Could i have a reading please?

  • dear readers,

    could i please know what month of the year will i get employed? will it even happen for me in 2015? i am so unhappy about this no job situation of mine. i don't know when will it change for better...i am tired of being unemployed and applying for jobs constantly. it would be very kind of you guys to give me time frame when i should expect myself getting employed. it has been going on like this for 2 years and am utterly frustrated now. please help:(((

  • HP, 2015 is going to be much easier in many ways for all of us as individuals. I do feel you will be working this year - May feels very energetic and full of potential for you. But I feel you will have to be much more aggressive and enthusiastic when you go for jobs. With so many people wanting work, you have to put yourself forward with confidence in order to be noticed. I feel in many ways that someone in your life is contributing to your lack of self-esteem and thus holding you back. You must find ways to boost your self-confidence. Don't let past disappointments weigh you down - treat every day as a new fresh start!

  • thank you for taking time to read captain.

    i don't have anyone in my life at the moment who is affecting my self confidence. i am just interacting with my partner and he has always been encouraging even when i am down and frustrated.

    so it's not him. i interact with no one else who is close enough to know my situation.

    who you might be picking up on? do you see me learning/going to school until i find work around may? that is also a possibility but i really want someone to take me as apprentice as i don't have money to pay for school or any private learning course. do you see someone taking me as apprentice during next 3/4 months until i find a job?

    i have been putting myself out there more aggressively lately. in december 2014 it was much slower than before because of hiring freeze. but i really don't know what else to do to get my foot in the door. if i start learning it will at least calm my nerves and give me some motivation to keep going until i am employed. i feel tired and bored really. i see my hoped getting down with every passing day.

    do you see school or apprenticeship for me for next few months? i would really appreciate if you could read this much!!!

  • or could there be an opportunity to assist someone in a project, even if it is working from home, before i find a job? just wondering....

  • It doesn't have to be a person in the present who is negatively impacting on you - it could be someone from your past whose critical damaging voice is still re-playing over and over in your mind.

    I get that there will be a possibility for you to attend some free study courses if you look around for them this year. Maybe even online ones. If you are bored, you could volunteer to help in some of the charities or similar organizations in your area. That way, you are socializing, networking (since you may hear from someone else about jobs or study) AND giving aid to others. There are also many profitable ways to work from home and you can research that through the internet.

  • i am exploring various options at the moment and not sure which one will click. thanks for the insight captain. i am already volunteering, but all the previous interviewers were more interested in looking at the work i am paid for which is not the case with me at the moment. so they decide to not consider me as a good fit for the job. but i will keep going on i guess until i get some tangible good results.

  • Did the interviewers actually tell you that they weren't interested in your unpaid work? I am surprised at that since employers generally like to know that a potential employee is the kind of person who volunteers their time and energy to help others. It makes them a good worker. I always put on my CV any volunteer work I did.

  • i was also under the impression that they do consider volunteer work in a positive light. but my latest encounter with two fo the interviewers made me change my opinion about it. not only did they not even consider to look at the duties i performed while volunteering but they outrightly ignored the work and asked me when was the last time i worked for salary. they were looking for salaried work as benchmark to access my skills, and i haven't worked for salary for many years. this has disappointed me, and now i don't know what to do. i don't have oney to go to school and no one is ready to take me even as apprentice. i wish something positive happens amidst this chaos i have been undergoing for such a long time. am really tired and feel wasted honestly.

    so sry for the rant:(((((

  • Why don't you put up posters around the neighbourhood with your phone number, stating that you really want to work and say that you have been doing volunteering etc. and trying really hard? Don't be afraid to name your working strengths and abilities and good personality points. You may get some good offers. I know those people who stand on the corner with signs asking for work do get some genuine people hiring them.

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