Blank Daily Horoscope

  • Is anyone else receiving a completely BLANK Daily Horoscope?

    The last COMPLETE Daily Horoscope I received was back on January 7th. I've sent 2 messages to the Contact page, on January 12th and again on February 15th (when the situation remained unchanged.) Still the daily emails are blank.

    All my other mailings are fine. I receive Love Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes, and I receive the Special Offers, all in perfect reading condition. The problem, for me, is ONLY the Daily Horoscope.

    If the problem is with my computer, I would appreciate any ideas on how I can resolve this issue.

  • Hey divining joy I had that issue twice and it took over 2 months for them to fix it. Just keep sending emails ever couple of days. You also might want to try resigning up for the daily horoscope

  • Thank you, shadowmist. I've tried unsubscribing and then re-subscribing to the Daily horoscope, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Now, today, the site won't keep me signed in long enough to load any of my daily readings. : / Really hoping they can resolve these issues soon. Two months is a long time to go without my morning read. 🙂

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