Would love a reading... very confused need some insight

  • So recently i just found out my boyfriend still has feelings for his ex we have been together for about a year. He is trying to forget her but in a drunk confession he has told me she has came back to him twice before and he said that he isnt sure if she were to come back if he could resist not going back to her. Please any insight is appreciated. My initials cmm dob 5/17/87 his initials jmr dob 1/20/86. Thanks in advance

  • Do you know the ex's birthdate?

  • I do not know her birthday he hates talking about her i dont know much about her he only talks to me about her when he gets really drunk

  • OK then I will just compare you and him. But it does sound like the two of them still have past karma issues to work through.

    You and JMR: this relationship actually works better for friendship than love. Both of you can be so lively, outgoing, and natural that this would seem on the surface to be a wonderful matchup. There is an earthy feel to the match and sensuousness is magnified here. Indeed the focus may well be on sensuous beauty, whether in cooking fine meals, decorating a house, or indulging in the delights of massage, baths or lovemaking. Both excitement and harmony can emerge in your love affair - emotions of the tearing or wrenching variety will rarely surface here. There won't be any deep intense feelings that threaten to consume you both. This doesn't diminish the relationship's passion too much - it simply makes things more enjoyable and less irritable. There may however be an overemphasis on more superficial values, such as good looks (which may openly acknowledge their debt to cosmetics), stylish clothing, and trendy hairstyles. Even so, a natural image will be preferred. If you two do make it to marriage - and that is a big 'if' - the relationship can be happy and harmonious for the most part. There may be too much interest in external appearances - the neatness of your children, matters of interior decorating, especially furniture etc. - and there will be an undeniable urge to keep up with the neighbours with a smart car or two parked in the driveway. But the relationship is more suited to companionship between you. Sharing challenging activities (perhaps involving travel) whether exploratory or sporting in nature will bond you together. You may have met through work or may share hobbies and interests of an aesthetic nature, involving music, art, fashion or design. There may be problems keeping this relationship under control however. It can lack depth and intensity and there can be restrictive, inhibiting and anxious moments that can limit the commitment on one or both sides.

  • Thank you for the insight captain

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