Possible Love reading, Captain?

  • I know it was only just recently that you helped me with my 2015 reading(and boy was it helpful) but I was wondering if you could help me in the love department...or more precisely a compatibility reading. I have dating my partner since this past April and we've been enjoying each other's company and really opening ourselves up to one another. However, lately it seems he's been too busy with work and I have made my own priorities. Unfortunately, I have also discovered he has been communication with an ex of his who he has openly admitted to having feelings for. We already live together and we're planning to move into a new place this new year, but I have this burning insecurity in my gut that tells me I should maybe hold off and possibly move on. I feel as though I have known a great human being but am scared to lose him over insecurities. However, I feel as though my insecurities are warranted. We've talked our issues through, but I still don't feel much has been resolved. Is there any way you can offer your intuition and abilities to my situation? I would GREATLY appreciate a reading on where you see us in 2015. Is there a drastic move in my love life this coming January.

    My birthday is May 13, 1988 and his is April 13, 1986

  • Again, thank you SO much for all the help you've provided thus far!

    My name is Bryan Mora and his is Thomas Green, birthdays are above.

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