Is it possible for a reading please?

  • RebeccaAnn, Working around and helping people will be good for you. You need the contact. Anything that isolates you for long periods is not good. If you need anything else let me know...

  • Thank you for the bear hug. Glad you connected with your grandfather. Your fears are only as real as you choose. Meet him on a common ground........your religious beliefs do not need to be the subject of conversation. I do not announce I'm psychic to people who do not accept that subject...yet I am true to myself. I protect myself. There are other subjects to share. Ask your grandfather more questions about his life.........turn that fear of YOU being exposed to LISTENING and allowing him to share things about himself you could gain understanding about. At his age he has much to reflect on and lots of life stories. I love life stories.........glimpses into a past that is so different by today's standards. Do not give up on relating with others without feeling defensive......keep practicing. Humor is your friend! If gramps does approach you in a way you do not feel comfy with...use humor and learn to redirect the conversation. If he presses you to reveal your plans for success you CAN say oh grandpa I'm working on being as strong and kind as you! Then ask him what it was like when he was a little boy, ask about your ancestors. Find a subject that lightens up his eyes. It really is that easy. Whatever the not spend alone time looking for negative fears. You tend to wonder "what did they mean by that?". You read too much into nothing. Choose Love. BLESSINGS! PS....thinking you hear things at night means you have too much energy swirling around!! You must spend that Projects? Clean drawers? Closets? Volunteer? If being an empath is too much right now then choose solitary projects. At your age I was into fitness...running, dancing, weightlifting, bike riding, gardening. Later I went to college and focused on my creative gifts. BLESSINGS!

  • Hey Blmoon thanks for, the advice about granddad 🙂 i dont think i can shut off my empathy though, it doesnt work like that normally,i just need better control of it. Iv been doing this for about four years, i think its getting stronger cause of dreams and other thigns im doign with meditation. Trying to balance is what im focusing on, once your on a path, its hard to stop. plus its always within you as much as without you. Yeh i tend to, always think to deeply into things. i volunteer at a nursery for children, want to work with children one day and i do maths on thursdays, i also, am at life craft a place for mental health they help with art therapy, drama therapy and i have help from a social worker whos spiritual too, shes trying to help me, focus and do practical things. We have a good connnection. I believe i am here to follow a spiritual path, i cannot turn away from it. I am a dreamer it might be overwhelming at times, but id like to learn to balance, i guess it will come with time. But im getting there, i now my faults and know what to work on i guess its about learning to control emotions and my ups and downs. Trying not to be so obsessive. I know the angels are around, im just a little afriad i guess and working on that fear too. slowly. past trauma whch i am working on healing and forgiveness but also a lot of current stuff too. Relationships and online stuff, that im trying to balance. I know im on a strong spiritual path, that is over taking everything else at the moment, because the experience im getting inthe physical, are starting to see feel, more messages, in the day time and situations that just turn themselves around. Especially when im feeling low. In life craft they have the tree of life symbol nicely made by the members there. its pretty awsame. its like a family home i guess. nurturing there and guidance i feel safe less pressured by life stuff. I am on esa benefit, sick benefit atm. I havent been well for a while and the depression kinda, sinks in deep. But i know im doing good tihings too, just gotta be gentle on myself i guess and go slow. Not everything comes in at once i know. 🙂 I am only 23 after all, i guess. wanna go to college in September. To do childcare, but im a bit lost with that, iv been wanting to do it for a long time and it hasnt gotten anywhere, i wudnt be any good at sport and science and maths stuff dont seem to stick in my head, its all with the arts and spiritualism and meditation. My life has been fun, but i just feel like theres still a lot of healing to do i guess, but i know im working on it. Thankyou Blmoon.

  • Hey Daliolite. Thanks, 🙂 I want to do a reading for you, i can try to next week sometime. 🙂 Thankyou for checking in.

  • I might beable to on the weekend. Actually might have sme time then.


    Blmoon, have you ever had a reading been done for you? i could try for you too 🙂

  • in my thirties I had a psychic I saw on my birthday for at least ten years....she was a Reverend of a Spiritual camp and we had the same birthday but she was much older. If I was having a rough time I'd get another reading in Nov. Good readings are meant to last awhile. Sometimes events take years to show up. I loved her deeply..still do...and her readings were right on. When she passed away I felt lost but it was time for me to become self reliant. I pull my own daily cards and find guidance often comes TOO YOU...if you are open. I have asked readings from Watergirl on here on occasion as I find her very gifted. I have also found relevant answers in other's posts so many folks here are messengers of Spirit. You are welcome to read me but I do have a my guard up on this site as I protect my energy ............Sick people will draw energy from me and I will pick up their physical ailments. I rarely post here but for a few right now. I am very aware of energy. I have good boundaries. I didn't at twenty three! I do not need a reading but if you're curious how well you do I will validate for you. All you need to read well is completely TRUST....never analyze or let your brain interfere with a cannot have an can't be afraid of looking stupid.....say it no matter how odd or confusing it sounds....always trust Spirit even if a message doesn't ring a will show up later. And you must open your mind in a un-anxious way and not TRY...just listen and accept if Spirit doesn't come. It's their decision to come forward or not. BLESSINGS!

  • RebeccaAnn, Would love a reading. Curious to find out what you pick-up at this juncture for me.

  • Hey Dialolite/Blmoon i havent forgotten about the readings. Just been trying to get myself back into balance, will try and do them tomorrow sometime. 🙂

    Blessings much love Bee.

  • No rush. Best to wait until it feels right. No pressure. Go with the flow! BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon, theres something iv been wondering about, thankyou for saying no pressure, cant do thingsu under pressure at the moment but i am really wanting to do this reading for u both.. its on my mind, too and feel the pull to do it. just gotta find some space when and sit down to do it when it feels right as you say. I wanted to ask/talk about something, when i was younger i felt this intense energy, at night sometimes, and especially still feel it from other people as much as myself. it was an intense sexual feeling, and its kinda hard to describe, im not going to go into detail, lol, but i feel kinda safe talking about that here. I dont know what happened, but sometiems at night i would feel this, energy over me especially when going to bed. Sometimes still feel it, but its not the same energy as it was. kinda lighter, almost freer and i dont get the same problem as i did when i was younger or a few years ago. but that started to got me depressed. Thinking it was a spirit or low level energy. Sometimes i even wondered it was just me. I hope this is okay to talk about here, going with my intuiton i guess, and if its not i do apologize, just feeling like i needed to get it out. to you and thought you may or a may not find it interesting. Im trying to meditate everyday, shield ground, sometimes i slack but i guess we all do :).

    Thankyou for being so understand and patient, i really am looking forward to the reading, today i have just done nothing much, apart from talkign to a friend in Australia, one who i like and known for four/five years, is talking to me again, i dont know if he likes me though. as more than a friend, but im happy with the situation so for the moment, its ok. I feel like you can provide some answers to the sexual thing, i have a lot of guilt/shame over it. I hope this is okay to ask.

  • You do not need to beat around the long distance vibe thing. I know it well. It plagued me when I was young........I'm sure every psychic here has known that. It feels so good to love! It can be like a yummy and yet so a distance! BUT it is too seductive and dangerous to lose oneself. It Makes it so much harder to heal what has isolated us....that wound that messed with our intimacy feel safe. Yes the loving feeling happening is real and actually since we cannot survive in spirit without love it is our survivors will to love from a distance AND often in part of our journey we will find a partner who is connected to our plants and moon and also prefer love from a distance. But eventually it must stop, painfully so for a while.....but to heal, one must give that up. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon, i understand what your saying but sometimes, there are deeper feelings involved and people come into your life for reason. I could be, wrong about my friends in australia, but theyre in my life for a reason, im just not sure wht kind of role theyre going to play. theres something deeper there, that im feeling. unless its just me, because im dreaming to much lol.I know u say theres nothing wrong with me, and maybe theyre isnt, but it feels like there is sometimes when other people keep telling me i am this or i am that, or i should be doing this ect and and sometimes i thin iv been feeling very overwhelemed with things lately. like my mind, has lots its direction and i just keep collapsing not able to look after myself properly. but, i know im on a strong spiritual path, i wont give up on that, I have faith. but i am afraid and i know i can be negative too. but i guess we all can sometimes. i dont know whats going to happen wth my friendships in australia, but, im just going to try my best to let it go for now and focus on healing myself. theres a lot going on in my mind about them both and alot going on in myself too. Love i believe in completely and i believe in spirit too. i think, im just highley sensative at this time and people also keep telling me i need anti depressant, or tablets an im like sure i can try then another part of me is like noo, i cant do that to myself tablets are bad. and im just not rly sure what to do sometimes. but its like i have this faith even if i dont know what to do, and im not able to look after myself very well at the moment, that keeps falling apart too. Though im trying my best, things seem to be going very fast. thankyou Blessings.

  • I agree the feelings are deep. Or they wouldn't feel yummy. Yet the other side of that brings pain because you must live with YOURSELF in the real world. When you indulge in too much need in the outside world or others to medicate you with feel means that at some point you are lost without them.......your life becomes unstable according to events you can't control. It isolates you and it also makes you an energy vampire even if your intention is to give. If you are indeed psychic you must be responsible about your connections. It's true that often two people are connected by the same need but also one person can be the needy one and latches on to another when he other is really a closed heart. This is self abuse to attach to that situation. I do see you have a habit of clinging to lost causes and unavailable hearts. In that respect you are not loving yourself. And you are right that it is not the end all but a process to heal that and it is no over night fix. You are are learning. But all the knowledge in the world is useless without action. You do not feel safe enough to be vulnerable. You were not conditioned to protect, or fight back. You were taught to ignore pain and discomfort and your own sense of higher voice. A good counselor could help you speed things up. Free will is what it is. Life is a long journey of growth at it's own pace. If you do not believe in anti depressants that is ok....BUT you must have some form of ACTION. You must research, pray and have a plan to fight depression. I myself prefer life style changes. Just doing nothing will tire out your friends and must take charge or people will step away from you. As a psychic I do not waste energy on people who are not ready to do the work. That would not be very loving to myself and I do not have energy to give away. Deal with your depression and all the rest you desire will unfold on it's own. BLESSINGS!

  • PS......The reason giving energy to guide those that do the work is not all draining is because the giver receives joy from that...knowing another blossoms.... a return .joy in using their gift and also one always learns something when teaching. It's a give back arrangement when people come together for the good. BUT when a psychic gives and gives....gets attached to helping too much without an even amount of work from the receiver.....then it is draining. In my younger days I wanted to save everyone! God does not expect that. There must be a GOOD SELFISHNESS that a psychic respects or they will sacrifice themselves and be no real help to anyone.

  • Thankyou blmoon i understand what your saying. i had a friend today, who said some mean things, i dont know if she was joking or not. but shes the only friend whose quite negative and harsh with me, she has aspergers, and today she was talking about poisoning my food which i ate. she was trying to be funny i know but she didnt act like ohhh im only joking, kind of thing it was like she enjoyed saying it and things and actually laughed., and acted quite harshly. She seems jealous of me somehow. I understand about that giving and taking thing, thats kinda like boundaries thing. i guess. I still want to read for you, i just havent been well recently. yes free will, i keep thinking about that too. I want to do the work, thats why i am in a place called life craft, and i see a social worker there, and have cognative behaviour therapy, going to doctors next week to talk about having counselling, and i want to work with children i do volunteering on tuesdays and i do maths, on thursdays, iv been strugglign to get to both at the moment, and all iv been able to manage is life craft, its fun its no pressure and people are open caring and nurturing there.. We do art, singing, dramatherapy, they even do mindfulness. meditation i do on a monday. They have a beautiful picture of the tree of life on the wall. im trying really hard i believe, to do the work. but sometimes i fall and emotions take over and i dont always understand. and yeh i have distraction and go for people who are unavailable, i do want to change that, i went to the river this evening it was beautiful, something i normally wouldnt do, i got a pull to do it, and went about more than i normally wud have done, i sore the moon and stars, an when, i stood still i felt the wind on my face, was very peaceful, for some reason i wanted to go down there, but dont know why. well i think i wanted to try to get over some fear about the dark and being alone in it. it was definetly. quiet and different in the night.

    I respect you blmoon, my intention isnt to be a energyy vampire, because i do want to give back too..Blessings.

  • Life craft is for mental health illnesses, and i have a large support group of friends/family. i do isolate myself, but i really want to work n things, im trying , because beforei was doing all that, i was al ot worse, when i was with my partner, i was barely going out , barely doing much at all. i felt kinda trapped inside. and unwell, al the time, thats when i found out i had an under active thyroid, which i take medication for, so i struggle to be up in the mornings. as it affected my sleep patterns and other things. its a bit better now but still needs work. meditation and pray i wanted to do more of, thats why im on sick benefits, so i can heal and not have the pressure of working, my mind just feels to overloaded at the moment. Fear and anxiety, iv always had trouble with, but im learning. it might take time, but i know ican do it. eventually i know i will be strong enough to not need others. i just have to do more work on myself, healing, and balance.

  • Just doing nothing will tire out your friends and must take charge or people will step away from you. As a psychic I do not waste energy on people who are not ready to do the work. That would not be very loving to myself and I do not have energy to give away. Deal with your depression and all the rest you desire will unfold on it's own. BLESSINGS!


    How do you know that im not willing to try and work myself out of the situation im in, im not just doing nothing and iv worked really hard to get better at where i was, than where i am now. It feels like your are being a little judgemental, but stating the fact, that i might not be doing anything, or willing to change my circumstances. I am willing but i am just not as strict with myself as i should be and sometimes i fall. I am doing a lot more than i was when i was with my ex partner, In fact iv propebrly taken on to much at once, As you said i am young so its going to take some time for me to learn things, But dont just assume im not doing anything or not trying, when i really want to, change how things are. I have bad habbits, but i wont to work on those, i still feel like a kid sometimes. as i have a child like self, kind of for comfort i guess. I try to give back when i can, in different ways. I want to help people, too, but at the moment i need to help myself. Sometimes, i just want to hide from the world, wouldnt you, because its pretty dark out there, at times. Its not exactly pleasant all ways. Very harsh energies and sometimes feels like there isnt always love out there, but i know it exists. We all make mistakes, but i know i want to do better. People say be gentle, on yourself, love yourself be good to yourself. I still working on things. The Online world can be a little like escaping reality i guess. But i do want to change that to.

  • I found your first two posts heart warming but your last is fearful and exactly THAT DEFENSIVE side that gobbles up the good.....I was making a general statement sweet Bee....PSYCHIC TO PSYCHIC did express a desire to READ for trusted others and I was trying to help you protect yourself. AND as a psychic I was indeed addressing your shadow side that fears rejection. Did you notice I use WE a lot? Meaning that you are not alone in the struggles you have. I have struggled in my youth many of the things you have shared. There was NOTHING easy about walking that walk......I just want you to lighten up on your judgement of your progress and imagined failures. Often it is three steps forward....two back....but persistence rules. I was not accusing you of not trying so please tell your shadow side not to expect a good thing, caring energy, to have a hidden hurt waiting. IT IS SAFE TO FEEL GOOD, IT IS GOOD TO FEEL SAFE. i too have to do the's never a given. Anyway, I so loved your description of going outside and feeling the magic healing breath of nature! Good for you! The water is always my most healing refuge.....when I was most beaten down as a teen I would go to the great lake and sit and feel the great reality of my smallness yet at the same time understand my presence in a much much bigger reality than any isolation in my little self imprisoned world . Water heals! BLESSINGS sweet Bee...choose love!

  • i dont know if i know what love is sometimes, im a bit lost. i keep hearing vvoices and emotions in my head of other people, and my friend thinks i have bipolar because my moods are up and down really badat the moment, trying to meditate sometimes but i struggle to keep it up. im confused about al ot of things. im suppose to be going to the doctors next week, i guess. but i dont know if they wil lhelp much, Theres a counselor here where im living in a housing associaton from women between 16 and 25. alot of the gilrs here have metal health issues too. some sever more than others. i feel this darkness around me, and i dont know i feel tired and weak i guess. im not sure what to do, becusse its like,, other peoples voices jsy makes it worse. the thinking worse,and im feeling things, deeper and so i react to the feeling. like it gettting stronger. i dont know.

  • this is nothing v normally felt before..its intense. i just keep swtichin moods, so drastically. up and down.. likea yo yo, even f i do something ad come bcck i feel better for a lttle bit thn it starts again stops starts, stops. i know ur only ttrying to help me, im sory if i am taking up your time. i do have a shadow side im tryig to work on it.. but its lke a battle.. sometimes. the dreams i get at night ad the intense emotions.. and fears anxiety panick. i know ur sensative too, so i hope, yur ok with me saying this stuff, its not my intentio to take energy from others more than i give out , im just. stuggling tp deal with this. at the moment. Blessings.

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