Is it possible for a reading please?

  • zsorry about the stars, that wasnt meant to be there

  • RebeccaAnn, I have sensed this darkness in you for a long time, but it is not all you. When I 'see' you in my mind, I see someone with a ton of dark emotions, black bits that you have absorbed from other people because of a lack of good shielding and protection. There are also some dark entities stuck to you which I can try and remove if you give permission. But this darkness has built up in your aura because you have just allowed it in. At first you allowed it because of your curiosity and because the entities were like friends when you felt so alone. You soak up energy - light and dark - without discrimination, like a psychic sponge. It makes it so you don't know where you start and where the darkness ends. It is swallowing your individuality, your soul. You have to protect yourself properly and screen out all that doesn't serve you. You cannot go on taking in all this darkness or you will explode from it.

  • Thank you captain. I give you permission to. I do feel like exploding at the moment.Blessings.

  • RebeccaAnn, I have removed all the extra dark stuff in your aura. There is still a small amount of your own darkness inside you, made up of negative feelings like depression and low self-worth. But it should be easier for you to deal with now that the other 'not-yours' darkness is gone. But make sure you protect yourself with a white light shield every day so as not to attract any more entities or other people's darkness again.

  • Hey Captain, thanks, i feel a lot better. i also just bought blue kyanite crystal recently, and i put that on today, and it stopped the voices in my head.. i also have moonstone, both necklaces. i brought a few crystal braclets.. i really believe in crystals.. theyve helped me a lot too. i feel a lot calmer, but more, like, centred. i guess. better focused, than i was. Thankyou 🙂

  • Good luck to you!

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