Repeating number...59!

  • Lately Ive been seeing all kinds of repeating numbers!! 11:11. 11:44, 12:12, 1:32 or 1:23. UGGG it sometimes can drive u crazy! I know what the numbers 11, 22, and 33 mean but what does 59 mean? Does anyone have an idea of what seeing 59 on the clock means?

  • I had the same issue see my post 7 and 11. there are some numerology links posted on there maybe that will help. I understand how you feel though its very frustrating to not understand what the message is that God wants you to see. Good luck Tameraj!

  • I've been seeing - - :59 on the clock for the past 6 or 7 weeks and it's driving my crazy. I can't find a definitive meaning for the number anywhere.

    Does anyone know what this could mean?

  • I just had a thought about this. Maybe seeing 59 is nearing the completion of a cycle in your life as the clock is about to roll over another minute into a new hour. Maybe you are about to encounter a new hour in your life for the better I hope. Sorry I can tbe more specific as what this means to you this was a knee jerk reaction I just had. Best of luck to you both.

  • thanks everyone for the touching comments!! I actually know what it means and your right lovinmylife. theres an oppurtunity i think for a new beginning in my life right now. the many times that i see the number(like every hour) is a try to get my attention thing. i think that its saying let go of the old so the new can begin!!! =D... im excited but its also VERY HARD to do!!!

  • Thanks for your help lovinmylife! I think you're right about the completion of a cycle. I got an answer a few days ago and for me personally - -:59 means: "It's nearly time. Prepare your life & yourself for the new phase that is coming."

    Tameraj I hope this helps you in some way too. If you feel there is stuff you need to let go. Do that asap. Holding on too long might make this phase of 59's longer than it might need to be. Good luck and be blessed!

  • Poi1147,

    The number 59 adds up to 14, which signifies change. However, do not rely on the advice of others. Rely on your instincts.

  • Thanks firefly01. The answer I spoke about came from my higher self and spirit guides.This is why I stated that this explanation was "for me personally". I am sure that their guidance can be trusted. In any case their answer was not counter intuitive. I am going through a very intense change in my life right now and needed to know what all the 59's meant during this phase.

  • Oh and I noticed that your reply was post at --:59 as well. 🙂

  • i see that number in my dreams

  • You know I just happened across this thread last night but did not have anything more tooffer so went on. Then, this morning I decided to delete my back up of newsletters from as I did not have time to read them and just as I was about to do it, I thought I would pick just one and check it out.

    1st it grabed me with the Key message in the title "You Hold ‘The Key" by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan and as I read it spoke of 59 as in seconds and 359 as in degress. It was too weird and the maessage is cool. posting just the significant part on the numbers here though.

    "...A camera is but a focal point. It can take one picture per moment. But is what is happening in the background of the other 59 seconds in that one-minute of time? There are 359 degrees of happenings around that camera/camera man that is not being looked at. Is someone helping someone away from danger, is a solider feeding a starving child behind that cameraman? Is someone falling in love for the first time? All cameras point to a single event and capture that moment, but what about all the rest of that minute, all the good that is happening that is not caught on tape or film? Is it captured? No, it is not. Is it seen? No, it is not. It is up to you to believe that each time you see a dramatic event on your media that something wonderful is happening around the corner around the bend behind the cameraman. For human nature is inherently good and kind do not let anything take that thought away from you..."

    So, I guess from this 59 means there are a multitude of possibilities in each moment and in every direction and you have a choice on where to place your focus.

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