Will Sandy Recover?

  • Hi,

    Could anyone do a reading for my dog, Sandy? She's been very sick lately. Any clue what's wrong with her? Will she be OK?

  • Do you have a photo of her that you can post?

  • Have you taken her to the vet? If not, then depending on her age and feelings you can assume certain things.

  • Sure, Captain! I hope this photo posts correctly.

  • Let me try again...

  • Sorry, it didn't work.

  • znl, I'm going to take her on Monday. The last time she went to the vet, she was OK. But, she's developed some issues since then.

  • Good luck. Having a caring and loving companion helps her/him a lot. 🙂 sometimes, just like us their health goes up and down but they will recover and or live for a long time Afterwards. Hope your kitty comes out w a clean bill of health.

  • Mh83, maybe the photo you were trying to post is too large?

  • I think you're right, Captain. I've cropped the picture. Maybe it will upload now...

  • How did it go at the vets?

  • Unfortunately, it didn't go well. The vet suspects that she might have cancer. I was hoping it was something more easily treatable. She had bloodwork done, but we don't know what's going on yet. The bloodwork may or may not show the cancer, according to the vet. I was thinking it may be diabetes. I had another dog that had that, and she had similar symptoms. Of course, it is always possible that she has pancreatic cancer. We just don't know at this point.

  • I see a combination of issues that brought her to this point. she has a kidney issue ...they are weak ...she also caught a virus......dogs get sick just like people with their own viruses and flu....dogs also can get strep. She definitely needs to avoid salty things.....even some of the best dog foods can have too much sodium for preserving.. Despite her condition she is not suffering as much as you worry.......she is still full of love and contentment to be with you. Dogs are like that sometimes........God's gift!

  • Thanks very much, Blmoon! It does seem like a viral illness. The vet is going to give her some antibiotics. I've been researching the best diet for her. I feel like a lot of the commercial foods are not good. I'll have to see if I can find a low sodium food for her.

  • Baby food is good and you can find all type of it even pumpkin/squash which will be good to mix with their any food and it boosts their immune system.

  • I feed my elderly dogs plain cheerios, wetted down with water and I add different things like tuna or that pet fresh in a tube. They also like oatmeal. I will try dry food from pet smart but often get a bag that has sodium.....I will know right away because my 14 yr old will drink non stop and pee in the house.......it is frustrating that most bags do not say how much sodium is in it. Authority makes a good can food......I mix that with plain cheerios as well. Pumpkin is great as well and will cure diarrhea.Also pumpkin seeds without the shells...called pepitas are a natural parasite killer. Much safer than chemicals and works....one spoon crushed is all it takes.

  • Thanks Blmoon and znl for the advice. I've been trying different foods, but they all seem to have too much sodium in them. She loves cereal, so I'll have to try feeding her plain Cheerios. She doesn't seem to be doing as well lately. Her legs keep giving out. Is there anything I can do to help her?

  • 😞 well, other than adding some form of protein to her cereal I think keeping her warm and massaging her joints and legs. II you can she can benefit from acupuncture,i think but keep her vet informed and ask his advice. making sure she gets enough water. Hang in there. Hugs to you and your dear friend. Xx.

  • My dogs love oatmeal or rice.......I do add protein to cheerios and wet them down some as otherwise they end up flying out of the bowl. My dogs are elderly and weakness in the legs is the obvious sign of natural decline. There is a pet food in a tube that is refrigerated...Walmart caries it as well as some pet stores....that is a great protein veggie food to add to cheerios and is compressed like a huge bologna . I have bought canned chicken as well but it gets pricey.....but my dogs are really on their way out so it's my devotion to help them be comfortable as possible. If they are not in pain it's a gift if they just pass at home. The sign of immediate decline is if their gums suddenly go very pale. As for the legs giving out.......that can go on for a long time and will come and go with older dogs.........the virus your dog caught was very nasty so weakness is to be expected. I had a dog pass last May he was 13 and weak in the legs for a few years....he could no longer jump and some days he was ok and others I had to carry him outside......it's hard to judge. I tried to give them a soft place to sleep and rugs to help get traction and not be slipping on the hardwood floors. I give supplements.....petsmart has gnc brands of joint supplements. Every dog is different. One of mine is 12 and she has arthritis and goes through some pain spurts....I will get myself all ready to put her down then she suddenly rallys just fine....so it's a hard call. My 14 yr old has no pain but her hair gets thin and she will have leg weakness but still goes outside on her own but often clumsy....I give her BIOTIN to help her skin and hair. I know how you feel..........I fear losing both of mine close together. Some dogs age earlier....around 8 yrs.....my girlfriend lost two this year and it was very sudden. Enjoy your companion and try not to dwell on their inevitable decline.Mine have scared me many times but went on for years. I'm sure your vet tested your pet for the obvious diseases so you have done your best. Too many people pour thousands of dollars treating a pet when nature is going to take over despite all efforts. Get another opinion if you feel your vet is not in tune but also avoid being talked into very expensive treatments. Know as well that dogs feel energy so they will pick up your sadness or worry. Dogs want to give us comfort. BLESSINGS!

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