• Hello AstraAngel,

    How have you been? Hope all is well with you. I haven't been here in a really long time.

    I was wondering if I can get a reading from you? Just whatever you pick up I would appreciate it.


  • Hi Sagittariusgurl6

    I am doing fine thanks – how is life treating you?

    Okay well i did take a look and will share what was written out for you – i will be honest my approach to readings has changed so much so this may all sound like gobbleDgook to you – however i will share –

    what came from this was a dialogue that you and i were having – and it went like this – your responses are indented (sg) and there is another person asking you questions after your answers which are not indented:

    sg: (i have a) memory (there is this) setting (i am in and it is a place i have) known (and was so) complete (so perfect)

    sg: (this is such a) very (strong) memory (with so much) feeling (of) mystery

    (can you) share (more about the) nurture(ing) (you felt in this setting?)

    sg: (i was in so) very (much) expectation (and i felt an) outward near(ness)

    (do you remember how you) view(ed) (this) nurture(ing setting?)

    sg: (as i mentioned) (it gave me) expectation(s) (that were) outward (and) near (to me and also) mystery (was a part of that setting)

    (what was the) complete(d) (physical) nurture (result) (?)

    sg: (i have a) memory (that seems to be) everywhere above (with much) depth (to it)

    (was the setting) play(ful)(?) (can you) share (more on that?)

    sg: now(?) (well it was all) within (and) everywhere (so) distant (too)

    (you have mentioned) nurture(d) (a lot can you speak more about how nurtured you were?)

    sg: (it is so) very (much) (my) memory (and it was very) outward (toward me) (i was) known (in that setting)

    (do you remember if you were afraid at all? do you recall was the) moon (out?)

    sg: (all i know is that it is my) everywhere memory (and) (represents something) very above (and i really felt) known (in that setting)

    (i am) relate(ing) (to what you are) share(ing)

    sg: (the) expectation (was) everywhere above (and) very near (to me)

    (i think this experience must have been the) begin(ning) (of something very important to your being) nurture(d) (from above)

    my sense was that there was some experience you had going way back that you remember a lot or you think about that a lot - there was much reference to your remembering this and it was a very nice nurturing setting for you somehow - something back there very significant for you –

    i would be very interested in any specific memory(s) or person(s) this is bringing back for you? does it trigger anything for you Sagittariusgurl ?

    best wishes


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