How do i know if he is the right guy for me?

  • im a single parent of my 1 year old baby. i have a suitor and at the same time my closiest friend for almost 3 years and till now he never tired to give up. he knows everything for me. His willing to give his name to my baby, to be his father and wants me to be his wife and partner in life. he really loves me and i felt his sincerity.

    but the father of my baby came back and want to marry me.

    how do i know who is the right guy for me?

  • OK so you say this guy has been there for you for the past three years, and suddenly baby daddy appears and wants to pick up where HE LEFT off??

    Un-Uh honey -- you tell me what your choice should be! Where has this baby's daddy been since the birth? Did he know? ... still confused??

    If this friend has been there, it's cause he wants to be... and just because someone who left wants to be back.. well that just means wherever he went things didn't work out...(a t ypical cancerman response)

    Unless, he's stable ($$) and reliable (which you already know he is NOT) I'd give him the chance to be involved in his child's life... but not back in mine.. until a really crazy long probation period has passed... with no bad choices...LOL

    why didn't he want to marry you before?? just curious??

  • follow your heart

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