Daliolite a reading please

  • Hi Dal, 1st of all Happy New Year and all your wishes may come true this year.

    Im very worried and cant think out of the box or even channel or read cards, at this moment Im very blocked so this is why Im contacting you, I need another point of view.

    My employers already came out saying that they will fire 500 hundred of us workers until October this year if this really happens we live in a small island and theres no jobs, Im worried coz my partner and I we both work there and he might be safe but I wont for sure.

    Either way theres a small chance that I wont leave the place and end up being placed somewhere else but like I said Im stuck and I dont want to end up jobless.

    Im asking u: What can u tell me about my work situation; will I continue working for the base after the reduction?

    Thank you

  • I hope Daliolite will answer you Maria but, if you don't mind, I would like to pass onto you a psychic flash I had about you when I read this post. I saw you being very successful with your own business, a cottage industry of some kind (maybe with other family members or friends helping)where you drew on an ability or talent that you have. I feel you can be very financially well off if you work from your home with this creative idea. What is it that your family and friends have always said you were good at? I feel there is a need for this where you live.

  • Mariapisces, I'll do a reading and see what they point to. In the meantime, start exploring other ideas, avenues of employment. Don't wait and see, have a back-up plan. I was thinking the other day about myself and having a couple of side, part-time jobs. Both being something I'm more creatively inclined to--much like the Captain is mentioning. This may be the ideal time to start something that you like doing. I'll do a reading and try to have up soon...

  • Mariapisces, Your reading is talking about something that (I believe you) you walked away from in the past. Did you, at one point, leave this job in the past. In the present, you feel like a victim. There's a great feeling of loss in present. I don't know if all this loss is concerning feelings regarding the job or loss w/family etc., also or both. Old money in present. Did someone inherit money or is this a parent figure. Truth in regards to present situation--page of swords crowning present. The need to get help (financial). You are emotional and this could refer to the need to think with your head, clearly. Stay on track. This reading is speaking alot regarding your relationship w/significant other. I don't want to pry. At times, it feels like you're not totally happy. There's a feeling of not being able to "walk-away." Maybe you feel this lay-off will threaten the relationship. Temperance is brought forth in friends/environment position. With the news of the lay-off people may ride the tide and stay; some will weigh their options and leave. I'm feeling lay-off's will hinge on this fact--how many stay. Knight of wands in outcome is your main concern--will opportunity ride my way/a new path. When you get over the emotional blow and speak-up truthfully regarding options. I'm feeling that there's someone in a position to help. Right now, there's not a whole lotta talk about a new path/career. There's a feeling in present that you don't see any opportunity. Also, in advice, there's a coming together in your relationship that only two people can bring. Working together w/your partner can bring fufillment. Specifically don't know what this is. Work together and seeing eye to eye. I feel like the two of you can actually help each other. If you haven't been totally truthful or afraid to speak-up, that need is being brought forth in present. Did you just hear of this layoff. It seems you haven't gotten to the point where you've started making different plans. Page of swords indicates ideas, words. The page is a start. Has someone actually been helping financially. I believe the two of you can weather the fort.


    past--8 of cups

    situation--8 of swords

    present--king of coins

    below--5 of cups

    above--page of swords

    challenges--knight of cups


    blocks--ace of cups


    advice--2 of cups

    outcome--knight of wands

    I don't predict the future. You may want to do a 3 card yourself if you think the job is ending. I didn't draw the tower or death or even the sun so it's hard to tell...

  • Hi Dal; sorry been busy and when I hit submit post I loose the connection. Hope everything is good in your world.

    lets see you are right once in 2008 I was layed off from this job and yes I do feel like a victim coz none of this is my fault, our fault. 2nd in 2011 I had the chance to start my life all over again in another country with someone that I was very in love with but I chose my family, friends meaning I chose what I knew and was comfortable with.

    Now I feel like karma hit me in the face thats why u are getting all this feelings voz since this happened I keep wonder if I did the right choicd and yes I'm not happy but its my problem, I dont know who iam anymore, I cant seem to find what makes me happy.

    These days im only focused on my work and family and its at work that I feel best and I feel I dont have the strength to start all over again. I can honestly say that im exhausted and new ideas are not coming.

    What I know is that once I get my firing letter I will start looking for a job, til now the best I can do is wait coz they say we might be saved.

    Yes Dal this is for certain its all over the news and politicians are already involved too.

    This will affect all island and this company is the largest employee.

    You see old money coz my parents in law want to help but I dont want to use their money, they need him more than I do at the moment and the poor guys are old and sick. I wish I could do more for them.

    I know u cant read the future but I also know when something is settled on stone like predestined, the cards show us a bit or at least what direction to choose. Thats how it works with me.

    Thank u Dal.

  • Hi Captain.

    Thanks for ur words and you r not the first person tgat speaks about me starting my own business but I do not have a clue. At this time I dont see anything I can do and is missing here on this island.

    what my friends say is that i dont fear to do a man work and im very good at it ( like being a mason) and a giod cook.

    My friends come to me all the time for advices, I lay cards for them and im very good at picking up others energies but in here its impossible to grow on this field, everything cost too much and theres just a few that do it and they dont live here. I wish I could learn more coz 1 lady told me that this was my destiny. I really am really confused and kind of lost.

    Thanks anyway fir giving me some peace.

  • Can you not become a professional advice giver/card reader instead of giving it away to friends for free? Advice, especially about jobs, sounds like what the islanders need most right now. Maybe you can help people see where their potential and earning power lies?

  • I dont feel comfortable yet to ask for money coz I need to learn so much more. right now I only use my intuition and what the guides tell me. But sometimes I can be wrong too. Usually and most of the times people dont want advice they just want to know the future and they dont see that their future is hidden in the advice.

    When this uncertainty bout my job ends; I would love to improve myself by becoming a reikian and heal people mentally and physically but my mind needs to be focused and quiet. Im very anxious and I can't concentrate.

    Thanks again

  • "right now I only use my intuition and what the guides tell me."

    That is all you need to be a good reader. Getting information from books or the net will only tell you how other people do it. You have to develop your own style through practice and experience.

  • Also you need to calm yourself Maria - take some deep breaths and long walks in nature or meditate - because worrying about something will not make it any better. You need to have a clear mind in order to find real solutions. Fear and anxiety will not help your situation. Take your mind off and distract yourself from the problem and the answer will come to you.

  • Mariapisces, Actually you have several talents. It's just sorting-out that's hard. The upstart or starting is hard. If you're more comfortable waiting, that's fine. The talent of least resistance is best. You shoulder the responsibility. Maybe part of the problem is that you feel you'll be a burden. There's no right way or wrong way to interpret the cards because it's an art form. Don't compare your abilities to others. Structure is a (creative) block. You've never felt comfortable expressing how you truly feel. Continue on.

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