Daliolite need a reading please

  • Hi Daliolite

    Thanks a lot!!!!! I talk to him hope someday he will be able to do something but as of now

    just happy that he is happy there with no pain & discomfort.


  • Magickal, Had an OMG moment regarding Rocky again. I'll try to interpret what I'm seeing. It's been raining here and an image of a dog w/another dog behind him was on a tree earlier today--right before I had to go to work. I could see these images thru the kitchen window. Spirit is acknowledging "under the care of." This is regarding Rocky and the other dog. Wood always refers to family in my channeling. Spirit is acknowledging that Rocky is a family member. Do you have kids. I really don't know how to interpret this except to tell you that this image was on a tree stump about 5 ft high and the image itself was about 3 to 4 ft. It is behind my neighbors house--in her yard. I don't know if that's symbolic, my neighbor is a dentist. When I "see" things "behind" a house in the spirit realm it usually means a grandparent or parent. This is spirit's way of acknowledging that Rocky was elderly like a grandparent. I know this sounds strange I usually don't explain why and how spirit manifests to me but I thought I needed to tell you.

  • Hi Daliolite

    Hope you had a nice New Years Day. As usual we had a quiet one. Just me & my husband.

    I'm puzzled by what you saw. Hard to understand what it means. I have only 1 son from a

    previous marriage and have 2 grown grandkids.

    You mean Rocky was human before and was reincarnated as a dog in this life?

    I thought dogs are never reincarnated. Maybe I'm wrong.

    Its funny my husband & I were out in the front of our house near a tree

    for just a few minutes yesterday afternoon. Every time we go outside he wants

    to follow as outside. Hmmmmmm?

    What state are you coming from? Its so cold here in Michigan now. It snowed a few days in early

    December then stopped. It has not been snowing since then. We did not have a

    white X'mas this time. If I'm not mistaken this is the first time we did not have a white X'mas. Something is going on around the globe in regards to the weather I think. I feel sorry for those

    white Bears in North Pole cause a lot of the ice are melting.

    Many thanks again


  • Hi Daliolite,

    I forgot to say the first white candle I did for Rocky finished off clear now the second candle close to done turned black. You know the top area is black. What does that mean? Now I'm scared. I think I should leave Rocky alone and be at peace with himself. I still will continue to pray for him.

    Before I do anything in the morning, I always light a candle and pray everyday anyway.

    Many blessings


  • Hi again Daliolite

    Also I want to add is that if Rocky happens to appear to you its OK to tell me. I will be happy

    to hear what you saw but now I'm scared about this channeling. We never know once they

    are out we may have no control of it anymore.

    Thank you


  • Magickal, You asked previous if it was Rocky's time to go--spirit is acknowledging his (advanced) age. In my experience spirit uses whatever forms it finds to convey a message. It's not unusual to be able to channel for awhile. I'll let you know if I see anything else. Would like to take a picture of it. She has a fence around her yard and I'm usually in a hurry but will try.

  • Hi Daliolite

    Please let me know if Rocky ever shows up I really do miss him.

    Many thanks


  • Hi Daliolite

    I finally put Rocky to rest. What I did today was mixed his ashes with the soil & fertilizer and placed a flowering plant in it. This way his ashes is still with us inside the house. I really believe that ashes has to be placed down in the soil as the final journey and that's what I did. Its the MUM plant and I picked one with yellow flowers in it. I hope Rocky is happy now on his final journey and likes the plant I picked for him. Since its cold here and snowy right now in Michigan, this flowering plant will be inside the house all year around. In fengshui (Chinese art of placement) the SW area of house which is the dining room will be a good place for him to stay.

    Hope he likes it.



  • I'm sure Rocky is aware of everything.

  • Hi Daliolite

    Is Rocky still around? or has he moved on to the next level? I went to a candle store a few days ago and there is a mix terrier dog there whose name is Rocky also. He sure follows his owner around. He moves around with her. You normally cant get his attention because he is focused on his mother(owner). I go there once in a while to buy candle and I know him but you cant get his attention because he is focused on his mother. This time I was shocked I called him and he came up and just stared at me with sad eyes while I was petting his head. Really stared at me. I couldn't believe I got his attention this time. I told the owner that I lost my dog also his name is Rocky and I'm sure he heard me talked about my dog.

    Thank you

  • Magickal, That would require my focus and attention. I don't have a week by week visitation. At one point, you seemed kinda hesitant. Spirit comes to me after I ask for guidance. I can't channel if you're not on board as it's useless. It's something that you need faith in actually. When you release doubt and negativity, you won't feel like you're disturbing Rocky. Spirit actually showed me images of Rocky. I can't guarantee anything but can try.

  • Hi Daliolite

    I'm on board. Thanks a lot for your help.

  • Magickal, I asked for guidance in channeling Rocky. I received an answer Sat morning. What I saw was a cross-necklace w/a picture of a dog on it. A necklace w/a crucifix. There was an image of a dog on the necklace.

    I don't know if you have a cross somewhere that Rocky is bringing forth/a necklace with a picture of him/her/ if spirit is showing that Rocky is in heaven w/Jesus/or if you carry something of his on your person,etc.

  • Hi Daliolite

    I placed a picture of him in my altar with a small rosary bracelet with a crucifix in it hanging

    by his picture. I say hi to him every morning and say good night every night. Also I have a

    picture of him by my table bedside cause he has his bed there.

    Well It looks like he is having a wonderful time with Jesus.

    Thank you so much I do appreciate your help! Thank you spirit for helping Daliolite! and

    Thank you God for taking care of Rocky!


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