To The Captain from Shuabby

  • Hello Captain,

    In answer to your question as to how things are going for me. I have been under the weather with the flu, and am also having severe allergies. I will overcome all of this soon, as I am going to be going back into reiki shares and also to a meditation, healing class. I want to do some dancing again and become a teacher in dance.

    I was thinking of you the other day and wanting to ask you how this year looks for me, as my husband is in a job that he does not like, it takes his life force away from him so much, and he wants to find a new different type of job. I want to find my permanent home as I have moved some in this lifetime and looking back , I have been moved around a lot , not of my own choosing.

    Thank you dear Captain for asking about me and if you have the time , I look forward to hearing back from you. Our DOB: Mine 2-22-52 His 4-17-52


  • Happy Birthday for last week! It sounds like you are working through a lot with your illnesses. Do you always protect yourself before and cleanse yourself after readings to ensure you haven't picked up anyone else's negative vibes? I feel also that you are too hard on yourself and that you can make yourself ill by being too self-critical. Make sure that you share your problems with others instead of always being the problem-solver. I feel you may neglect your health a bit, especially when you are passionately engaged in an interest or project.

    2015 for you Shuabby I feel will be a breakthrough year. It will be full of big changes and equally big opportunities. Whatever you give out this year will come back doubled. So make sure you think positively and retain hope and faith in a good outcome. This is a time of freedom and expansion for you so expect to get many of the things you want this year, though maybe in a way you don't expect. 2015 will provide chances to turn your life around by setting off in a direction that is totally different to any you have taken before. The best way to approach this journey is with a complete change of attitude. Last year's energy was limiting and restrictive. This year, you must focus on being limitless and free, and be able to recognize opportunity as it appears. This will require an open and adventurous mind. Pick and choose carefully between your various options. Take only those which pertain to your true desires and not your temporary whims. You have entered an exciting and unpredictable period. The year will encompass change, chance, travel, encountering new people, variety, choice, different belief systems, the sudden, the unexpected, the unusual. But it's absolutely vital that you remain flexible and open-minded, even or especially if things seem to be changing in a way you don't expect or hadn't asked for. Believe it is for the best - and it will be. This year, benefits will be disguised as surprises. This year for you is an adventure into life. It is a time to discover your true potential by experiencing things you have not experienced before. This year, you will become aware of the mistakes you frequently make which always result in disappointment. The year's energy will help you to take responsibility for your mistakes and, if you really are open to freedom and meaningful change, it will provide the alternatives you seek. From this experience, you will become stronger, more capable, effective, relaxed, and impressive as a human being because you will have learned and grown from a mistake instead of repeating it. Your mistake will no longer be a source of misery, guilt, and disappointment. It will no longer be a mistake. It will be EXPERIENCE. 2015 will be full of new people, places, and possibilities. An opportunity may fall right into your lap, or you may find yourself going back and forth in all directions, as you consider whether a particular change of course is what you want or not. Don't judge something before you have experienced it. You must be aware of how one change can create a chain reaction of many changes. Finally, a decision must be made, and courage and trust in the Universe to do right by you will be required. You haven't been ready for change before this - you have been preparing for it however - and now it is upon you. Hold on and enjoy the ride!

    Your husband tends to keep a lot to himself and would benefit from expressing his feelings more. Perhaps he feels that real men don't show their emotion or bother other people with it. But it is better to let it out in healthy ways than to bottle it up. Everyone, even those with incredible self-control, has times when they feel low or vulnerable. He must be willing to replace self-judgment with self-acceptance and to forgive himself for those times when he feels like a failure. He likes to feel in control of his life and his confidence must be shaken by this job he doesn't like, but he has the intense will-power and resilience to bounce right back when knocked down. 2015 for him will be a year of heightened intuition and sensitivity - he must rely solely on his gut instincts now, not on logic or emotion, to guide him. Success will come through other people - through networking, making and reaching out to new connections. Correct timing and patience are major aspects of the year. Your husband's goals are either being taken care of behind the scenes where premature action cannot harm them, or they are dependent on other factors that first have to 'happen' before he can proceed. Patience does not mean merely putting up with adverse conditions, however. He must stand up for himself as needed. But, for the most-part, this is a year in which he can quietly and conscientiously pave the way for future success. This will entail careful attention to detail, and really listening to what others have to say. He may find himself retreating from aggressive and stressed-out individuals. If he cannot physically move away from them, he will only prevent their problems from becoming his through a relaxed and patient frame of mind. This is a time of having deep awareness, civility and kindness. Achievements will develop through teamwork and egoless cooperation. Your husband will be unable to move forward unless he is patient; unless he waits for developments to happen in their own time, and unless he relaxes his tensions and long-term concerns. Any depression or frustration on his part created by the rather slow pace of this year must be overcome by action and by empowering himself - perhaps he can take a class, develop new capabilities, start a new interest or hobby, make some new friends, and build up his knowledge, skills, and relationships. If he does not develop a warm and willing attitude toward others, he will find that his main experience is nervousness, conflicting relationships, blame, guilt, anger, fear, oversensitive and insensitive reactions, and unrelenting criticism. If any of this occurs, he may believe that others have the power to control him. That is an illusion - if he believes it, he will never be free. This year, he must break free of his belief that others (or life) have control over him. 2015 will make him aware of patterns of behavior that impede his freedom.

    You are both going to understand finally what real freedom is this year. That it is a freedom and expansion of the mind, not the physical body. The biggest freedom is daring to think differently, to see your life not as imprisonment but as a challenge to overcome, as a fence to leap over not an unscaleable brick wall. If you are not where you want to be, ask yourself how you may change your thinking to get there. Most people think they are discovering their lives: they pray, they hope something good will happen. But what you think, what you say, what you do, creates your reality. We are creative beings, not discovery beings. Have you really explored all the ways to have the life you want, or only all the SAFE ways? Have you opened yourself to the life you need or just the life you want? Take control. Don't wait for things to change - find ways to creatively change your life now!

    Good luck!

  • Dear Captain,

    Everything you said in regards to both my husband and I, hits home as to what is happening now, and having your guidance to refer to will help so much in the future. I sure look forward to that special something dropping in my lap. My husband is a man which likes to take the lead, he is networking now. I will keep you posted on good things happening. When I do healings ,I take a sea salt bath and pray afterwards. There is something in the air here now making people sick, and it is cold here now.

    Thank you for this wonderful gift you share with us. And may God bless you for it.


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