Hi Captain!

  • I wanted to tell you that I passed the ground portion of my flight instructor test in Dec. I wanted to tell you before but when I got home my sis in law got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Things have been crazy here. i have to finish the flight portion by this month or have to redo it but that's secondary now. Now I am dealing with my favorite cat who had a reaction to food. my worrying has ramped up after being in remission so to speak.

    I am hoping to teach flying on the side for a few years to build time to join the airlines. do you have any insight abouty sis in law, cat and my flying career? I know i have to let the worrying go again.

    how are you doing? . Thank you again.

  • You are in fact not worried about your sister-in-law, your cat, or your flying lessons as such - you need to know the outcomes of these situations because you don't trust yourself to be strong enough to handle outcomes that are not as you want them to be. You don't need to prepare yourself in case of (seemingly) bad outcomes or worry about things that haven't happened yet. A better attitude would be to relax and let life take its chosen course - it will anyway - and believe that you can handle whatever life throws at you.

    Congrats on passing the first test!

  • Youre correct; i have always had the problem of needed to know outcomes. I know worrying wont help and i know i can handle what will be. things seem to work out usually and im sure kitty, sis in law and life will work out. thamks again. you seem toknow me well 🙂

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