What do my dreams mean?

  • Okay, I'm going out on a limb here in asking someone ANYONE, what they think of these rather strange, but nice dreams, I've been having of this younger fellow I know. Some background first: I've been dreaming of being with a younger fellow for about eight years, but never knew who he was, which never bothered me. But during each dream I felt like I had finally found my "home". In May I started having similar dreams again, but this time I knew the fellow. Same circumstances as the "unnamed" dreams, but this time ... well, there's a familiar face attached. Now the problem I have is that I'm married. Have been for some years. Have almost gone to leave a couple of times, but haven't. We're good friends, have a now fifteen year old daughter and an eighteen year old foster son, but there's really little to no physical attraction for me anymore, and it's been like that for years. I thought that was normal, or that I was frigid or something, but am having doubts about that now.

    Still, I met this younger man about three years ago, thought nothing of it except what a nice bloke he was, though over time I developed a sense of joy whenever he was around, then a strange need to look out for him, and told him once that I got annoyed when he made a joke of himself and that his life was important (he nearly died once). Then the dreams. A psychic friend of mine told me this fellow was also having the dreams, so that perplexed me even more. And no, they are not sexual dreams. Just being together and feeling so comfortable with him yet so alive ... it's like he knows me better than anyone else, even my husband.

    I've been through questioning if this is middle-aged crisis stuff or wondered if I'm actually a frustrated old lady or something, as you can appreciate. Still the dreams persist. And no, I haven't physically been with this fellow or even seen him really since the dreams started! I haven't initiated any contact either, which is frustrating to say the least, but feels like the right thing to do at the moment.

    Is there someone out there who has some idea what this could mean?

  • Cris I was once married for 7 yrs. We had 3 children together the love between us died a few yrs after the wedding. I was in denial and felt guilty for a really long time. I was living a lie and sharing my bed with someone I didnt know anymore. I even forgot who I was. the whole time I was dreaming of my best guy friend from highschool. Once in a while we would even run into each other and every time I saw him it was like no time had passed and we shared a bond like I had with no other. After I left my husband we ran into each other again. Then I fell in love hard. We spent alot of time together but only as friends. Then he met someone else and it broke my heart. a couple yrs later he came back and this time we became involved with each other in a serious relationship that didnt last either. I would like to blame it on horrible circumstances that we were both facing with our children. I always dreamt of him and continue to. Sometimes you just have a special connection with someone but there are no guaruntees it will work out. I didnt leave my husband to be with him. I took that risk on my own. Whatever your situation is you are experiencing a deep spiritual connection with this man for whatever reason. Just enjoy it for what it is. You need to make a decision about your marraige seperatly from feeling you may have for this man. I hope that helps you.

  • i have a boyfriend. in my dreams he kiss me in my chick once but in his eyes he wants twice, but theres alot of people in our surrounding so that i ask him to stop with smile in my face and he smiled also but with blushing. what does it mean?

  • Hi, Unresolved issues will keep arising in the subconscious. Your mind is trying to work thru something. Also, depends on how much younger this guy is. Maybe you felt more carefree and at ease when you were younger or had a boyfriend his age. The thing I would watch for though is separating feeling from reality. I mean establishing a loving relationship with him based on both of your needs. I have had somewhat the same thing happen. It didn't involve a younger person. Both happened coincidentally. One in a dream, one in reality (like you). It's a bond or connection that you can't seem to explain. I don't feel like I'm educated enough tho to help too much, just give suggestions. Also, do ya'll work together. I mean, how are you assoc. w/him, if I might ask.

  • Firstly, thank you very much lovinmylife. I guess I know enough about this stuff to agree with what you say wholeheartedly. I have never left a relationship to go to another one, and certainly wouldn't be doing that now. I'm too middle-aged and intolerant to let just ANYONE in my life again anyway 🙂 And I don't have a penchant for younger guys either, which is something I wanted to get clear in my own head before I posted this. But still, the feelings persist, while knowing there are never guarantees that a spiritual connection denotes long-term bliss either. Ah well ...

    And Dalia: well, again I agree that these dreams are trying to get me to deal with unfinished business. As to if I felt carefree or at ease at this fellow's age (he's 31 and I'm the rip ole age of 47) I was a new mother two months shy of my 32nd birthday, so wasn't all that carefree really!! I've wondered about that bit of significance myself in truth, but can't find any. In practical terms, a 16 year age gap scares the living sh*t out of me so I guess I find it hard to really believe what these dreams portray, even though I know there are successful relationships with similar or larger age gaps in the world these days.

    I guess I'm having trouble trying to separate what's real from what's not, while also putting off the inevitable decision I now know I have to make about my life. Other people's views/experiences are always helpful, so I appreciate what you've both said here, very much indeed. I get the strong feeling too, that there's a lot of this going on at the moment as a result of this big astrological shift which is coming soon; and also as some sort of preparation to 2012 ... what do you think of this yourselves?

    In one dream I had with this fellow he told me he had asked for three years to elapse before we could be together as I "needed to get my head right" (shoulda slapped him, even though it's the truth 🙂 ), so that's a weird one! Also at the end of this dream, while I was in that half awake state the words he said to me were: "I need you; the world needs us together". It's like he's the older one out of the two of us in the dream realm, little pup!!!! One thing else I'd like to say about this man is that he is a very noble, hard-working and honest fellow and not one who'd happily try and break up a relationship/marriage for his own ends. I don't work with him, but met him through my hubby's work-mates (he's the cousin of one of their wives who happens to be a friend of mine). I'd love for us to be friends at least, but never seem to cross paths with him anymore, and don't have the nerve to pick up the phone just to say hi either. Go me ... 😞 But it seems like the right thing to do; holding off, y'know. Besides, my hubby deserves a whole lot better than me sneaking around behind his back. Whatever is going on here at the moment, we're still good friends and frankly, I wouldn't want some betrayal going on behind my back either, so there's that.

    Anyhoo, I thank you for what you've said here and hope I make the right decision for myself and everyone else who'll be affected by it. Never good at rocking boats have I been, but maybe this time, I'll have no choice ...

    Now uelnhing; I think your dream is saying you'd both like to take this relationship further, but are nervous of doing so. I think also, it's the boyfriend who wants to go further, but you know how far you want to go and won't go past that at this moment. Stick to your guns for now. But your boyfriend has a lovely, devilish side to him which will give you much joy and laughter as well as showing you many depths to life you never knew existed. I think you need to let go a bit more - have some fun and don't worry about what other people think - it's your life! GOOD LUCK. He sounds like a darling ... 🙂

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