5 Readings from Shuabby

  • Hello,

    I will do five readings and I ask that you count to see where you are on the list.

    I ask that you give me your date of birth and if looking for work what line of work your in.

    If asking about someone else than please be specific in their name and if known age.

    I read with playing cards and am clairvoyant.


  • Thank you for your offer - i would love a general reading 9-24-66

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  • Hi Shuabby,

    Nice to see you here again.

    May i have a reading on career and love opportunities in the near future (say 3 months or so)?

    My contract comes up for renewal in the next few months - not sure it will renewed, but I want to find something more suitable. 25 October 1979.

    Thanks again!

  • Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm doing HR/Administrative work. But I feel that I'm being led towards a different calling - but not sure what it is yet. Something with gentler energies, I hope.

  • Hello Danceur,

    There is a Tom that comes in around you and he is tall and dark haired , yet has a touch of gray or white streak in it, he can sing and play the guitar like a dream. He is romantic and a charming man to get to know. Likes to fish and sports also.

    Your work is going to take a u turn and this puts you in place for a job with a charity or human rights or in some way a company that is for the people , office work still yet in a different way. I hear the name of Allison here and Rebecca and a Howard, many new people coming in around you . Life is about to become a rose garden and you will have your choice of suitors as there should be more than one that will come around and make you feel very special. I do get a sign here that says to make sure you do not jump into anything on a romantic level to fast. Take your time and smell those roses.


  • A general reading about where I am in my life and what I should be focusing on would be wonderful, thanks Shuabby. Birthdate - 7th May 1956.

  • i'd also be happy to have a general reading:) (love and work), thank you Shuabby for your kind offer...

  • bugatgirl

    I do not do general readings at this time, as they are to time consuming, but if you would like to ask one question. I will be glad to answer it for you.


  • dmick59

    I am not doing general readings as they cover to many areas and are time and energy consuming. If you would like to ask one question, that I will be happy to answer for you.


  • Dear Captain,

    It is my pleasure to do a reading for you as you give so much to others here at Tarot.com

    Frist of all a dark haired older woman comes in here with weaken health and I feel she has trouble breathing , the doctor card is with her and she will be helped through this male doctor.

    I move on to a man who is dark haired and eyed and he is a stubborn kind of fellow who works on a level of engineer or some level of higher education. He may work for the government in some form, he will have a surprise job offer and with this a residential move will be made , yet I do not feel it is a long distance move at this time. He also has money resources from stocks and bonds coming to him in the future.

    There is a woman of light hair that you have a friendship with and now stand at a crossroads with her and if you will keep the friendship going or let it go. From what I am seeing in the cards you may choose to let go of the friendship.

    You will meet a business man that comes from the TX,AZ, NV area. I hear the name of John here and he is medium coloring , stands tall. He is a big business owner and will be of help to you in the near future when you have some decisions to be made of a personal nature for yourself.

    I feel that you are a natural born healer, and that is a given to you and you are to use this gift in this lifetime . You feel a need to expand yourself and stand on your own now. You would like to be by the ocean and I see a small house that is close to the water in which you could open a business of your own and spirit tells me it will do well and make you very inner fulfilled. I see you setting at a table charting and talking to people and I see crystals in the shop and some unusual things being sold . You may decide to study tarot cards in which you may already have knowledge of, and expand your business in that way. I feel only you in this shop at the beginning and than an expansion into something bigger, I see a boardwalk here also, lots of grayish blue in this colors. Jered is a name coming in around this venture and there is a Felicia also here and Julie who has beautiful blonde hair and such a good nature to her, a wonderful friend to be made

    Music comes in here as a healing tool for you to consider as I feel you will become more and more interested in the healing aspects of life, sound is healing also.

    In two years time your life will be completely changed and I feel you being very happy in your new direction and walk of life so to speak. It is like you are walking barefoot in the ocean and feeling so free within your spirit and very happy.

    If you have any questions in regards to the reading I will be happy to answer them for you .

    Sail On to New Horizons


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  • Hello Sweet dmick59

    There is a horse in your future and it is a gelding that is seen as mostly black in color. I feel this horse will have lost it's home from a passing of its owner and it will be taken to a humane society and you can have the horse for little cost to you. A stable will provide a home for the horse and again you will be shown favor and the cost will be kept low for you , you will have to do some of the clean up work like mucking out the stall. The horse looks to be around six years old which is still young. He will like carrots so have them on hand for his snack. lol

    Minor changes for you at this time in that you want more positive people in your life, and dear you will find them through joining classes and changing your outlook to a more positive one which will help in drawing these people to you. I hear the name of Adam and Roy here they are men that will be of help to you as you walk your journey now.

    I feel a residential move for you I see a house that is one level and it does have a nice size yard in which I believe you may want to grow some rose bushes in. Just beautiful ones they will be.

    The house is not new and may even have an aura of someone that passed in it feels like a man but he will not be a problem for anyone in the house. He just visits once in awhile.

    You may find yourself attracted to colors and patterns you never were before, as you are changing from within and this new way of dressing will revel some of the new you. I also see you doing something with your hair in a convention sort of way. Very nice is the outcome.

    A dog black and white is coming in here and may belong to a neighbor where you will move, this dog will want to live at your place more so than at home, likes you so well.

    So nice to chat with you again, Happy Valentine Day


  • moonalisa,

    What comes in right away is your love life and I see fireworks and this tells me that you two will be doing something really special together this July 4th. This will be a day to remember for both of you. So please keep us posted as to any happy news!

    Work comes in around you with a bit of darkness meaning that you want to run away and not go back some days when you leave, do you work in marketing in some form? You are being guided to something so much more in the future. You seem to have leadership ability and should have a manager job or even your own company down the road a bit here. Do you live where there is warmth and sunshine? I feel the sun here and if you don't live in a warm area you are destine to before long Are you artistic? s I see you being able to work with colors in a beautiful way and you know how to design in far reaching wonder. This is a given for you as skill and is to be put to use ASAP

    I feel you working by or for a company that has the ocean and sea shells and a glass front building right on the water. You will excel beyond your own beliefs when you go to work here . Purple is the color around you are this time , it is a color of wealth and also that you need to clam your inner self in ways of music and yoga, drink some calming teas and leave Star Bucks coffee alone for awhile as it is a nerve shaking experience for some and also touches the cognation center of the mind if drank in excess.

    Your future looks bright with only some slight bumps in the road this year, so enjoy yourself and keep us informed.

    Your friend,


  • Hi Shuabby, No problem, I certainly understand. My one question would be if you see any changes positive in my employment situation. I currently work in law enforcement and the main boss resigned and things have been very chaotic.

    Thanks, again!

  • Thank you Shuabby, that sounds like a wonderful future!

  • Sounds interesting - thanks Shuabby 🙂

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  • bugatgirl

    I feel that your new boss may be female and she is a person that knows when to be tough and when to be softer with people, she is just made for this position. If a man does take over he will be replaced by a woman I hear the name of Ginger.

    I am getting crossed signals when it comes to your job position, I see you more in administration than in a car or walking a beat so to speak. . Court Clerk is what is being brought to mind here for you. You will be happy in two months time with how the transition at work has flowed at least for you as it will bring more money and a better feeling all around.

    You are going on vacation soon and you will enjoy this trip so much , I see someone that likes to fish and boat and they are quite fun to be around , it feels like you need to decide if you and someone special want to go alone or invite another couple to come with you to the land of the lakes .

    What is showing in your cards is a woman of color that is ill or weaken health around her and this may be due to her going through a divorce or major turning point in her life. She will get better emotionally and she will be happy, so please let her know that things will not remain the same and will get better for her I see an M in her first name here.

    It was nice reading for you and I love feedback,


  • Dear Shuabby, thank you very much for your insight.:) I am glad the reading is such a positive one. The fireworks in connection with love life seem to be a good sign.;) You are spot on as far as work, there are days when i wish i could be somewhere else and do something else. And yes, marketing is part of it in a way although not directly related to me. I do not live in a warm area, most of the time where i am is rather chilly but i love the sun and hope to visit a warm country this summer. Colours are significant for me too:), they add so much optimism to our lives. i guess i have a sense of colour and combining them gives me a lot of pleasure... Also the information about the company is quite interesting... i'll be looking out for it. Thank you Shuabby for the reading. 🙂

  • Hello shuabby.

    Its good to see you here again too, i have only just been coming back myself. been al ong time member. 🙂

    Would be interested to know about my love life right now and whether i should wait, until i sort myself out, or try to just go with the flow until the right one comes along, confused about two people at the moment, would love to see if you can pick up on anything.

    Blessings Rebecca

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