Seeking referrals and insight...who's in?!?!?!

  • When I began this crazy journey I focused much of my energy on Tarot and the role it played in my/others life. After 10 years of soaking up everything I could get my hands on, I have now developed a strong interest in astrology, natal charts, past-life regression, spirit guides, and synchronicity. If anyone also shares these interests, possesses a vast knowledge base, or knows of some great sites or chat rooms I could check out please Holla! I REALLY want to meet/name my spirit guide...unfortunately my Leo personality won't allow me to focus on meditation since I cannot silence my mind long enough to focus in. I look forward to hearing from you and any ideas you all may have! Thank you!

  • www,

    And actually meditation is not about focus as much as letting your mind wander and relaxing - at least transcendental meditation which I learnt is that way.

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