What you can expect and what you SHOULD get in 2015

  • OK, lots of people want to know from psychics what to expect from the new year. And they can certainly be told what to expect, based on their present course. But it may not be what they WANT. Because life is not about waiting for your fate - it's creating it. The Universe is waiting for you to tell it what you want and, if you don't, it can only keep giving you the usual fare, the same old, same old or what you have come to expect from your life. And that may not be all good.

    Instead of wondering what 2015 will bring you, tell the Universe what you want to happen to you. Otherwise, how will the Universe know what it actually is you desire? Sit down and mark on the calendar what you want from each month. Say, you want January to be your big month for money. Write that on the calendar in full expectation of your wish being granted. Then move on to February - great new working conditions? OK, write that down and expect it to happen. March - how about a wonderful new relationship...and so on! The world will not be yours if you wait for it. Ask for what you want and know that you are not helpless or powerless, that you do deserve and can create miracles yourself.

    Create - don't wait for - what you want. Let that be your first, and only, New Year's Resolution!

  • Hi Captain

    May the New Year bring you fortune & joy!

    Thanks a lot for the advice. It helps.

  • Magickal, for 2015, I would like to see you live up to your name! 🙂

  • Simply awesome advice for resolution!!

    I hope you enjoyed your new years

    Thank you for all you do and may you get all that you wish for

  • You too Shadowmist. What do you wish for?

  • I wish for less stress and a pay raise

    and I did start to write on my new calendar

  • Happy New Year, Captain. Thanks for the posting, it is well received.

  • Thank you dear Captain, I needed to read this today. 🙂

  • And I wish for less drama from the husband's family this year! 🙂

  • OK everyone, let's start from this first month of the year getting everything we want! Please report any benefits coming to you.

  • Nothing wrong w/asking, writing and getting what you need. That's a great start and very logical. I'm on the path too!

  • What an awesome idea!! Count me in



  • It is a new month have you set your new intentions?

    January was good to me I had a little extra in my pay and got an awesome award.

    So for February I will continue to get a little extra in my pay so I can take care of my health

    and continue working on being happy. I will let abundance come back into my life

    I hope every one has peace health & abundance

  • Sounds good, Shadowmist! I too will ask for more abundance in my life in February since January was great.

  • January was pretty good and February will be even better it didn't start well had to have a tooth pulled but at least I didn't have a cyst this time and that is very good I was praying for that and when it warms up I will be in the yard planting a new garden and I learned how to use Skype so I will be able to communicate with my son while he is overseas

  • According to the astrologers, everything will get a lot easier for us all when the difficult Uranus/Pluto square that began in 2012 ends on March 17 this year. For those who have held on to and abused power too long, their fall can be swift and total. It signifies a willingness by the people to fight for more individual creative human expression. It's revolution time!

  • Viva La revolution!!! I had to say it. Lol And it does feel like it is getting easier and I feel like more abundance has come into my life. The only sad thing right now is I won't see my youngest for a whole year

  • On the brighter side, you have more time (and likely more energy) to do the things you want for yourself.

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