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  • Where do I begin, this story goes back a long time lol.

    In short, we met in 7th grade, become great friends. By 8th grade he was my best friend and close to about 7 months later he told me he loved me. How silly right? 15 year olds falling in love! We were together for 1.5 years and it was a good relationship. I guess since we couldn't spend any time together we started to become very insecure about the relationship, getting jealous over silly things. We stayed friends for about a month. Then on the last day of 9th grade when I tried to talk to him, he completely ignored me. I did not see it coming.

    I was too hurt to contact him again so I just didn't. I remember crying myself to sleep every night because of how bad it hurt. 10th grade started and I constantly wished for us to have a class together or lunch or something just to see him everyday. close to when 10th grade was ending I realized that I'm over him and I didn't need him in my life, what a weight off my shoulders!

    Today was the day that semester 2 of 11th began. I rushed to class and waited expectantly for any of my friends to arrive. As I was staring at the door, he walked in. My heart sank into my stomach. I really really didn't want this to happen. He chose to sit 2 seats behind me, with his entire guy posse. while I have absolutely no one in that class. I could feel eyes on me the entire time. It was very frustrating.

    However I decided to be optimistic and thought that well hey at least I don't have to see him after this. The bell rang and as I stepped into my second period class, there he was again. Sitting right at the front.

    How wonderful. I have to see his face for 180 minutes every single day until the end of June.

    I'm a Gemini may 27th 1997

    and he's an aqua Jan 23rd 1998

    Is there anything in my future regarding him this year?

    Thank you so much! I know it was a lot to read. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

  • CottonTail, boys usually take a whole lot longer than girls to mature emotionally. This boy has not grown up yet, like you have, and his behaviour is very childish. Don't wait around for him to catch up and find yourself a more 'evolved' partner.

    Your relationship with your ex was not right for love, nor even good for friendship, more like a casual companionship. Light, quick and uncomplicated could sum it up. But it could also have become unstable or even explosive. Together you two could behave quite irresponsibly. In fact, any responsibility here would ruin the relationship. If you had any desire for the relationship to become deeper emotionally, that wish would have gone unfulfilled. Freedom is the key here, not commitment, so there is little to hold the relationship together in times of intense need and stress. Like cotton candy, It was sweet and fun while it lasted, but it would not have been strong enough or endured for long and eventually you would have grown sick of it.

  • Thank you Captain!! As much as I hate to see him everyday I guess I'll just have to deal with it and get over it. I'm just going to pretend that he doesn't exist and hope that this year goes by fast.

    once again thanks for all your help! I dont post often but whenever I do you're always there to help me. I really appreciate it!

    May the universe bring you tons and tons of happiness!

  • CottonTail we fall in love because we focus on all the good and attractive things about someone. To fall OUT of love, try noticing all the unlikeable, unattractive and nasty things this guy does.

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