Cancer Men: Indirectness, elusiveness & sideway scuttling.

  • Oh, one more thing before I forget. I lose interest if my calls are not answered. Seriously, just talk to me. I have been called clingy and needy, moody and all sorts of other things. No, I'm not clingy, I just wanna talk. Pick up your fone, call me back when you get a message. If you don't call me back, that means you are obviously not putting any effort in. I need the communication, seriously, just talk to me, I love talking. That's how I gain the trust of others. Does this help you guys?

  • WaterMoonChild...quoting that you lose interest if your calls are not answered...what if its the Cancer that is aloof and does the exact same thing. I have been off and on with a Cancer man and he doesn't seem to understand the concept of consideration for others but yet, this is the very thing he complains abt of others?? What iz that... he doesn't see how checking inif you are on the road traveling is being considerate, or gong on a date and him calling to make sure you made it home safely.....I could go on and on but to chime in on the original poster...My Cancer does the same thing in when he sees me he is like a bee on honey...he literally can't keep his hands off me...It's the very same when I try to leave. He is a dirty talker during this time too. Later he is mainly quiet and when he is not he is constantly talking abt doing a million things all at one time....I don't know if this is common with Cancers but he seems to work tirelessly to please everyone around him to gain approval or acknowledgement but when it comes to the one that does the same for him and tries to takes care of him he completely overlooks me. How disheartening this is and he doesn't seem to see it. By the way 7/4 is his bday as a few others I have seen here his rising is in Taurus(Mean/Stubborn) and Moon in Virgo(Analytical/Strategic)... What you all say??

  • I've been reading all these posts and rolling my eyes at how familiar they sound. I too have been getting weird signals from a Cancer guy who as AirTwin put it, seems to like "sending 'I want you' signals and not acting on them". That totally sums it up! I've never had a guy pursue me so indirectly--over two months now--that I couldn't tell if he even WAS pursuing me; but then again, never been with a Cancer either. I think we've both been setting seduction traps, waiting for the other to show their hand first...That's if it doesn't fizzle out from inaction (I'm Pisces/Snake with Venus in Aries--don't keep me waiting!). Anyway, it's nice to know others have had/are having the same experience with Cancer guys.

    I read somewhere that part of the Cancer seduction pattern is to subtly work on the woman until she not only wants him but comes to believe it was all her idea. That's either ingenious or really under-handed. Depends on the intent, I guess.

  • WatermoonChild: What about when i text my cancer and he does not text back! Or when I take a chance and text him AGAIN, and he says whos this? When i just gave him my number, so he has to know who it is. When I tell him who it is, he doesn't respond. Up until now he has been the one to show interest in ME, not vice versa. SO now that I am finally stepping up to the plate, y is he being completely disinterested?

  • We need to get a male cancer's opinion. Why do cancer guys run when either you or them expresses any feelings?

  • Hi Well I will give a brief background. I'm a virgo sun leo moon he is a cancer sun libra moon he is 30 i am 33, ok So we have been in an on and off relationship for a year. this is our fourth time breaking up. he always comes back... why I dont understand... so this time he says I love you but I am not happy Im sorry this hurts you but you have no idea how hard this is for me and honestly I dont know if things get better from here or not. I said if you Love me how can you leave me? he said because I cant tolerate 1.5 hours late in a long distance relationship it makes me angry and is hugely disrespectful. I said I promised to never be late again... he said your words dont mean very much right now. so I said maybe you could put things in perspective. he said thats what I'm doing right now. to that I said well I will try and keep things in perspective on my end and try and not be screaming mad at you for ripping my heart out because im late and your not happy, I'm sorry I'm just hurt. I hope you have a good week at work and please take care of yourself dont push yourself so hard and I hope your elbow doesn't give you to much trouble. I'm not going to contact you I cant be friends and I cant see you on facebook so I have to delete you. I hate this I really hate this.. that was it and he didnt respond.. I wonder if he will come back again im so confused I dont know if I handled it right.. oh please help with advice / insight.. It happened last night..

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