AstraAngel can I have aten card reading please

  • My DOB is 06/15/58 .

  • hello gemmini

    sure thing i saw your request a few days ago and i was like hmm not sure i am really still tarot reader material any more i appreciate the request i really do not sure it is for the best? for me to pour my guts out and get a ten word reply

    thanks for the reading that helps


    i am not interested in any more

    you want to open to me and really share your guts here in this forum

    we can proceed and maybe some good will come of it


    i will be of no use to you

    sri usually i just dive right in and try to share whatever i can about you and your life

    not any more it isn’t really helping anyone in my opinion trying to divine the future? not my cup of tea

    have a nice evening gemmini

    best wishes


  • I have been too depressed and not in very good health .Hence I have not been coming to the forum. You did a very good 10 card reading for me 2 years ago that's why I asked you. There were some points in the reading I wrote to you after but you did not reply .So that's how it is .

    But that's ok..I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.

  • Hi gemmini

    Hey lets look at 10 cards and see what turns up for you - my internet access has been limited lately however I have time on the library computer today so I wanted to get back to you - and I hear you on depression and all I deal with that too all I can tell you is we all get through it somehow by the grace of the skies - it can be a challenge though I understand for sure

    so here we go - we will go through a 10 card celtic cross spread and see

    first 2 cards should sort of sum up where you are right now or a question you may have (this is a general reading so I don't have a question in mind for you - we simply want to be open to anything at all

    1 - Death - okay that pretty much says it there - life could feel like it is coming apart (or already fell apart) - death is a "parts and pieces" energy/theme which basically says to me there are areas in our lives that we had "built up" into something pretty solid or something we were really expecting life to be like - and then life isn't exactly cooperating with that vision we had for ourselves - the result is the big constructs of our lives disintegrate into parts and pieces and we are left staring at all this clutter of odds and ends from our lives - with no real clue how it is supposed to go back together - the result is a sense of abandonment by life (the universe) and depression and all the rest (and we all deal with this dissolution process) - the good news is that something MUCH BETTER is in the works for you however the first step is to clear away the deadwood and that is what Death represents

    2 - Judgement (resurrection) - okay so there you go - that is the other side of Death where at last at last! you are floating free as a little bird singing your true songs with all of you heart - so that is where you are heading and the in-between phase is not always pleasant however you are doing just great perfect in fact - and everything you are experiencing is exactly as it needs to be so all you need to do is keep going

    now that is sort of the general setting for you - these are two really significant major arcana cards so that means very basic life phase themes are evolving in you so like I said all is well just keep forging ahead

    3 - above - this is a highest expectations and usually shows a "best" above direction for your life - 7 of Pentacles - this is a pause of your physical life and more of a silent mystery card in some tangible physical ways - so what is probably best for you right now is to really take it easy physically be very good to yourself in material ways, relax, relax, relax and let the universe minister to you while you make this important transistion

    4 - below - foundation and should show an important history for you - 4 of swords - this is a very basic, calm, settled, dependable mental attitude card to me - meaning your foundation right now is to allow your mind to be at rest below you as much as you can - probably a good to time to just read novels or something quiet and nice for your mind - I watch movies and read sci fi! so each has ways of tapping into that calm peaceful mental place - this also says to me that you know how to do this or you have a history with some deep enjoyment of reading so that should be relied upon I think

    5 - recently - something you have passed through recently and should be now2 fading away - 9 of pentacles - that is a completion of some physical material life path for you - something ended or concluded recently in your material life - maybe a job was completed or a relationship - something of your physical life has completed successfully and that is now fading into your past

    6 - ahead - what seems to be immediately ahead for you as your life experience - 2 of swords - this is a nice balance couple card of the mind - intellect - thoughts - so ahead is something very nice for your mental life that provides some gentle and sweet calming companionship for your intellectual concerns - could be a partner for your mind someone to talk to once in a while - 2 of swords represents partnering pairing agreements and can be playful too (2's are usually fun) so I think something fun for your brain here very soon! 🙂

    7 - attitude - this is your overall attitude about life at this time in some key way - The Wheel of Fortune - so this is that "everything is turning and spinning when will it stop?!" card! Can be fun like a circus ride or it can be very disorienting and you could be feeling more the former - so this says that in general you are feeling like life has you turning round and round and where it stops nobody knows! The wheel is good though because it does show turnarounds and movements in a circle - changes of a cycle - so I think you know inside yourself that what you are experiencing will be turning around for you and all will come out just fine

    8 - your environment - Heirophant - this is a general social theme to me - so you must be surrounded by some significant social-relational concerns and that can bring into play the rules and doctrines that others may be expecting of you - and they may not be getting exactly the kinds of responses from you that you use to provide so easily because now! you are experiencing some major transformation of your very being and their expectations may be wearisome to try to meet up to

    9 - hopes and fears - 3 of cups - this is a growth and communication card of your emotional and inner life - so this says you are really hoping for something nice and gentle and fun and happy in a communication pattern about and around your emotional life - so that is your hope - as a fear it could simply be that you fear that there is no one to communicate with about your feelings or you could feel very cut off from others in your need to communicate your deeper feelings and needs and memories or whatever you need to talk about that relates to your emotional life

    10 - outcome - 8 of Pentacles - okay now this is motion physically - so something of a movement or change of location of your physical life could be in order - or you take on some physical activity that is moving and very active - so I think this could be what you are seeking as a sort of answer to depressing feelings and all that - a need to get away to maybe take a trip a short vacation an escape or to start painting or jogging or something like that - some how you are being pulled toward some more energetic sort of physical expression for your life and that is where you are headed - this could be a good time for you to take that little voyage of your heart and soul in order to connect with nature more and let the skies above you and the animals and the lovely light upon the water minister to you right now - even camping out or something might be nice (I wish I could haha!)

    so when we combine card 6 and card 10 that should pretty much show where you are heading -

    sooner will be that 2 of swords so a nice playful or balancing partner for your mind (and that could be something a nice a the best book you ever read in your life - I am reading a wonderful sci fi book right now "madskills" and it is amazing how the universe really speaks to my heart through fiction - I often see myself so clearly in these books it is a wonderful ministry of the angels I believe - so I would encourage you to maybe find some good books? and then ...

    physical movement or activity as a longer range experience - so that could mean just about anything really (I am not picking up on anything specific there) it only means movement and activity in your nurturing physical life - I would say plan on a journey to some exotic place! or it could be something as simple as you take up a new fun hobby that keeps your hands busy -

    Hey I hope that helps a little gemmini - my prayers go with you - say one for me too please - and together we all get thru the rough patches holding on to each other - so you take it easy and I will check back here when I can to see if you have any more ? - my internet access is a little iffy though so please be patient however I want to see how you are doing

    best wishes and peace...

    ps - as always this is for entertainment only however it is from my heart but I always want to remind us of that that the tarot is really for fun! so you go have some fun dear gemmini

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