Blmoon. feeling lost. its been along time.

  • Hello, blmoon

    Iv been feeling lost lately, i dont know if youll answer, but its okay if you dont, i guess i just felt like i needed to say some things. I have been feeling like iv lost a sense of myself recently, im doing things and iv split u from my partner a few months ago now, but iv been struggling with my mental heath alot, of anxiety and depression feelings. But i also feel this darkness around me too, trying to get back up and out of it is hard, i know iv got a lot of support and friends around online and things, but its like iv lost myself, sometimes feels like iv lost myself in another person somewhere, or i need to find away i can manage,without being so attached to people. As iv found that i have a few attachment issues too. I know that sometimes i know what to do and things change around, but its very up and down at the moment. I know that iv got to do the work too, but i seem to be struggling to focus and have certain habits that keep me from moving forwards. I feel like im still a child in some ways, or very childlike, despite, not being a child anymore. I think its mostly my emotions and i cant seem to stay up when i need to stay up. Im also fighting a battle legally to claim ESA a benefit, which will help me, get support with money and job things. But im doubtful i will get it, because the government can be harsh and say no. Iv been fighting this for two years, because of my mental health, im still very much following the spiritual path, but it just feels like i cannot get out of this darkness when i really want to and i even try to go for walks and things by the river when i can and try to do things to take my mind of it, but so much pressure and energy circling around me. Maybe low level energy from others, or from my past stuff. I hope you are doing well Blmoon, sorry to call on you and i know i can be a bother at times, but there are things, that i need to figure out. can you, pick up on anything?. Take care if i do not here from you much love and blessings Bee, (Angelbee) Rebecca ann.

  • Sorry Blmoon, i guess, i seem to call on yu but never get a reply, i dunno why, but maybe u just dont feel guided to answer or feel like, its too much too. Its okay, i understand your busy and i had a bit of help here, tarot, readers are nice here, its a shame we cant make some kind of contact like chatting ect, but then i guess, i might be to intense for some people. Beings a scoprion and lots of mood swings andl ife stuff to sort out. I do hopethat you are well and i am sorry for bothering you, i wont be asking again, i know we all have our own lives to live. This place is different than when i use to come on here, changed a lot, iv changed too. just hope that u know i care about you, even if u never reply and iv always looked up toyour skill and ability to sense things. I know i can do alot of it too and understand, how it all works. but i find it hardto tap into that, message for myself. sometimes, as t usually mostly comes for other people.

    Anyways much love and Blessings take care Bee/RebeccaAnn.

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