I wish to have a reading. thank you in advance

  • My name is Anne I'm 2/6/86. Would anyone be able to read for me about my love life?

  • None?

  • tebloves,

    Not a love reading but a pick up on what you are feeling;

    know you have the power to get what you need to make things happen

    something had happen...a fight, battle of words, you came through it which will allow you to be strong

    its time to make things right, think about them and what it was, why it happened...it will help put things in perspective

    completion, putting things in order and you will make it happen

    something you just went through you felt wasn't fair

    you are going to be open to something new

    but your still carrying around a burden or a loss, don't let it drag you down

    you have been worrying about a negative guy, you know your are good don't let anyone be mean to you

    there is another guy who has some energy that feels attracting, but there is a edginess to him

    you are going to feel delayed or stale with your affections

    and you want a clear path, but you can't see what is coming; you need to see where you have been so you don't let the same thing happen...key feels like trying to understand your choices so you can make good ones.

    Hope that helps,


  • Wow. Thank you Nick!

    Do you see me finding happiness with the person I'm with now?

  • If it's with the guy you thinking about with the fight, I didn't get a good feeling about him.

    For me, I felt like you might attract others that could be similar or similar types of traits.

    That is why I said look at why you picked the person you did and why....if you can pick out the good parts and find that... other times if you look for the same combinations...you get the same results.

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