Desperate need of a reading please

  • Long story short me and my boyfriend have been together almost a year and never had major fights or acting different with each other. Now he is acting wierd we just got in a huge fight. I know fights are normal in a relationship but this has never happened where he does not want to talk to me. Any insight that can be given is really appreciated his initials are JMR 01/20/1986 mine are CMM 05/17/1987. If more info needed please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  • Cmurillo25, I'll go ahead and respond to this thread. Both parties feel as though they're still in battle or another battle might occur. Set ideas w/both parties. Your battle is that you don't know what's going on, also, how long do you have to wait--Temperance in Outcome. Someone feels like they are subjected or have to be subjected to someone's ideas and beliefs--hierophant/6 of coins/9 of wands. Money is being brought out. Where is this relationship going-- is being brought forth. Someone is stepping forward in this battle with their own walking cane, so to speak. Structured ideas and belief system coming from you (CMurillo, I believe). Both parties have an arsenal of their own ideas and beliefs. I feel like this person has made a decision not to continue. He's not going to surrender, neither are you. You are more emotional than he--queen of cups in foundation. His ideas are different on where to take the relationship.



    above--knight of coins

    below--queen of cups




    future--2 of swords--you don't see from his perspective

    blocks--6 of coins

    friends--king of wands

    advice--nine of wands


  • ps--my readings are snapshots of present situation. Temperance (a cooling off period) may help.

  • Thank you Daliolite i really appreciate the insight. He has agreed to talk later so we will see where that takes us. It is definitely a better step than last night when he was telling me he didn't want me to contact him and he would contact me when he is ready.

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