Dear Blmoon. Please help me with a reading.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I hope that you could please help me with a reading? Your readings have always helped me so much and so immensely in the past. So that's why I really need to ask for your wisdom & insights once again.

    I'm tired right now of my life. I have big problems at my work, with my family relations (especially with my dad), and no love life whatsoever to speak.

    But the one biggest problem, that is beating me up the most, is moving forward on my life's purpose. (especially the everyday mundane tasks and practical things.) But I have so many negative blockages, old negative patterns, and old negative beliefs that I keep replaying and repeating over and over and over again. However, now, in this time in my life, I just want to move forward. So I just wanted to ask how do I move forward from here?

    Do my loving spirit guides and loving angels have any messages for me? 🙂

    And could you please ask for me powerful and loving Archangel Michael what the next step is? 🙂

    Thank you Blmoon. 🙂

    Thank you ever ever so much Blmoon. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Sincerely, LionessSun 🙂

  • No one has the answers; but yourself. You clearly are aware of negative patterns; so act to change them. No its not easy; it happens to all of us; getting to that one apex of a job or cause, is actually a path, your purpose is from the start to the end and part of that purpose is the actual path that you are treading. Each step of the way has is part of the purpose. It is not atypical to experience cycling of change in jobs, location and the like; until you reach middle age. The journey is part of the character building and discovery; we all need to reach our highest potential.

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