Meaning behind a Number 5

  • The number 5 and combinations of it like 14 and 23 are real significant in my life. Major things seem to happen on these days. Also, other things like my number in line, room numbers etc. Can anyone shed some light on the meaning behind the number 5--THANKS! Dalia.

  • Hi Dalia,

    It kind of makes sense that the number 5 would precede major events or changes in your life. The number 5 in both the Tree of Life and in the Numerology 9 Personal Year Cycles represents change, breakdown and disintigration. Defeat. It's a negative connotation in the sense that your life or situation is breaking down or disintegrating, but it's also a natural progression in life. The old has to end to make way for new beginnings. There must be chaos before there can be order. To me it represents the Phoenix, which is rebirth from the ashes of destruction, or in a Tarot context it's like the Death card preceding the Fool.

    If you are seeing the number 5 a lot in your current life it generally means that there is a major change approaching. That something about you or your life is either breaking down or coming to an end. Something will go away or be lost. You will probably feel a loss from this.

    But in terms of your life, it often means that something is dissolving or going away in order to be a catalyst or to make room for something new that is soon to be entering into your life. Whether that be a person, item, or simply a new perspective, or new stage of your life.

    But change is coming.

  • Hi there. I'm in agreement with DreamerNorth;

    I have always interpreted 5 as the number of change.



  • Thank you.

  • Although I didn't post this I also had a question about 5! It is relevant to the home I am about to move to. I have certainly been getting out of a rut and clearing my life of things that are no longer necessary, including relationships!

  • I often see the number 5 and 9, which usually brings me luck when playing card games, and it just so happens I was born on 09/05. However, I can agree and apply what you said in regards to change. Interested, Cheryl

  • 5 in Biblical numerics represents GRACE.......

  • an otherewise auspious day full moon fell on 14 but it brought unhapiness i lost my dog hes gone since 15 days probably run over i always read 5 as bringing in some change now i believe it


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