Stay or Go

  • I used this for an aid for a decision that needs to be made about staying with someone or leaving.

    I drew three cards for the energy flow if I choose to stay:5swrds 4swrds Page Wands

    I then drew three cards for the energy flow if I chose to leave:8 wands 5 wands 10 Cups

    I then drew an outcome if I chose to stay:Justice

    I then drew an outcome if I chose to leave:Wheel of Fortune

    I then drew one card for the purpose of an important factor to consider before making the choice: 8 of Cups


    The energy flow seems to be demonstrating self interests, but self interests (5 swords) that are being wallowed upon or rested upon (4 swords), in the dark, so to speak. Maybe eventually they will come out after being bottles or rested upon and the Page may be a demonstration of the nature of the 5 and 4 of swords, finally coming out and speaking.

    The outcome as Justice comes across as balancing and tying up what is needs to be balanced, or meant to be examined and learned. The outcome with Justice, may also suggest self examination and honesty, along with examining the relationship in respects to whether each individuals values and desires in a relationship, are a good balance.


    The energy flow of the 8 and 5 of wands suggests being open to receive new experiences, high energy, change and lots of movement. With the 10 of Cups, this indicates that the change and movement will lead to a state of content.

    The outcome as Wheel of Fortune may be simply implying that there will be an ability to roll with the cycles and go with the flow, enduring new unexpected shifts and cycles in which your vibration may attract.

    The 8 of Cups as the factor to consider before deciding suggests a need to examine the internal things that you have and or offer and how they may be depleted by another in a relationship. This card also suggests to contemplate what it is that may be causing a lack of meaning and or a void in the relationship.

    Thank you for reading

    I would be happy to help any responders with interpretation if they need.

  • I get a very ccomplicated vibe from this situation.

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