Is it possible for a reading please?

  • I have been feeling a bit lost inside myself internally struggling, im going through some mental health stuff, like anxiety and depression and broke away from a partner half a year or so ago, Theyre are lots of things im finding difficuilt, but lots of things that are moving forward to, I just need to find the right balance so i dont get depressed to often. I am not sure aboutthis, but thinking about asking the doctor for anti depressants maybe? does anyone have any guideance they can give, to see if this is a good idea or not for me? I am a little afraid of taking tablets, but the moods that go up and down and my routine are all out of whack. I know im a very sensative person and feel things very deeply, but it wil be nice to, get a break sometimes. A reading would be very appreciated

    Much love and Blessings Rebecca.

  • Hi RebeccaAnn, I'll do an 11-card tarot reading for you and will try to have up in a day or two ok...

  • Thankyou Daliolife appreciated. blessings love Rebecca

  • RebeccaAnn, I'm not a substitute for a doctor, if you need help, get it. In the present part of your reading it's talking mainly about you leaving the relationship. A lot of what happened was fate. Things beyond you're control--I get the feeling here that you've always landed on your feet. A feeling coming from the past part of reading that there was moving or change in your background/environment. Also, a feeling of non-conventional. You are emotional w/a younger type personality. You are a giving person and finding someone who is like-minded is a goal and ambition for you--page of cups in foundation. There's a strong message not to give up hope and aim high(er)--star in advice paired w/ace of swords. You want to know if you're on the right track. I see you speaking-up and seeking the truth in present. There's a lot of talk about putting ideas to "work." Cutting thru what doesn't. More than a few sword cards talking about action taken. Feel like you did what you needed to and things will go in your favor. Kinda seems like the feeling fufilled is a block for you. Perhaps wanting to have it all--9 of cups in blocks. Was your ex an air sign--aquarius, libra gemini. You have a lot to give and offer. Perhaps seeking out and finding Yourself and what makes you happy will acheive the balance you need. News coming in friends/assoc position maybe unwelcome but serves a purpose. Your moods ebb with emotion--page of cups. You seem as though you're aware of the pros and cons of medication. Are you a water sign. The seven of coins makes me feel as though you're at a crossroads w/career and would like to do something else. Perhaps you've done the same thing for awhile. Your reading is really speaking of doing what you enjoy and what makes you happiest. Perhaps something creative.


    Past--2 of coins

    situation--6 of swords

    present--page of swords


    below--page of cups

    challenges--10 of cups

    future--7 of coins

    blocks--9 of cups

    friends/environmnt--knight of swords


    outcome--ace of swords

  • Thankyou Daliolite, That was a very good reading. 🙂 Yeh im a water sign so very emotional, and my ex partner was cancerian. Things are a bit better now, but, i can still fall down easily but i am able to pick myself up again. Yeh im aware of the pros and cons of medication, i guess i was just getting abit worried as i couldnt hold my head above water, very long as i tend to keep dropping down again. I am trying to find balance, but my underactive thyroid keeps me, holding me back as well as myself and lack of motivation, yeh i still really want to get into children, but,im like i v done it so long no and not got much out of it, iv tried to get into it, and im hoping i can get into a course in septemeber so it will be like health and social care level 3, i might try working with chidren with mental health issues. I am also aware i have a lot of inbalances, i need to work on, which i have 6 months to do in order to be more balanced to go to college again, i also have a lot of support around me at the moment, to deal with the mental stuff and physical, emotional stuff. As i am highley sensative person. I want to do something creative too, maybe write a book or draw iv been doing a lot of drawing, lately and getting into life craft which is a very creative placce, iv been going there for mental health group and seeing a social worker, there. I know i have a lot of issues, but i also know i can manage them when something happens like panick attacks and such, i can manage it, i think its just before part, just like ahhh. lol.

    Thankyou for the reading. it was very good,i do believe in fate too yes, i believe that relationship was meant to be and i try to be as giving as i can be, even if its not always with money, but i do want to help people out. im not very good when it comes to money, but workng on that too. I did enjoy the reading it made sense. 🙂 I am interested in two guys though i feel one may, just be more of a friend, now than anything else, would it be possible to do a reading on them both, things are a bit akward with both of them, but, id be interested to know what you can pick up, i only have one of there birthdays and names, but the other one i can get the birthday from easily. if you have time of course, thankyou for this reading, it made a lot of sense to me.

  • for some reason tarot, made my have, loads **** Lol Sorry about that.

  • RebeccaAnn, Love the thank you card, you're very welcome! I drew the page of swords in present and, in the foundation, the page of cups that I forgot to post. This is probably the two guys you mentioned. Have you known one of these guys longer than the other. I don't want to do a reading on both as that seems confusing to me. I can ask if love is likely with (either) of the two current friends. There are two personalities present in your reading. Is one of these guys an air sign like I mentioned. Let me know if you still want me to do one and if you can provide dob's that'd be awesome.

  • Rebecca Ann, I hope you don't mind me adding my two cents...

    You are someone who thinks independently and clearly, and you may often shock or surprise others with your unconventional views. As well as being fiercely opinionated, you are also incredibly compassionate and your urge to help others may be so strong that it may take a radical form: either by spiritedly defending traditional views or by defiantly rebelling against them. Whatever position you choose to defend, you will defend it passionately or take risks to prove your conviction. You can sometimes come across as extremely serious or critical but, behind this outward show of boldness and courage, there is also a part of you that longs for stability or an authority figure to guide you. There may often be a silent battle or conflict going on within you that manifests itself in sudden mood swings of intense highs followed by intense lows.

    Between the ages of eleven and forty-one, there will be an emphasis on relationships in your life and also many opportunities will be presented to explore your creativity. It is important that you take advantage of these opportunities because successful relationships will give you the sense of perspective you occasionally lack, and developing literary, artistic or creative interests will help you connect with your intuition - the key to your psychological growth. After the age of forty-two, there will be a turning point when you undergo some kind of personal transformation, making you more self-reliant and in control.

    If you can listen to your intuition rather than your conviction, become more tolerant and, most important of all, find a cause that is worthy of you, you will find that you no longer want to surprise or shock others with radical words and deeds. You want to realize your full potential and, by so doing, encourage others to do the same. In this way, you (who are so determined, idealistic, and imaginative) will be making your own extraordinary mark on the world and fulfilling your destiny as a progressive revolutionary or traditionalist.

    Love: you may have a tendency to live vicariously through your partners, but it is important for you to make sure that your own great deeds get the recognition they deserve. Intelligent and perceptive, you make a loyal and passionate partner but can at times be inconsistent and careless when it comes to the feelings of others.

    Health: you need to make sure you understand the connection between healthy eating and exercise habits, and good health and feelings of well-being. This will help you pay more attention to your diet and lifestyle, which can get neglected for the demands of work or of others. You are particularly prone to food allergies and digestive upsets, and would benefit greatly by keeping a food diary to track down the culprits. Because your approach to life is often cerebral, you can also become very sedentary and would benefit greatly from regular exercise, preferably in the fresh air so that you get all the mood-boosting benefits of fresh air and sunlight. Being in or around water is very beneficial for you. It may be hard for you to stay on track with a healthy eating and exercise program, but you constantly need to remind yourself why it is important. You would also benefit from meditating and listening to your dreams, and by connecting with your inner guidance or intuition more often. Wearing the colour green will stimulate feelings of balance and will help you inspire harmony in yourself and others. Stay away from too much black or dark clothing as it may encourage depression or attract dark entities.

    Career: you may gravitate toward politics, social reform or law, but you may also choose to exert your influence through creative means, as an artist or writer. Other career choices that might suit you include administration, finance, statistics, economics, science, teaching, or therapy.

    Your life's goal is to learn to be more tolerant. Once you are able to take everything just a little less seriously, your destiny is to formulate clear-sighted and practical strategies for progressive change or improvement. Your challenge in life is to avoid becoming fixated on one issue, way or one person. A balanced workload and approach is a far more effective, rewarding and healthy way to deal with life. If something is troubling you, imagine you are writing a film script of your life. Everyone loves a happy ending, so write yours, then make it happen in your life. believe it and it will happen.

    Rebecca Ann, 2015 for you is the beginning of a whole new chapter of your life, a new start so you need to do things and think in a new way, and have a fresh new attitude and approach to life. Don't live in the past or expect/dread it to repeat itself. Last year you released a lot of baggage and things/people you didn't need any longer. Now is the time to meet new people and put yourself into new situations. You can blossom like a flower now if you plant yourself in new fertile ground. Cast off your old life and fears and enter a newer better period. You are starting all over again. This year is a time to take action and follow great opportunities that will come your way. You will likely feel a sense of renewed energy at this time. It is OK to be a little selfish in 2015. Take time for introspection, as it will add clarity and a sense of direction. You may at times feel called to stand on your own this year, and your creativity and inventiveness will be at their peak. This is definitely a time to have courage, make plans, and avoid indecision. It is a time of work, as you are laying new foundations, and opening up to new possibilities. It is the best year for trying things you have never tried before. Avoid being impulsive or headstrong though, yet be willing to change for the sake of your own personal progress and happiness. This is an auspicious time to begin new relationships and make new connections for personal or business reasons. Go for it! Let us see a new you in 2015, girl.

    Good luck to you!

  • Thankyou Daliolite

    I have a lot of uncertainty about them both, but i guess, i still dream sometimes. lol. 🙂

    The one iv known for longest, i doubt anything will happen. known him four years.

    But thought worth asking. He is a pisces 13 March 1964 The other person, is Libra, but is an air sign, october 14th 1983. If you can pick up on any of these, that will help a great deal. Lot of confusion mixed with them both and i guess, part of me wondering about things. drawn to them but do not know why.

    Thankyou for your readings and your welcome about the card, id like to do you one too, if you like. 🙂 I need the practice.

    Blessings RebeccaAnn.

  • Hey TheCaptain, great reading..Would love to answer you and reply in more detail.. thankyou so much for the reading, i appreciate it, dont have time to respond tonight, but i will be, replying to you tomorrow so i can think over what you said. Great insight. 🙂 Thankyou so much.

    Blessings Rebecca Ann.

  • RebeccaAnn, Your reading on love is pretty straightforward. Look elsewhere--2 of wands in past position. Your reading makes me feel as though you'll meet someone thru work but not now. You have to get to where you want to be and it's going to take work--7 of coins present/8 of coins in outcome. Trouble arises when you try to move things forward that should be left alone--chariot challenges/devil advice/judgment blocked. Someone actually stalemate/refusing the offer, so to speak. Finances not good w/someone and the road is rocky for them career wise. It's not time for them to enter a relationship. Let them work out their path. Someone maybe changing locations. Move forward and don't feel stagnant. I have a feeling that you feel this way when you shouldn't a lot of work to do to keep you busy. This is how you'll meet someone. Avoid dysfunctional relationships.


    past--2 of wands

    situation-- knight of coins



    above--4 of cups

    future--8 of cups


    friends/environment--9 of wands


    outcome--8 of coins

  • Thankyou Daliolite, Good reading, Yes it feels that way too right now, need to move forward. i guess. struggling to fight the darkness within me, too. thankyou for your insight. and love.

    Blessings RebeccaAnn

  • TheCaptain, I loved your reading, some bits were right on, the carer id love to write, or, work with children, social worker, not sure yet. got a lot to think about. I love drawing and i do meditation quite abit, at the moment, trying to everyday. But i get distracted by emotions and things. Not sure if i am serious person, as in like i have a very child like personality, i do take things seriously, and can be quite, serious at times, but im a bit like internal i guess, i like to keep inside myself, sometimes. But recently thats been coming out more, i take like mental health serious and i do ask for support when i need to, i can be quite serious with myself i guess. I am trying to learn indepedence and lots of other things. I am a bit behind and i realize my faults about myself and trying to work on them, its just the world can be so harsh sometimes, i feel like there is more and more darkness than there is light, and as hard as i try to pull myself out , i just get pulled back in. iv had depression since i was 12/13 now, and life is just beginning to get moving for me, its gettting there, but sometimes im like arggg. I know i cal for help maybe to much than i need to rely on my own intuition, but, sometimes people need more help than others, or feel they cant do something. Your reading made a lot of sense, but, i find it hard to respond properly focus on everything of feedback because it was so long, so i just wanted to add some of my stuff here, as kinda a feedback, but talking too. I do appreciate your help and reading was great, thankyou for helping and guidance.

  • Sorry I missed your post to me two weeks followed you here. First impression is you do not consider enough that not all sadness, loss or emotions are signals of something being wrong! Roadblocks and emotions are often just part of the journy or part of a passing change etc. Everything is not supposd to be all sunny and calm. Often, after a good change in direction we stir up all kinds of emotions and fears. That's why many folks do not can be unsettling to go in a new direction or make changes. Often change brings unexpected reactions from others around us....or your old life doesn't must leap out of your comfort zone to cross over to a new start or starting a new vision. It can bring anxiety and what if fears. We always feel out of sorts when at a crossroads. Seperate emotions from choices....give yourself more credit for the good new choices and let the emions be just the residue....this too shall pass. Give yourself permission to have emotions but do not wallow in them. Focus on the good and positive, surely everyday you have done a positive thing.....small things matter. There is a grief time when letting are letting go of something yo felt was like a childs blanky....but it was not loving you back. Both men are safe but not for see in them what you wish in yourself.....the way they can control their emotions....turn it on and off. They seem strong but in reality they are detached. In the moment they can seem perfect for you but really, both men mirror what you want ....they read a woman then feed her needs but it is not real because they are not confident enough to be truely vulnerable. Both of them will make you feel want a man who inspires you to be authentic and strong....empowered. Your issue right now is about being ok with yourself...right where you are. Live more in the is all that is real. You are too much in your head. You think too much. Regret too much. Expect too much.....try not to measure yourself so much or compare or doubt yourself. Mostly we are all right where we belong....part of our journey.........climbing mountains some days...resting lessons some days....reflecting or retreating other days. Be kind to yourself. Life is about cycles.......seasons....moon phases. You must mave down time for rest and viaions and times of action. You just came out of a time of action. Allow yourself to honor your emotions.....relationships often are a vehical for healing and letting go of hidden wounds.....sometimes part of this healing comes after letting go of pain and you may feel like it.......crying for awhile is not all bad. Trust where you are at in your journey. Balance is your remedy.........give yourself permission to FEEL.....cry freely but also choose to do joyful things. Do not question so much......a part of you is trying to break away from relationships that are part of your wounded self but do not serve you....they distracted you from the real pain. You can be sad and joyful in the same day. Bottom line..THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. Love yourself more.......choose nurturing better and avoid too much caffien and sugar,,,,,choose a fun discipline like dancing or a sport. Practice deserve to feel good! BLESSINGS!

  • Thankyou Blmoon, Sorry i messaged you on the other thread.. i guess i wasnt really thinking that clearly, so i dunno if u read it. I appreciate your message and i guess you are right, i do expect to much sometimes and i guess i just need to accept, that feeling of emotions just let them through and pass me or just feel them. I guess i am a deep intense person, emotions always up and down. I do want to get stronger in myself and i know i will, i guess it just takes a bit of time, iv always struggled with change, so i guess thats something i need to work on, because things change everyday or every moment, your not the same person as you were and your write they do make me feel weak, sighs, i guess i will just be gentle with myself with them im a bit clingy and have attachement issues, too, so its like i cant let go. But i know im trying too. Please dont take my message on theother thread the wrong way, i am just guided by my emotions. So in the moment, i guess i dunno how i was feeling. But, you really are something Blmoon, I know there are lots of talented readers here, but, i dunno i guess we all have that unique spark, I can do it too, but im just to nervous to try. and still lots to work on. Appreciate your insight on the men, i guess i will just go with the flow, and try not to force anything, just continue to work on my self. Blessings and Love RebeccaAnn.

  • You are a step ahead when you know yourself without judgement as we often get trapped in the notion of changing ourselves versus MANAGING ourselves. If it is your natur to feel intensly then that will not change.....what manages that is the choice to have skills for getting through times of overwhelming feelings. I am as well a great intense passionate it's best it has served me to be an excellent artist. Feelin deeply can be a gift. Energy is energy......when it overflows you must find a healthy outlet OR you will turn it inward and it will literaly beat you up or paralize you into stagnation. Also, know that repressed anger often turns into depression....when you are TOO nice or dismiss your right to be angry it has to go somewhere and you tend to take responsability for others. Anger is only bad according too what you do with it. You can speak your truth and stand up for yourself without being vindictive. You do not know how to defend yourself without feeling guilty. Anger is only bad when you hang on to it and build the intention to get even. When you idolize someone and get clingy you give them power over you and you become a pleaser to the point of dismissing your own of course making a break from this will bring out a lot of repressed emotions and the qustion arises :who am i?" That's where you are at right now...........filling in the holes of your own identity.......where you once filled with others. Count your daily blessings and baby steps of growth......stay in the moment......stay out of regret as it invites self abuse. Know what feeds your joy and grow strength in doing those things even when you feel you can't. Have a survival system that pulls you out of despair but also know we all have our brief pity party........let it wash through you...honor it but then move on.......go outside, listen to music, call a very positive friendm dance, or do something really nice for a deserving person. The list is yours to create. BLESSINGS!

  • Thankyou Blmoon 🙂 I will try my best. as thats what we can all do. Going to try not to be so hard on myself. and be a little, bit more aware of things. I want to find that, inner self without having to need people, to be there, constantly, i know i will find it, but i just need to feel a bit stronger first within myself. Trying to work with the angels like archangel micheal and other angels, for healing and things, and doing meditation. 🙂 I do not know if this is to much to ask, but, I had this relief worker at the hostel where i am living, with this guys, and he passed a few months ago maybye half a year ago, Sometimes think about him, on and off, but maybe thats because i felt a closeness to him, than other relief or support workers, here. I do not now if your a medium, but i guess, i just wanted to ask. In some ways he kinda reminded me of my granddad, that closeness i use to have with him, i still often think about him on and off, i get a little afraid that i might be connecting to something deeper, spiritually speaking sometimes. He use to work weekends, so on sundays , i always think about him when i go through the hall. He was a very kind man and i appreciated his, support and love, despite, that he had a sense of humour, sometimes i was a bit sensative, of it, but i guess, thats just me, and that was just him, being him, I try to accept everyone without judgement but that can be hard sometimes. Thankyou Blmoon for your words of wisdom and advice, greatly appreciate it. I guess i just thought of guy as a one of thing, i dont rly know what im asking. I guess it was just on my mind. 🙂 Thankyou Blmoon.

  • Yes I am a medium. The messages I get are from Spirit. Smetimes from your guides or Angels or a passed over loved one. They come to me and I do not control them. People we are connected to in some way do remain connected. You can trust your feelings of connection as an actual visit or a confirmation that that spirit just wants you to know they are still there for you. He shows me your moments of being so deeply seriose and how it looked to him......he wanted you to not only lighten up but dish it back to him when he playfully pecked at you.......he wanted you to show some fighting Spirit and not be afraid of it. He says he was not very sensitive about how he aproached you and is was his intention to get you you to toughen up and realize your true strength. Also, he was a once a tender soul himself as a child and he overcame it by being a jokester and telling could always be worse....and he always kept in mind the suffering of others and his gratitude for being himself.........he felt you had a lot to express but you didn't. His early suffering turned into a big compassion for others. THAT continues on and he still guides from the other side. His regret is feeling he had to be too tough. From his heavenly view he now sees all the love choices that surrounded him when he was too down to notice. It is his service to guide people towards love. He says to tell you true strength is often the courage to be sensitive and soft. BLESSINGS! PS.....not sure what he means but there is a little bird connection between you. If it doesn't make will.

  • Thankyou Blmoon, that means alot. I appreciate your read and hear and accept his apology. 🙂 I wish i could make a real connection with my granddad before its too late, but iv been having dreams about him dying and because he is old and i know he loves me, but, i dunno im a little afraid because our connection is not what it was. My mum says not to worry about what he thinks. That he will still love me, but, i dont know i guess i still worry, i want to make a connection before, i just do not have the courage to do it yet. My granddad is Christian believes in god, He doesnt get the airy fairy stuff and the tarot stuff or psychic stuff i do, but i think he knows im into it. Granddad can be a bit like the relief worker too, that was here, but i know thats cause of generation stuff, and i dont mind that, i just get anxious about how granddad might react to some things i say, I take things to heart i guess, that is my sensative side and i know i need to toughen up, but just do not know how sometimes, its harder than it looks. 🙂 The bird makes sense, i drew him a picture of a bird for his funeral and other times too, like a robin. i really want that connection with my granddad at least some of it back, that i had when i was little. i know its different now as were older, but to get a sense of real feeling of love from him i guess. that he means it. Everytime i think about texting him i get to emotional or try to figure out what to say but cant. its like a block i guess. im sure i will figure it out some how, but i want to before its to late.

    As he is pretty old now and he said he was waiting around to see what i would become of myself, or something before, he made a comment, he wanted to see me grow and become someone. Im not sure he understands me though. But i know he loves me. Thankyou for your wisdom and abilities, i really think your a strong psychic has a lot of special abilities very, strong, i know we can all do it at some level, but i dunno, just theres this feeling i have of you that is very empowered and knowing. i know we can all have our human moments, but i do appreciate you and others here aswell. This is where my journey kinda began on tarot, it started here, and worked outwards, to other things.

    Thankyou again.

  • Hi blmoon, no matters about the granddad thing i managed, to sort that out, might be seeing him at easter. Had a bad day yesterday, im trying to imrpove on my life but i know i let the energies of others often over take my own, sometimes i dont know where i begin, or were someone else begins, energy speaking. Seems like you are sought after here, dont forget to take care of yourself, you need rest too 🙂 I brought a book today on beating anxiety, i know i often let other peoples, lifes get into mine too deeply sometimes i loose focus and loose track of what i need to do. I spent all day in bed, gotta sort out some attachement issues and addictive tendencies, especially to on-line stuff. But trying to work out a balance,i accept that i had a bad day yesterday and evening. though i seemed to have heard some voices at night i just wasnt sure, what it was, something saying call me, but i didnt know who, they meant, or mabe i do and i was just to scared. I am trying to balance my time i spend online and my time, i need to do work life stuff. its pretty hard. But im working on it. I feel a lot better today, i guess i have to just go with the flow, and try not to over load myself to much. Thankyou for your help blmoon. I hope you take it easy too. 🙂

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