Daliolite need a reading please

  • Hello Daliolite,

    First I would like to say Merry X'mas and a Prosperous New Year to you & loved ones.

    My 14 year old Jack Russell (Rocky) was put down today 12-26 and we were there beside him

    when it was done. It was so sad I was crying so hard.. I know its to late to ask this but I still want

    to know. Rocky woke up very sick this morning so we took him to the Vet. The Vet said with his age

    even if they do all the test there's little that they can do to really help Rocky out. Do you think

    it was really time for Rocky to be put down? I hope he is not mad with us for doing so. Hope he

    is happy & at peace now. I have this terrible headache due to been crying a lot.

    Thank you for help & many blessings


  • Magickal, One thing I can say for sure is that, as a channeler/medium, animals do have souls and will be w/you in the afterlife. I pick-up on departed animals as much as people. I will take time to meditate on this and see what happens. Will also look at some cards for you. Please allow me a few days. I hope this helps.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    This morning at 10:00 AM we said our prayer and last goodbye to Rocky. We went to the

    cremation place and wanted to be sure that we see him put in the machine and be sure that

    its really his ashes that we get. First saddest of my life was when my mother died and now this

    is the second hardest saddest of my life. I surely deeply will miss Rocky. I treated him like my


    We have his ashes in the altar with a 7 day white candle lit and be praying for him.

    I asked St Francis of Assisi to take good care of him cause we love him so much.

    We will keep his ashes for quite sometime until we are done mourning then will spread his

    ashes in the pathway were he used and loved to walk. Does that sound OK?

    Thank you so much for answering me

    Many blessings


  • Magickal, I was able to channel Rocky, he is still with you. He is showing me a mantel. I don't know if this is the altar that you mentioned. This morning kept being drawn to the color white. There is also a pairing and not sure what this is. It looks like headlights or comes across like this. I'm being drawn to headlights. Was there another animal that he was close to. Anyway, headlights are being shown. Rocky is showing me that he sits on his hind legs and begs. For food and attention? Is his ashes by Christmas decor? He is showing me the Christmas decor. Are there possibly 2 candles by his ashes. I'm confused about this double/pairing. Is there a picture of him around Christmas decorations. We wants you to know that he is there and sees all of this. He wants to get your attention. He loves you.

    I feel that he would have suffered if his life were prolonged. His spirit was not ready but his physical body was. His spirit has not left this physical plane yet. He hears and sees everything. I asked Yahweh earlier to let me channel this dog. I didn't know if I would pick-up on him specifically. During break at work, I was relaxing on the couch and looking at the fireplace mantel. The decorations formed a perfect image of a dog begging on it's hind legs. I had to go show my co-workers and was so happy that he came thru. I don't know if he can actually do this but this is how spirit is communicating to me. I don't feel that I need to do a reading w/cards. I'll be sure and send a thank you to St Francis. Do you all have a mantel at home.

  • Hi Daliolite

    The container of his ashes is white.

    The altar has 2 electric candle like lights plus a 7 white day candle. The electric lights are on

    all the time. I placed an angel beside his picture in the altar. The ashes, a picture of him &

    an angel for him are all placed in my altar. My altar is upstairs. We moved here in Michigan from California 11 years ago. In Calif. there was 1 dog that he plays around with. He does not play around with any dogs

    here in Michigan. Every time I'm in the kitchen he is always there begging for food. The X'mas

    tree is downstairs beside the fireplace in the family room. I placed another picture of him

    on top of the TV in the family room not by the X'mas tree.Several feet away is the fireplace and X'mas tree.

    Above the fireplace there is a wood that I have placed some decorations. Is that the mantel?

    What do you mean by HE CAME THRU? By that you mean you were able to see him? Is he gone now or still here? How many days he stays here on earth? Is he in the family room were

    he is watching us?

    Thank you so much for the reading. I have been crying on & off since he has been gone.

    Its really been tough for me. Don't feel like doing anything but lay down, watch TV and see a picture of him walking around the house. Its just me and my husband. My husband is a quiet guy

    and don't say that much so ROCKY really is the one that keeps me going around the house.

    Many blessings


  • Hi Daliolite,

    We will keep Rockys ashes for sometime then we will spread his ashes to the place that he loves and used to walk. I'm practicing fengshui and in fengshui it is not good to keep ashes

    for a long time in the house. Ashes are ying energy and not good to keep inside the house.

    What do you think? Is that OK? Do you think Rocky would like that? I wish I could keep his ashes.

    Thank you


  • Magical, I was able to see him and feel his spirit. He has a strong spirit and is with you. When my sister passed, her spirit was actually around me 1 to 2 months (or a little longer.) She actually is still with me and that's what you need to understand. My sister passed quickly and suddenly and it was her way of letting me know (we didn't know for a few days but her presence was w/me as she kept turning my printer on and off.)

    Rocky is bringing forth the wood you mentioned above the fireplace and the Christmas decorations. Also, the 2 white candles that stay on beside him. Also, there was an animal that he loved that I feel is with him now. He mentioned this other animal more than once. Also, seems a tabby orange cat somewhere in the mix.

    Mediums are very helpful instruments in helping realize that loved ones are still w/us. Rocky wants you to know this--ok. His presence was very clear.I'm glad that you are caling upon St. Francis. It seems this helps in the channeling.

    As far as the ashes, I don't know. I'm kinda inclined for the wood above the fireplace. I don't know about fengshui. This is just my opinion.

  • ps--Rocky appeared on the wood, above the fireplace w/the Christmas decorations to be specific.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks a million for the reading it helps but I truly & deeply going to miss Rocky.

    Since you mentioned that he is at the X'mas tree area I have placed a small

    dish of his treats there. When he was alive he was always asking for treats. It

    seems like there is not enough for him. He likes to drink a lot of water so I left him a bowl of water. He was always around me and following me. I just hope I will recover soon from this mourning.

    All I do is cry on & off.

    May the New Year bring you & your loved ones good health, peace, love, fortune & joy!

    Many thanks again.


  • Magickal, As a friend of mine says, Don't thank me thank God and the spirits. You're welcome and hope this helps.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    I do and I pray everyday and thank God always for my blessings.

    Many thanks


  • Dear Daliolite,

    Sorry I have to ask you this, do you think Rocky can do something around here so I

    know he is around? Can a dog spirit do that? I just miss him so much.



  • Magickal, Before I channel spirit I ask God to allow me to. It may take a while or so, ask God to show you his presence. I'll do the same.

  • Dear Daliolite

    Ok I will do my part and ask God. If it wont happen its OK. Thank you for helping me. I appreciate it very much. I'm so heartbroken please God help me. I read it somewhere that spirit don't like

    it when you are sad and crying so they might stay away.

    Many blessings


  • Dear Daliolite

    RE: spirit not liking to see people unhappy

    I will try my best not to be sad and crying. Maybe this might help but if not its OK.

    Whatever God wants I will accept.



  • Magickal, Key here is knowing that He wants to help you, give it time. Jesus cried when he heard of Lazarus' death. Nothing abnormal re sorrow. I've been told by a channeler that I know (whose excellent) that spirits are not mournful. I'm able to see and pick-up spirit when I'm contemplative or relaxed. My opinion is that you're too worried about what's right and wrong or you did something wrong re Rocky. You did the best you could based on the info and opinion you had. Crying actually helps me recover. If you need me to channel let me know--ok.

  • Dear Daliolite

    Ok I will give it time.

    Thank you & many blessings


  • Magickal, I picked-up on Rocky again today and need to tell you what I'm seeing. Hope you're still around. What I'm seeing is Rocky in water and he's wearing what appears to be a santa hat or knit type hat. I don't know if you actually put this type of hat on him at some point or there's a picture like this or you wear a hat similar to this. He's acknowledging the water and the hat. He's acknowledging a cup of water. I don't know why I would actually see him in the water other than he wants to acknowledge the water. There is ice in the water. I wanted to know if you all have a bird. There's been a bird assoc w/him and I don't know what the particular assoc is--a pet bird, he chased birds, etc. I told you earlier there's a younger cat also, mischevious, tabby, that's coming forward, as well. Could be a neighbor cat. There was also an animal that he was close to.

  • Dear Daliolite

    I used to put knit type hat just playing around with him.Theres a lot of pictures of this

    I took with knit type hat. I placed a cup of water where he normally drinks. Since he

    drinks a lot of water I have water in her bowl everyday even now. I still do it thinking

    Rocky is around here. In fact I changed it everyday cause

    he likes it ice cold water with ice sometimes. Theres a lot of birds here where I live and when

    we go to the park (5 minutes from home) he loves to chase the birds in the park. This is when

    he did not have the arthritis. This year 2014 he started having arthritis have difficulty walking

    so we stopped going there. He does not like dogs but theres only 1 family dog (my brother-in-laws dog) he likes and that's Fred who died 6 months ago.

    About the cat theres no cat around here. Maybe in Calif. He used to live there. We moved

    here in Michigan 11 years ago when I married my husband. I did not live with him before then. My husband had him when he was

    several weeks old so maybe when he used to live in Calif. When my husband works he lives him in the backyard in Calif. But when he is at home he keeps him inside. Maybe he met some cat there that's dead now.

    I'm so glad that he looks happy and doing things he use to like . Cause later part of 2013 & starting 2014 he started slowing down. Cant do that much anymore.

    I'm truly glad you saw him again.

    Thank you so much for the news just love to hear something from Rocky.

    God bless you and thank you and thank you God & thank you spirit!

    Many blessings


    I check this website once a day to read what peoples asking for help. Its interesting what people go through in life and want to know what the advices given. I learn a lot just by reading

    them. You guys are so nice helping me and these people here that have problems.


  • Magickal, Your dog is w/you.

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