Inner wisdom or paranoia?

  • I'm in a bit of a delema. i rescue cats and adopt some out to hopefully good forever homes. My last adoption out was a difficult one 2 girls I've had for about 13months since they were wee kits. I became extremely attached to them and sorta dropped the ball on adopting them out ,busy etc but was very happy w/ them and grew very attached even tho I'm very aware I have too many. Someone sought me out saw them on line and he seems a nice chap but they are not in an ideal place a studio apt and he works full tume but they do have each other. I have so many doubts as to if I did the right thing for them but I'm unsure if it's something I'm genuinely picking up or just my difficulty in letting go I miss them terribly. Needless to say I regret it.I've texted him asking for responses on how they are adjusting and he isn't responding which isn't helping.I don't know if this is a genuine thing or I'm just worrying needlessly.

  • Hello Pfree,

    I feel that you made this decision for the cats upon meeting the young man that took them. I feel that he himself is alone a lot and the cats keep him company. Yes, they do have each other and enjoy that. He will be moving by the end of the year to a better bigger environment. In the meantime you can tell him that you would like to know about their progress and if he has any questions about their care or even if he has questions on their behavior to feel free to contact you.

  • Pfree, I feel like you genuinely miss the kittens and wish you still had them. At this point though, maybe you can let this person know that if or when he no longer can take care of the kittens or does not want to then just let you know and you will be happy to pick them up.

    Lovely doing the cat rescue thing and taking care of these adorable Angels. Thank you.

  • Thankyou I've talked w/ him and he knows I'm always there for them..thank you for easing my anxieties!! They brought me so much joy!!!!!

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