Necklace gone MIA :)

  • Do you know those cases when things go missing in front of your eyes ? It has started happening to me quite often. The last thing that I am not finding, and I thought I was certain i put it in its place, last time I used it, is this African orange bids necklace. Any one any idea where could it be ? if you would like to practice your psych skills give me some hints 🙂

    Xo xo

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you Dmick ! I thought so too. I have a feeling that it is behind some sofas or unde some th gs but haven't check at everything yet. Best to you, B

  • Breze1, Did you put it w/an outfit that you were going to wear. Or did you hold it up to an outfit. I'm also getting an open clasp. Did you have to fix the clasp, etc.

  • Thank you Daliolite and Dmick ! Lastly i found it two days ago. It had fallen in between two sofas which i thought i looked at. I had to clean my place to find it 🙂 Xoxo

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