The Passing of Jeff Jawer

  • I am so sorry about Jeff Jawer's passing. He was always spot on with the horoscopes and his articles were very insightful. He even will be missed. Thank you Jeff for always providing knowledge about horoscopes and life. May your journey to the heavens be bright and beautiful. Rest in peace

  • God speed. I wanted to post and ask for prayers while he began his journey of transition but figured Tarot could do that if they wanted to. Anyways, very very sad. RIP Jeff. A star was dimmed today.

  • I was shocked at the passing of Jeff Jawer, I was not even aware of his being ill I agree with both of you his horoscopes were spot on, and his articles were thought provoking. .He will definitely be missed by more than family and friends. At least now he is where most of us want to be. The world is a better place for him to have walked on this earth.

  • I am shocked and sad to hear of Jeff Jawer's passing. He will be missed......

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

    Love and light

  • Rest in Peace Jef Jawer ! He was a model that will be missed ❤

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