Would love to request a reading if anyone has the time..

  • Hello all,

    I would like to request a reading if any of you lovely people have the time.

    I've had a few hard months career wise and I'm in the process of making some significant changes in my path and would like to know what the cards would like me to know about them.

    Here is a bit of info about my situation: I started my own photography business almost two years ago. It was a lot of risk since it was an area I didn't have a degree / formal training in but it had always been my dream and I thought this business would get me more motivated into becoming a better photographer and would be a nice starting point. I had a few jobs here and there and enjoyed some of it but it never got into something that would help me support myself solely on this job. However, as I expected it helped me get better at the job, have more experience and see my strenghts and weaknesses. Meanwhile, I started working with a friend in a totally different but sort of related field to earn a bit of more money but in the last few months it turned into something that took almost all my time and turned into something that took over my own business. So, I quit that job and decided to take a course in what I thought I needed to work on to get better and hopefully apply for an MA in photography in the spring. Which brings me to my current situation. As you would probably see that all my recent decisions and actions are a bit risky, and I'm still trying at something that hasn't been very fruitful to me in the past. However, I still don't want to quit and choose a safer option. I still want to follow this dream. I'd love to see how the cards respond to my recent decisions and what kind of a turn they see my life taking based on them.

    Sorry for writing in such detail but I thought it would be a lot more helpful to interpret the cards if you knew the background of the situation. Thanks a lot in advance!

  • Hi, I'll try to make a go of this. First off, I'm sensing that someone isn't quite happy w/you in present. Did you up and quit your friend w/o a lot of notice. Something failing in getting your business "out there." I couldn't help but feel lack of advertising or communication, in some way. Something hasn't been announced--don't know specifically what this is. There's talk of getting w/the right group, also, someone feels slighted. This whole decision is a heavy burden on you--9 of swords as outcome. This isn't negativity regarding you business it's an indication of how you're feeling--should I or shouldn't I. Sun in situation is pointing to a new path that you've created. The mechanics of it (how to succeed) need to be figured out--world in challenges/3 of coins in future/4 of wands blocked. I see you telling 2 other figures how you're emotionally lost in this quest to succeed in this business. As w/everything, the need for investing or having financial support--king of coins in advice. This job is an emotional as well as financial investment for you. I'm also getting that your area may not be good for what you're pursuing. A need for expansion while keeping you feet on the ground--can you relate. Don't think of the negativity surrounding this as much. Get with the experts. I feel this is the group that can help you--judgment--friends/3 of coins future/king of coins advice. Also, work within your confines. Be upfront with everyone



    present--7 of swords


    past--9 of cups

    below--2 of wands


    future--3 of coins

    blocks--4 of wands


    advice--king of coins

    outcome--9 of swords

    I'm picking-up 2 sides whether it's two different people or two sides or ways of looking at things. At times it almost feels like someone's been in trouble.

  • Hello Daliolite,

    Thanks a lot! You are dead on about a lot of the things you picked up. A lot of the things you’ve said have been on my mind lately, and I was quite surprised to see how well you picked up on all of them.

    My friend probably feels slighted though it's not my fault she feels that way I'm afraid. I've let her know from the very beginning that this (me working with her) was not what I wanted to do in the long run and I've had other aspirations. I've also told her about my plans of quitting a few months ago. I feel the problem is she never took my plans seriously and thinks that I've quit because of the heavy workload (which was an issue, but because of it's getting in the way of my plans). Anyway, I think that's her you're seeing as slighted and the negativity you're sensing in general has got to do with that. Sadly I feel like there isn't much I can do about that. I'm being completely upront but it's not getting across.

    Also, I realized that I wasn't quite clear in my original post. My business that I already have is not what I want to expand or stay in. I was doing wedding photography, which was my business and I still have a few jobs lined up, because I didn't know how to get into the sort of photography I want to do and also I didn't have the confidence to seek out jobs in that area. It's failing because yes it's not getting out there and also eventually my heart is not in it.

    I agree about everything financial you've said. Money is a big problem about what I want to do in that I don't have any experience in the sort of photography I want to do and there's a big possibility that I won't find a job easily. Also I want to take a few classes, all of which require money.

    This decision is a burden on me because there's a lot of uncertainity around it. It's not a clear and easy path. But it's my dream job so you're right, it's an emotional investment, as well.

    You’re also right that I need to get together with the experts, network with people who work in what I want to work in.

    I don't know what to make of two sides or two people you mentioned. It might be about the friend I was working with as we're quite close friends but we have communication problems. It also might be about my outlook. I tend to be negative and hard on myself at times but this whole process is still a step in the direction I want to go, you know? Can you elaborate on this and the “someone’s been in trouble” part?

    Lastly, did you get the sense from the cards that I was / am on the right path for what I want to achieve? The sun's coming up in the situation position looked a bit promising to me, am I reading this right?

    Thanks again so much!

  • Cyll, Communication is something that I was picking up. What type of photography is it. World blocked means expansive to me. Could be anything from space/modeling/ stars, etc.--am I right. Something outside of what you're doing. 4 of wands blocked--LOL--that's the wedding photography. I think travel is in the forecast for you pertaining to this field. Is travel in your background on some level. It seems as tho you know about the tarot cards. When I mention travel I'm looking at the two of wands. I'm going to look again at this card and see what I pick-up on.

  • I want to do fashion and advertising photography and yeah, if I get to do it, there's a possibility to travel a lot for shooting at different locations. Travel isn't in my background, in fact I didn't get to travel or have a vacation in a long long time and I have a bit of wanderlust as a result, maybe you are also picking up on that?

    I know a bit about tarot, not a lot, and I'm useless at reading for myself. But I see what you mean about two of wands. Hopefully I'll get to do what I want to do and also travel, that would be the dream.

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