Stalking Ex and typical 'Smear Capaigner'

  • Hello,

    I am giving you a run down of facts:

    27 year old female dated male approximately 8 months

    Male is currently 32

    Male had bashed psychology for 4.5 years saying its all mind over matter, so to speak

    Female stops working 6-7 day rotating overnight schedule, gets real clear about 32 year old male

    Female had been verbally abuses, chased several times and cornered by the male

    Female plots an escape; male is very controlling

    Female gets out of the house; male chases, latches on to car in attempt to get her

    Male now uses psychology and attempts to excuse his behavior with panic disorder and bi polar

    Female does not accept that excuse

    Male starts attempt to smear female and alleges she is bi polar

    Male still stalking and using property in attempts to get her to come back

    Male using the females mother to get to her; females mother did betray and acted as a mother; while she got info about females location, work hours and the like; to relay it back to the male (ex)

    Note: females mother has been estranged-never in her life and just recently around the time of dating the 32 year old male; came into her life after being absent 27 years (mother has been on and off Depakote and crack)

    Male simultaneously texting, emailing, social media messaging and calling 6 people from the hours of 12:39am until 10:48 pm for approximately 2.5 months after female leaves

    Male again makes attempt to use property and staged and even to get sheriffs in the house so he could film and manipulate footage to try to male female look as if she was problem; sheriffs were called because he withheld property; he the problem

    Now going on near three months; male operated a second social media account and has been contacting females friends that he does not even know; attempting to get them to think she is bi polar

    Male last reported to have still been texting and calling the females mother and the females mother's boyfriend

    Update as of 12/29/014- boyfriend of the mother alleges that 32 year old ex male boyfriend's number has been removed from the phone of his and the females mother; along with their own phone numbers changed- boyfriend took initiative in these actions; not the mother

    Suspicion: females mother betrayed (played a mom to get info to relay back to the ex; to enable him to get her), has been on and off Depakote, also excuses her behavior from having bi polar, she also never blocked the ex male 32 from texting and calling, she never changed her # or made attempts to stop contact.

    Reading: "Please exhibit the main events and influences around the EX and his stalking vengeful activity and provide advice to Female target, with an outcome if she follows the advice"

    Past Influence: King Wands

    Current Energy of Situation: 3 of Coins

    Influencing Current Situation: Judgement

    Near Future Event: 4 of Swords

    Distant Future Event: 10 of Wands

    Advice for the Female (targeted by Ex): 5 of Swords

    Initial Outcome: 7 of Swords

    My take on this is that the King is likely to be the ex and the Judgment/3 of Coins is each side networking and collaborating about the issue; possibly the Ex plotting other potential actions. I see the 4 of Swords as just resting and a time of no activity; but then that 10 of Wands-seems to demonstrate that the 4 of Swords was more a preparation for a future action that may cause burden or be a 'handful', so to speak. The advice of the 5 of Swords, is a bit confusing; maybe she should start standing up for herself and taking more self assertive and serving actions against this ex? The 7 of swords as an outcome could be representing an evasive way at getting the ex to stop or possible the ex using more stalking and secretive ways at trying to get to the female ex girl friend.

    I am open to others perspectives on this.

    Thank you.

  • Hello leo444

    Sorry to hear of the stalking and harrasment. What needs to be done for safety of the female

    Is to save all texts and phone messages from the stalker and mother & mothers boyfriend and file a police report.

    Then file at the court house a restraining order against all three.

    The minute that they violate the order call police and they should be arrested if the police do there jobgood luck

  • Yes, that has been done. Two reports have been made as well. Police have made an official agg harassment report. All evidence has been collected. The concern is that the male demonstrates calculating, obsessive behavior and that concern hinders pursuing charges; due to worry about retaliation and or retaliation post the restraining order end date. This male has been found to still be obsessing and following a girl he knew from two years ago. last date of following that girl was in September of 014. Last time that girl and he were associating was in the summer of 2012.

  • The past.. He had a mask on, he appeared to be the king of wands but in reality he is the king of swords reversed.

    Current energy.. Paper work of somekind.. Preparation.

    Influence, judgement, a new beginning, judgment on him, moving away from situation trying to come to a conclusion.

    Near future.. A rest.. After a mentally draining time.

    Distant future.. Some burdens to carry , but these burdens don't have to be taken up .. If the individual doent want to. It's a choice.

    Advice, try to ignore any contact or malice thrown your way by him. Block him.

    Outcome, you might have to come to some alternative way to get away from him.. Like maybe moving house.

  • Since mother and boyfriend have crack addictive personality disorders from extended drug abuse...only one solution.

    Stop and desist any....ANY communication. None whatsoever, for any reason. Do not engage in any manner whatsoever walk away Same with ex.

    Surround yourself with Gods white/golden light at all times

    Every day

    at all times, Surround yourself with imagery of your guardian angels, because you have all times. Ask to be protected. They are here to help you.

    Acknowledge the end of these two significant relationships knowing you have done all you could to assist them on this life path journey. Begin every waking day with these thoughts: In your mind and soul, say " I leave you in Peace" "forgive me" (even if you feel you have no need for it) "I forgive you", "I love you" and envision a physical parting of your life paths. Ask God, or the Universal Divine, to facilitate and create the reality that these influences have departed.

    When any thought of them appears....acknowledge immediately.. "it is done" I leave you in peace" "With love I send you on your way" Close all social media accounts for the time being, and do not return for 2-3 months. Eventually the fire will die out.

    Meanwhile look for positive energy outlets, engage with people who will nurture your spirit.

    What you put into motion hard and impossible as it appears....What you put into motion will facilitate the waves of energy needed to alter the course of current events

  • Sorry to be replying to you under these circumstances...and I hope these words find you safe. As I read about this situation I couldn't help but question a few things, in an effort to fully understand and advise...1). Why are so many people in this situation who, I believe, should be loyal to the female (friends/family) seem to be holding "open forums" with this male who has only been present 8mos?....was he in the picture prior to the 8 month romantic relationship? as a friend?.... Is he an incredibly talented manipulator and to what end does he wish to attain? (getting back together with you, ruining your life, etc...).. Why does it matter, what is the importance of labeling you as Bi polar? Many people are diagnosed and function with Bi polar disorder...I guess I do not see the goal he is trying to achieve...because if he is using Bi polar in an effort to dis-credit you... he should do his homework...

    Ok enough of the details, lets get down to the roots of this situation and work to overcome it...

    My take on your tarot reading can be summed up with one word...power...He wants power over you and uses manipulation tactics with those close to you to regain the power he once had in your life (since he no longer has power over you in your relationship)...However, the twist is that the only "real" power he possesses is by influencing the way others look at/think about you...Which ONLY fuels his power lust because, deep down, you truly are affected and controlled by what you "perceive" others to think about you. If you didn't care what people thought, his slander and defamation would have no power over you.

    Your reading was incredibly focused and straight-forward...In order to overcome this situation you have to develop confidence and acceptance within yourself. Set healthy boundaries with those in your life and if they cannot abide by them, cut them out of your future. ( more talking to ex..if friends/family want to, then you will not speak with them.) Remember the power of the swords cards...They have the power to help/defend you or else cut/wound you...the card details the motive but their real influence/effect can only be decided by you...You must decide what you value, what is truly important to you and your future, learn from your past, and make decisions that will improve "your"

    Drop him and anyone talking to him, visit with a counselor or domestic abuse advocate.. whether or not you feel you need to talk with someone, it will provide you with a documented and credible account of the ex and what he has done/continues to do from a victim stand point, which may help if cops and legal issues are coming.. Be pro-active, one-step ahead of him and his manipulations...put the power back where it belongs....with you... Good luck! Take care! Be safe!

  • Thank you all so much!!!!!!

    Its been awhile and more has happened. I discovered that the mother was the big 'hub' in this but he too is accountable. His mother called and there was a phone intervention. I forgave and have been civil with the person, but this person wants a relationship again. I gave him a second chance at being civil, but I am contemplating leaving for good, a bit afraid of retaliation.

    Sorry about the late response, been very busy and my computer crashed, had to get a new one.

    Thank you for the support.

    I did a spread on this and will post it.

  • What I found out.

    Mother was smearing her 'bipolar' and boyfriend cling to her and my friends.He started to believe everything that she was telling him about me. She just smeared her own drug use and 'bipolar' issue on to me. I have never lived with or got to know this mother either. He believed it, started 'believing' in her and started to retaliate his own family. He then took this slander and spread it on public social media and to my friends and associates. His own birth other had banned him from the house and about two months later, I got a call from her, explaining what was going on. There was an intervention between his birth mother, him and I. I was able to find out who did what and started what. I forgave and decided to remain civil and try to regain trust and friendship. Problem is that I realized that no matter how much I forgive, that does not change who he is and the actions from a male at that age 32, doing what he did and being that easily lead and influenced by a stranger, has caused me to have little to no respect for him.

  • This man is bipolar as well as his mother. All the disturbing situation you describe are trapping you because there is no talking to or reasoning with mental illness. Unless he takes his meds and sees a psychiatrist and you study bipolar you must run far. Mental illness is a tragic situation when untreated. Bad things can happen. The King is the HEAD and must rule or the weak hear will be under armed to protect. Your too attached to him to use your betray yourself by making excuses for him and you inject magical thinking into a desired future that really is not within his power. Be good to yourself BLESSINGS!

  • The word was in your heart is big and can weaken your ability to protect yourself.

  • Thank you blue moon. Yes, ruling on logic is the best route in this case. I am waiting to get the go, from an employer, I am in the recruit process now and if all goes well, I will be back to financial stability and free to move afar, if I have too.

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