Help with my reading

  • yesterday I had a 3 card reading

    the question was concerning my future with my boyfriend of the last 5 years

    I got

    the star,the 5 of cupd and the lovers

    would anybody be able to put these together and tell me what it means

  • G'day Hatchet (sinista, eh?) hmmm

    Well, I've had a think about your three-card spread. Firstly, I'll recount the psychic impressions I get before the card interpretation (just to confuse ya!!)

    I get that you are at a crossroads with your boyfriend. Are you waiting for a marriage proposal or something else of a commitment nature from him? Or is he pressuring you to settle down before you feel ready? The number five is a funny number as it can mean something has come to a point where it can be given up, lost or re-thought. Are you having doubts about your relationship with him? Is he having doubts?

    I also get that you are considering ending this relationship yourself, but wonder if that is the right decision. I feel a break may be a good thing for the two of you. Were you quite young when you started going out together? I sense there's a feeling of being trapped or hindered in some way due to this relationship and that one of you (more you I think) wants to go out and experience other things/people. Go for it. This is part of emotional growth and all of us need to do this at one time or another. That's the psychic impression part.

    The interpretation of the cards:

    The Star

    Signifies wish fulfilment and a happy outcome. A relationship will develop which is fulfilling, even if it takes some time for it to get there. The Star can also be warning that you don't become so immersed in this relationship/activity that all else in your life is excluded - keep a balance at all times. In other words, do things separate from each other. The old saying "share the wine, but drink not from the same cup" is very true here.

    Five of Cups

    This represents grief, loss and regret for something which has ended, or is about to end. From this ending, you will salvage something good from it though; you will learn more about yourself and what you want in life. It can also be saying that if you are in a period of grief, don't grieve alone - seek help from a trusted shoulder or even counselling.

    The Lovers

    This represents a very emotional bond; romantic or otherwise. If this bond has been ruptured or severed - as suggested by the five of cups above - then this card is urging a reconciliation as doing so after a period of separation will be successful.

    The Lovers can also represent a choice, either between two suitors, or you may need to choose between following a career and a relationship, or two careers - one which offers you emotional stimulation and joy and another which may offer you more money and stability. That sort of thing.

    How this all fits in with you, is dependent on where your relationship is at right now. But as said above, my impressions are that you both need a break, but this break will not be permanent in my humble view. The cards even suggest this. I also get that you are a very level-headed, big-hearted lady with her feet on the ground and that your boyfriend is a sweet, very dreamy type of fella who is grateful to remember what day of the week it is and to have you there to remind him. But what a loving soul he is. You are a good balance for each other, but at the same time, I still feel a break is needed for you both in order for proper growth and depth. Your relationship in the future will be all the better for it.

    Hope this helped you and best of luck! x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

  • With the lovers card, in the Rider deck you'll notice one's hand reaches skyward and another's, to the Earth. This means your decision must be thought out carefully hence; are your feelings true or is this what you only think you want. The higher reaching hand encourages you to connect with your higher self to make the right decision, the Earth pointing arm signifies the base feelings. Be honest with yourself and choose what is best for all concerned lest everyone suffer unecissarily.

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