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  • A friend of mine who has been divorced for some time recently started dating Taurus man and she is wondering about compatibility, she is a Sagittarius.

    Her date of birth 08.04.78

    His date of birth 14.05.58

    Thank you and Happy New Year!


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  • RS, are you sure about the birth date for your friend? Sagittarius runs from November to December.

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  • RS, this can be a very pleasant companionship but it doesn't bode well for a deeper love commitment such as marriage. The relationship can be highly energetic, filled with excitement, change and diversity. It has a rather wild streak and a strong attraction is likely here. The tendency is towards lack of inhibition, including a frankness of expression or outspokenness that may come across as critical or hurtful to others. Yet the truth can often be a blessing in disguise, since neither your friend nor this man are known for their self-awareness. But they are both free spirits and difficulties can arise if their relationship requires them to give up any independence or accept any responsibilities (which is why uncomplicated companionship is the best type of relationship for them). This man's fun-loving and zany side will appeal to your more extroverted friend and they can have great times together as friends or even light-hearted 'no expectations' lovers. But your friend as a lover is more realistic than this man - he can get carried away by his fantasies and this may cause conflict. Mutually challenging activities, not the least of which may be satisfying each other, will keep this pair from being bored and make them faithful, to an extent - one or both of them may tend to have a roving eye. Fair-weather friends at best, neither party will be able to handle the other's shadow side if it is brought out into the open. This man can be prone to mood swings and has an undeniable wild side which he may direct towards drugs and similar obsessions, and that your friend might find too much to handle. She may be compelled to flee the relationship if sexual and love addictions surface in her partner - the level of pain may surpass the level of pleasure. For her part, your friend can have a tendency to become jealous and insecure when it comes to relationships, and she will need to let this man fly free as he will dislike too much possessiveness or limits on his liberty. Neither the ability nor the desire to endure suffering and work out problems, particularly of a personal nature, is high here. Better then for this pair to keep the relationship light, without too much responsibility, and to keep a back door open for escape if necessary.

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