Should I give up trying to keep friendship?

  • So as seeing through my post posts, the tale of me (Virgo) and my former best friend (Libra) shouldn't be familiar. (Quick run down: summer before he went off to college we admitted we had feelings for each other, nothing happened from it, he got a girlfriend and we haven't talked since). I haven't talked to him in about three or four years and tried messaging him tonight to see if we could start our friendship back up again because I don't have feelings for him anymore (that I'm aware of) and I just want my best friend back.

    Should I continue trying with the friendship or just give up?

  • He's moved on and so should you. The distance that time, new people and new experiences has put between you means you would not still be best friends. I think you are just going through a lonely and confused time at the moment.

  • I think friendship is precious, if you feel that person was your best friend then keep trying and plus now you have no feeling for the guy its starting on better ground, you cannot be friend with someone that you fancy thats doesnt work but now that you missing the friend then its better

    but I hope you are been honest then its the friendship that you are missing and not anything else romantic from it

  • This post is deleted!

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