Dream interpretation

  • Any one any thought on this weird dream i am trying to understand ?

    I was in a place, vaguely could also feel the prezence of my son. I was working to earn things in this place/apartment. There were this old women, looked like Lillian Schuarce at first. She was old and ugly but i had compassion for her. She gives me some things which were the share she thought i deserve to get. I was looking through them and was trying to see if she had other things worth having around in her place. I was trying to get more. Then she stops in front of a mirror to look at herself naked. In front view she was very tall and straight and beautifull.

    I tell her that i love her. I love her not sexually but as a person. I felt she was abandoned and left alone because of being old and ugly, which eventually was not even true after seeing her in front of the mirror and naked. We both lay on the bed, and i was stroking her body to show love, when i noticed she was covered on black big pimples on her back side of her body and one leg. Ob the back collon of her body she was covered on hair like an animal. When she dresed, she looked short and gungace like Lillian. I asked her if the pimple hurts. She said yes! Walk up

    Thank you !! 🙂

  • Sorry for the typos 😕

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