"The Captain" I got my synastry done , need help with aspects

  • You two have a really good general compatibility. Your ASC/DESC axes are conjunct (Gemini/Sagittarius), in opposite signs (ASC opposite ASC), which is a huge attraction indicator. The way your appear, you present yourself to the world (ASC) conjuncts the other person's idea of relationship, the ideal partner (DESC). Some say this aspect could lead to friction as one part of your personality (the ASC) is in hard aspect to the other's, but this is clearly not the case because your Moons are also in the same opposite signs ! His ASC personality side is in the same sign as your Moon in Gemini, and vice-versa (here, your ASC is conjunct his Moon, resulting in a very natural emotional connection, and the Moon person is very comfortable in expressing his emotions to the ASC person). Plus, the Moons may be in opposite signs but are out of orb for an opposition aspect, which is good because a real Moon-Moon opposition would be more likely than the ASCs to cause friction and challenges. I think the Moons are extremely important in synastry. Lastly, your Suns alone are in harmony with each other. Both in water signs, and making a tight trine of less than two degrees orb.

    There are two other significant angle contacts here. First, his Venus conjunct your DESC is very sweet and romantic. Usually when this happens in synastry, Venus embodies the ideal partner for DESC. From my experience, the angle person is most likely to feel the conjunction to a planet, because angles -- the ASC/DESC axis in particular -- are very receptive. You have two angle contacts and he has one (your Nodal axis conjunct his IC/MC axis). Still, he seems to feel the romance strongly too, and may be over idealizing you : your Neptune -- in fact, both your Neptunes -- are opposite his little Cancer stellium. As I also mentioned in Yanmorg's thread, it can be either person that is affected, but usually it is the planet person, not Neptune. Staying in the romance theme, I see very nice contacts from the natals to the composite chart (see next post). The more the conjunctions from natal to composite, the more the relationship is important to that person. And actually, oppositions work just as well, because the composite chart is just a midpoint chart between the two natals, and technically, two points -- say your two Suns, 13° Cancer and 14° Pisces -- have two midpoints and not one. Here, they would be at 13.30° Taurus and 13.30° Scorpio approximately, forming an axis for the composite Sun, and thus making the opposition aspect valid in composite/natal synastries. Squares work as well but are less significant, unless you notice a certain pattern or maybe a particular degree repeating itself. So, links that stood out for me were cASC at 13° Pisces tightly conjunct your nSUN at 14° Pisces, square your nASC/DESC at 14° Sagittarius/Gemini, sextile your nNeptune at 14° Capricorn and semisextile nKarma and nNorth Node at 13° and 16° respectively. The North Node aspect is a bit wide but I still counted it as your nKarma is also involved. cASC is also making aspects to his nSun at 13° Cancer, his nASC at 11° Gemini, his nVenus at 12° Gemini, his nMoon at 12° Sagittarius, his nNeptune at 13° Capricorn, his nPluto at 15 Scorpio, his nVesta at 12° Taurus and his nBoda (marriage) at 13° Virgo.

    Now, I'm not going to do all of the composite/natal aspects because that would be just too much work for one weekend, but just from the composite ASC, I see a link with your karmic debts, Pretty. Also judging from your natal, I think your karma in this lifetime is one concerning relationships. Let me explain. In your natal, your 12th house ruler (the house of karma) is Pluto, which is exactly conjunct your Valentine in your 11th house. 11th house, naturally ruled by Aquarius, the sign of your asteroid Karma. And your 11th house is also ruled by Pluto in your natal, just like the 12th, meaning your karma is related to your 11th and 12th houses. Your Valentine, as well as two other love asteroids -- Union and Boda -- are in Retrograde motion, indicating some challenges. Valentine is, in my honest opinion, a very powerful love asteroid, meaning true love, sacrificial love. And lastly, your Juno (marriage, commitment) is exactly on your 12th house cusp. Still in your natal, your Moon is at 29° degrees Gemini. The 29° degree is the Karmic degree, and it represents what you could struggle with. Moon on the Karmic degree would indicate difficulty in expressing your feelings. Sun on Vesta -- that I'm familiar with, I have it too ! -- points to the theme of kindness and Virgo-like service, sometimes resulting in being introvert, especially with Pisces Sun. In the composite, asteroid Union is on the 29th degree, perhaps indicating that the union (the fact that you 'get together', you unite, by marriage or something else (?)) or the relationship is difficult and karmic.

    I would love to look into this more deeply, but unfortunately my schedule doesn't allow me to do so and I have little time for astrology now. You can look up the prenatal eclipses for each of you here. Each of you needs to have one solar eclipse (PSE) and one lunar (PLE). See the ones just before your birthdates, write down the date and time of the eclipse, and create charts for them on astro.com (don't forget to set the time manually to GMT (UT), even if you have to put in a place of birth first). The PNEs are very karmic. Then you have to make synastry charts with the PNEs and the Natals, try different combinations, and write down the significant conjunctions (to Vertex, Karma, Sun, Moon, Nodes, or anything you think is involved with your karma -- in this case, you can check for Valentine, Amor, Juno, etc.). Then, little by little, you will start to understand more about your karmic debts and unfold the story of your past lives. Remember, South Node is past lives.

    Here are some last things I wanted to point out. First, Pallas/Moon in synastry in an indication of telepathy. Pallas is the asteroid of the 3rd eye, the pineal gland. The Pallas person (him) would know how to 'read' the Moon person's (you) feelings extremely well, and sometimes, with the help of Mercury, Neptune and Psyche, it would be reciprocated and you would both read each other's minds, almost. This is very possible for you both in my opinion, given the fact that there's a very nice affinity in the big three, and your water Suns are naturally more receptive. The composite ASC could play a part, too, being in Pisces and sextile cNeptune exact. Second, your Union conjuncts his Vertex. Vertex is not only karmic, but it represents what we find important/love in the other. Here, he would find the union of you both important. And third, I found it interesting to note this : I included two soulmate pairs in the asteroids I used -- Eros/Psyche and Isis/Osiris. The conjunction of two halves of one soulmate pair in a natal indicates that you will meet an important soulmate in this lifetime. Surprisingly, you have Isis conjunct Osiris, not very tight, but at the same orb at he has Eros conjunct Psyche natally. To make it even stranger, the difference of degrees between your Eros and Psyche (not conjunct) is the same as his between his Isis and Osiris. Weird...

  • I am unable to interpret astrology charts. You need a technically trained astrologer for that.

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