer is the third card, representing the base of the situation: Six of pentacles. Generosity. You feel that your past relationship has drained you. You willingly offered almost everything. Now you feel that you have nothing else left to offer. You feel that if the past didn’t gave to you what you wanted, for sure the future won’t either because you cannot do anything better from what you have already done. Well, you don’t have to do anything better. Sometimes our unsuccessful past is merely caused by bad timing, or simple bad luck. That should not keep us from trying again. The best days lies in the future, because you deserve them. (I am really unsure about that interpretation because the situation that I receive is very similar to what I am going through lately. I hope I don’t see what I want to see just because I am so confined to my own problem and I want the reassurance that someone else feels the same too. If I do, please forgive me.)

    The forth card. The recent past. The Magician. I thing that card stands for the person that you cannot forget and the relationship you had with him. You felt that that person had a very unique creative energy. You felt sure when you were with him. I don’t say that the relationship was perfect, just that you felt energized in it (energized… I hope there is such a word. Oh, I am still hopeless with my English 🙂 ). As I said before, you gave a lot to him. And something tells me that he gave a lot to you too. That is why it is so difficult to forget him as you said. I think that you may not even understand exactly why the relationship was ended. You just miss the feelings that it gave you; the will to do things. But remember! The relationship was far from perfect. I think that you have never felt him equal to you. In your mind he was always on a pedestal. He was always a god far far away and you owed him whatever he asked from you. It may not be that dramatic, but I think that the relationship had such a quality. But that is in the past! Always remember what was bad about it. That will help you go ahead.

    And you must go ahead. Because if you won’t the possible outcome would be the reversed eight of wands. Immobility, stagnation, everything is still like the waters in a swamp. You don’t want that; because that way you will lose the opportunities of the future; and in your near future the King of pentacles awaits you. You will meet someone that will influence you. He may be a business man, somebody related with achievements in the economic world. I don’t think he is rich (although he may be), he is just mature and contented in his profession. You may think that that type of men is not your type. It contradicts what you have lived so far. Well, I think you should give him a chance.

    I really feel compassion to you seeing the next two cards. The seventh card (the self) is the strength reversed and the eighth (the environment) is the ace of cups reversed. Again, it is what I feel for myself, so I hope I don’t see things that I shouldn’t see. From your environment you receive a total lack of opportunities when it comes to your love life. Disruption, even violence. You feel like you live in the north pole only wearing a bikini. And you feel totally weak against it. You can do nothing about it. You know, in life you set a goal and then you do things to achieve it. You set a goal, you took action to achieve it, but nothing happened. So you feel disconnected with the others around you. It reminds me of a verse from Ode to joy.

    Whoever has been lucky enough

    to become a friend to a friend,

    Whoever has found a beloved wife,

    let him join our songs of praise!

    Yes, and anyone who can call one soul

    his own on this earth!

    Any who cannot, let them slink away

    from this gathering in tears!

    I cannot express it in better words.

    That feeling is intensified by the ninth card; your hopes and fears; the reversed seven of pentacles. You worked and worked and worked to better yourself and you managed to be the mature person that I described earlier. You worked and worked and worked to be happy in your love life. Now you feel betrayed from all that work. You believe that nothing came out of it; that all was in vein. Well, it wasn’t. Just keep on.

    The outcome is the reversed Hierophant. Don’t worry, I think it is positive! You break free from what you thought of as standard in your love life. You are out to explore new things that until now you thought as not suitable for you (maybe that King of pentacle in your near future?). Some kind of unorthodoxy that makes you live new experiences.

    So, that was your reading. Now, I really want your input. I am particularly interested in that reading. If I am completely wrong I would really like to know in what other way I could interpret the cards, because right now I cannot think of any. Just remember that I am just a beginner!

    Peace be with you,


  • My dearest Pisces1803,

    I have a really full program, so I don't have time to read for you right now. But, I promise that when I will feel like reading again (in the following days I hope), you would be the first that I read for, if you will still be interested. I am really sorry for that 😞 I have just started something new and that keeps me a lot of hours away from my home.

  • Dear Mooncard,

    This is so much fun a celtic cross -- 🙂 wow and for me. Ok, I was worried about the boringness of my reading request & the situation, so no worries about any one boring thing in it. It is. 🙂 I need to read - re read and do a little research and contemplation and will post in details later. For now, I don't know what to say if you are feeling/experiencing the same. I can just say that we are going through it and surrendering. I think the over all message is to accept how things are (as if each card is on the right place as it should conveying what it may) and so I know what you mean and oh, be open to possibilities and be hopeful! I get that message from you and the reading too. For now hugs your way and hang in there too. There is always the change and no don't want to be the lady in two if swords.

  • One more thing (from the top of my head), I am going through some work situation that seems so much like the situation of the cards in this reading. Strange bec I did ask for a love reading but at a first glance the whole thing can be interpreted for a "work" related reading too.

  • No problems Mooncard :-).. whenever you're ready.



  • Hello I would love a reading on me and my boyfriend. My birthday is May 6th 1992 I was born at 9:28pmin Dallas TX and my boyfriend was born Feb 6 1988 in Northridge ,CA at 6:00pm. I love him and we have 1 child together but he is becoming a negative energy that I don't recognize. He is becoming more cold and emotionally abusive. I want to know how we can break this negative cycle in our lives and press forward

  • Hello again Mooncard,

    I enjoyed my reading and the way you presented it going from top to the bottom of it in a way that a story unfolds, great gift there Mooncard. Maybe, I am not appearing as clear as I should in my reply but that is not intentional only that I have problem in expressing myself/communication and struggle with that. If you need any/more clarifications from me please let me know.

    I can relate to the 1 and 2 cards and agree. I live a lot in my head and really do not seek much outside of myself at least these days. If I tried to be card 2 it won't be for long because there is more compatibility with the card 1 so any 2 would be of a temporary nature trying to see if I can deal w the situation. Does this 9 of pents points to later appearing of the king of pents?

    6 of pents. Oh Mooncard, I think putting it as bad timing and bad luck is a good way really at least as good as any. These days I do not contemplate the future (love life) much and yes, do think of the past once in a while and sometimes I do remind myself of things that were not too joyful and that helps 🙂 but I am ok with how things are now and am open to the future and what it maybe at the same time I am happy to be with me and my surroundings. Learning more from the past/experience is a very good thing despite being so painful. Do not worry at all about if these are your feelings picked up or mine because after reading this I feel we all have been or are feeling these things and experiencing the same at one time or another. If you are feeling 6 of pents then you know what I mean.

    The magician - I was with someone with a lot of great qualities and of course, as I got to know him in time then realized some of the other things. I realize you can never pretty much figure out a person even if you live with them for years and years. Isn't that strange. It all comes down to how much you are willing to compromise or yes at times put up with. (nothing like 2 of swords though or for long)!! I don't know if one puts people on a pedestal but at some point maybe one decides I can deal with this individual and I am happy to be this way and unhappy any other way or without him or her. Maybe I am just too loyal and do not love everyday or it takes a lot to get my attention and time and heart so that is when I get there then it is really more than just a casual affair and it is a true matter of the heart.

    Interesting with the king of pents. I hope I can recognize him and I just may because of " someone that will influence you." Is there an indication of how long is this "near future" in tarot terms? Could you tell me what do you mean by this " You may think that that type of men is not your type. "? It cannot be because you wrote the description of him as "being mature and contended in his profession." In any event, I will keep your advice close to my heart.

    I am going to not say much on the next two cards and send a cyber hug back to you and thank you for the "compassionate" person that you are and extend the same. I also feel these two cards point to my work life too and environments I am in. So, shudder in a bikini, is a good way to describe it. We have had a very warm winter but nothing close to wearing bikinis but me and the plants and the garden I tend to are all a bit confused by it. I really liked your interpretation of the reversed Hierophant.

    You know, I had only heard the Ode to joy in German - Symphony #9 the fourth movement I think. Thank you for sharing it. What else other than music & heartfelt conversations can comfort.

    I do not have much knowledge of the tarot so I cannot offer it but would be happy to do angel cards for you, seeing that you are going through some things at the moment too. How about that? it would be what the card interpretation is and not mine. Let me know. Thank you dear Mooncard.

  • My dearest znl,

    You are expressing yourself perfectly! Don’t worry. And thank you so so much for your kind words in what have to do with the way I presented the reading. You are most kind! 🙂

    I am sorry about the delay; I had some things that I had to attend to these days. So, about what you said in your previous reply, that the reading may refer to your work, well, it might be so if it makes sense to you. This possibility is enhanced by the fact that the pentacles were dominant. But I don’t believe that it was. I clearly wanted to know about your love life and that was my question. I would associate it with your work only if my emotional related interpretation didn’t make absolutely no sense. If it is so, then the cards clearly say to you that you have to lower your interest about your love life and to start caring more for your occupation. Do you believe so? Do you think that you are neglecting your job in favour of your love life? Well, it may be so but I don’t think so. What is your opinion?

    About the six of pentacles, I am happy you found a way to deal with it. I agree with you, all of us may have similar problems from time to time. I am happy that I didn't let my personal problems mislead me!

    About King of Pentacle, I cannot say exactly when it would be. Maybe in this month, maybe in the next. For me it depends on how large is the period of time for you. I believe that every person has its own personal time. We all receive the same time period differently. “Soon” for me might be “late” for you and vice versa. What is your definition of “near future”? As for the other issue, I wrote that you may think that he is not your type because I think that this card is strongly connected with the reversed Hierophant, a card related with unorthodoxy and dismissal of tradition. So, I believe that at first glance you might think that he is not someone that you would want to have a relationship with, even thought he will have the positive characteristics I mentioned; and he really may not be a person suitable for you. I only told you to just give him a chance. He might be the one that will lead you to what I mentioned about the Hierophant. A new stand towards life. I hope I made myself clear. I am really struggling with my expression too, you know… 🙂

    I am happy that you mentioned Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Yes, it was the fourth movement. It is a coral based on a Schiller’s poem. I rubbed shoulders with it some years ago when I was working for a choir. I was working on it for a year and it really stuck with me. From then I always find parallels between my life and the lyrics of that movement. So don’t be surprised that I mentioned it. I often do it…

    Oh, you are so so kind for offering a reading! I would love to! Nobody has read for me with Angel Cards, it would be very nice. Whenever you have time, of course! Do you have a particular theme for which you would like to read for? I would prefer a reading for my love life, but if you want to read about my job or any other area of my life I wouldn't have a problem. My live is a complete chaos at the moment, so advices would be nice in every area of my life. But I am most interested in my emotional problems. I am without a partner for a really long period of time, and it would be interesting to know more about that. My birthday is 15 of May and I am a man interested in women. If you need any more information let me know.

    If you have anything to say about what I said in this reply about your reading, please feel free to mention it! Your feedback is invaluable!

    Be well,


  • Pisces1803,

    Do you still want a reading? I will have time tomorrow, and I would love to read for you. If you still want to, just let me know.

  • Hi Mooncard,

    I would love a reading still. Thank you 🙂


  • Dear Mooncard hello, Just reading your reply now and I must say that i am very thankful. I'll reply about the reading later on but wanted to say that nothing else but love life reading with my angel cards. 🙂 Angels are great and comforting. I think this set is good for that. It being a full moon night I will do your reading tonight. I hope your day was peaceful and so happy you had the time for tarot and shared your obvious gift and time with us. It comes across as something very natural for you to do, like a talent. In the meantime, you must pour out your heart's desires and wishes on a full moon night and let the univers unfold it for you (athough for you it was last night, I think) . I will do the same.

  • My dearest Piesces1803,

    Your reading was a particularly interesting one! I did a Celtic Cross for you. At first glance, the period that you are going through is of great importance. From the ten cards that I spread, only two of them are minor arcana cards and the rest were all belonging to the Major arcana. Major arcane cards are said to represent very important influences that have to do with your fate and deeper psych. So, I think that that particular moment in your life and the way you will stand towards it, will greatly influence your future. Since the cards bear a lot of the depth and importance, I will not attempt to connect them singularly with your love life. They are, of course connected to that, but in the greater scheme of your life, they are connected with almost every aspect of you. I hope my interpretation is going to help you. But keep an open mind to it. If you think that what I said does not represent you, please please think of your own interpretation and give me feedback.

    So, with that in mind, let’s begin. The cards spread as such;

    1 Death reversed

    2 Five of Swords

    3 The star reversed

    4 The Hierophant reversed

    5 Strength

    6 The Fool reversed

    7 The Hermit reversed

    8 The World

    9 Knight of pentacles reversed

    10 The Hanged man

    First of all, the reversed Death as opposed to the Five of pentacles represents your inner and outer self at the moment. You realize that a change is eminent or already present. But you cannot cope with it. You refuse to accept it, you are not seeing the importance of it. I can see an inner effort to bring back the waters of the river. Well, the change is here and it is necessary. The best thing to do is to accept it and understand the positive elements of it. The way that inner battle presents itself to your outer attitude towards the problem is a feeling of defeat. For some reason you act as if you have been defeated by the situation. You may believe it; but you really have the strength and the capacity to overcome it. You just have to let the outer change sink within and let it change you.

    The reason of all that is the influence of the reversed star in the basis of your psychology. Something in your life has brought you to the point of inner despair. The so important element of hope is absent in your life. I think that you have come through some very difficult experiences that temporally deprive you from being positive. It might be your past relationship or it might be your present relationship, if it is problematic. My advice is to just see it positively! Everything is going to be all right! Believe it!

    Your recent past is that of the reversed Hierophant. It is a period of your life that you came to question all the things that you thought that they were socially right. It was a period of much importance for your way of thinking that might have brought you in opposition with your family, or maybe with your inner sense of right and wrong. But now it has ended. Your new mindset is that of person with renewed values. Again the reason for that might be a previous relationship that made you oppose your traditional thoughts. Or it might be something unrelated to your love life, that nevertheless was very important to your emotional condition.

    The possible outcome of the situation is the Strength. Hopefully you manage to cope with your problems and you obtain a new strength towards them. A light shines in you, a light of positive thought and determination to stand above what you thought as your limits. That is backed up from the influence of the other result card, the Hanged Man. At the end you come to know yourself in a deeper level. You know what is right and wrong and you act independently. Actually, I think that the whole reading is pointing to that area of your life. For you it is much important to gain your independence. It is much important for you to obtain the ability to do the things that you believe to be right even if the others believe them to be foolish acts of a fool person. You either have already understood that, or you might not. I just believe that that is important for your personal development; the next step, if you will.

    That theory in my mind is backed up by the cards of the Near Future (the Fool reversed), your Hopes and Fears (Knight of pentacles reversed) and your Self card (The Hermit reversed). In my mind it makes sense as a combination. You are afraid of being reckless, of reacting stupidly, of acting when you need to stay passive. That fear makes you somewhat recluse. You close up from the other in fear that they may critic you for your actions. So you ignore your instincts. You are afraid of freedom and independence. In the near future you will understand how important it is when you will wrongly ignore your instincts. Don’t be scared; that will give you the will for independence.

    Your Environment is very supportive of you (The world). Your friends and family is behind you in all that and they will accept whatever you decide, even if you think they will not. Just follow your instincts and don’t be afraid. Everything is going to be all right!

    So, that’s it, my friend! Does that makes any sense to you? Please let me know. I hope I helped you and I made you think more clearly than before. In the reading I can see a path of personal development that will bring you to a point of deep maturity and independence. I think that that is the key to all of that. Independence. I would really like to know what you think on all of that. Send me your feedback. Please keep in mind that I am not a professional in that, so don’t be very harsh with me. Don’t be very harsh with my English either. As you have probably already understand, it is not my first language and I am still struggling with expressing myself in it. So, if I were unclear in any way, please, let me know and I will try to express it in a different way.

    Be well my dearest,


  • Hello Dear Mooncard,

    There was no delay at all and even if there was no problem. Thank you for your time and all the Details again. Absolutely, this reading was about my "love life" as that was my intention and yours when taking the cards with that in your mind.

    As I saw a few reversed cards (not even knowing exactly what those are or meant) and because I am going through more chaos and some not so nice things with work then I said “it could be about "work"” too. ;-). Oh, no - not at all neglecting my job in favor of love life and or letting it get in the way of my performance. In fact, maybe job is getting in the way of the love life but really not the other way around. Never was. I am one of those that keep things inside and do not think I need to take my private life and such to the work environment. I see too many people acting up at work depending on what is going on with them feelings wise. Not fair to others or the employer.

    Very interesting point of view about "time" so it depends. January was so long and February flew by so fast. I think in the matters of tarot and such putting a time limit is in a way like limiting things. But, maybe to think about a quarter or so (3 months) in advance and or if something comes to mind while thinking then it is maybe ok. Not sure. 🙂 I sometimes see people guess on seasons or timing on cards.

    Yes, I now understand what you meant about the king of Pentacles and the reversed Hierophant. When I saw that reversed Hierophant I kind of thought for a minute 😉 about the "one I can't forget" since his tarot card is "Hierophant" he is a Taurus and we met in some work related situation but I don’t see the connection here. He was the magician card.

    Interesting you mention choir and music and I will share about that thought a bit later in my reading for you. Thank you for letting me to read for you. I would be thrilled if I can help. Now, on a side note, apart from readings you know that timing is everything and there is always change. Don't forget to smell the roses on the way and just the other day I told my young nephew (but the advice can be given to anyone at any age) please think about what you want in a future partner clearly and precisely without being too picky.. Like physical appearance as well as mental, intellectual and anything that would make her / him “your ideal” so that, when you see that person you can recognize them. What do you think? of course, this means giving the close enough ones a chance too but do not waste time on the ones you are not going to be feeling good with for real.

  • Pisces1803,

    In my legendary forgetfulness I forgot to mention the importance of the reversed Hermit. You feel secluded and very lonely. That have something to do with the change I mentioned in the beginning. You have to overcome this by changing your inner reaction to it.You are not really lonely. You have wonderful friends and people around you that will really support you (The World is on of the most positive cards in my opinion). They are here to help you; so let them help you! Let them heal you! You have to depend on the. Just believe in yourself and everything- EVERYTHING- is going to be OK. I cannot stress that enough. 🙂

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