Help - Celtic Cross 7 (9 Swords) and 8 (Queen Wands)

  • In a Celtic Cross spread, I have pulled a 9 of Swords in position 7 and a Queen of Wands in position 8. I am not sure what to make of it. Any feedback will be most appreciated! Thanks.

  • Position 7 in the Celtic Cross describes yourself and how you feel about your current situation, so the 9 of Swords would suggest that you are feeling weighed down by a lot of worries at the moment - like the Sword of Damocles hanging over you.

    The Queen of Wands in the 8 position is outside influences over your situation. While usually describing a homely and versatile type of woman, I don't feel that is the correct interpretation of this card in your spread (unless that describes you). I'm getting some concern about your actual home. Is it being sold, or are you trying to sell it at the moment? Or is your home LIFE very turbulent? What cards follow these two - in the hopes/fears (9) and outcome/resolution (10) positions? They should lend some insight into how this will turn out. For the best is what I'm getting, but then most rotten things do turn out that way in the long run after a lot of pain and strife, don't they? But the message I'm receiving here is that your "roof" will remain intact but there will be quite a lot of internal changes. As a result of these changes, you will move on eventually, but not before some months have elapsed.

    The other message I'm getting here is "you're not ready". But you will be in time - hence some months elapsing. Something else about money changing hands comes up also - connected somehow to the number 3 (in the three position of your spread, or could suggest a young family of three buying your house).

    For some reason or another (forgive me for prattling) horses are coming in too - a black and a brown one. Does that mean anything to you? If not, maybe horses are totem animals for you, so be on your guard for unscrupulous goings on behind your back with regard to potential partnerships, or someone taking advantage of your sensitive nature. As a loner, you are happiest on your own and I feel that is the outcome you're looking for here. Solitude. It will come, but there is still a bit of turbulence to go through yet. I also see a strong, older man coming in who will be of great help and comfort to you round the beginning of 2010 0- you already know him, but he has been out of your life for quite some time.

    Phew. Sorry if that went on and on and on a bit too much ... Just hope it helped answer your question some!

  • Hi-

    I almost agree with cris at least on the first part about the 9 of swords.. which shows you are restless over the current situation.

    But the Queen of Wands on the external position- can mean a couple of things.

    • i tend to believe is how others are perceiving you- which in this case would be cordial, intelligent, a little agressive, enthusiastic, motivated and outgoing...

    But it can mean another woman- if there is a relationship reading..

    she can represent a woman that is your rival- then these qualities will be her attributes.

    And last and not least can represent great counsel or external help.

    As cris pointed out we would need to know the other cards as well for an accurate interpretation.

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