My twin flame or soulmate?

  • I am extremely attracted and infatuated with this man like no other man I have ever come across. I can't explain it... he reminds me of me. If I was a man, he would be what I look like, dress like, speak like. By chance, he even drives the same car as me, same color, same year. I can't stop staring at him and I noticed he does the same thing and it's totally inappropriate because he is hands off for a multitude of reasons. He finds ways to be near me, touch me casually, talk to me, and I have become so shy and awkward because I think he is so perfect. I have a feeling he feels the same way.... I am afraid of getting my heart broken because I know I can love him too much and I will most likely lose if we start any type of relationship. I don't talk to him enough out of fear of connecting even further and losing control and regretting my actions. He is taken and sometimes I wonder how happy he is if he can't stop staring and being around me.... then I try to stop myself from us ever being together and tell myself maybe he is a player or a flirt and I am wasting my time. I would regret it if I never got with him and I may regret it if I got with him. I'm at a crossroads and don't know what to do... I try to rationalize... maybe he just wants sex from me because he is taken and then my other brain tells me maybe he has developed some feelings for me and is also pondering a future together and is unsure as well. Psychics, I need your help! Is this man my twin flame or soulmate?

  • This is simply the attraction of your own self. The need to love yourself is strong here so you are both attracted to someone who is so like you. But it is not about the two of you as a couple. The only relationship here is the one you have with yourself. It is a way to remind yourself to become more interested in your own needs and to live the life that you really know you must. You are looking at a reflection of yourself - this man is your mirror and vice versa. What do you like or dislike in what you see? This is a very valuable learning experience that can teach you much about yourself and what you need to change or improve.

  • Thank you again Captain. I may be moving elsewhere soon for my career, and will still see him but much less than before. When we last talked, he was playing with his wedding ring unconsciously while staring at me as I spoke. What was he thinking when he did that? Why is it that everyone I like is already taken? Why can't good single men come across my path instead? My best friend, who was being completely honest with me told me I look like "one of those pretty mistresses".... is that what it is?

  • "Why is it that everyone I like is already taken? Why can't good single men come across my path instead?"

    We attract the sort of person we want deep down and subconsciously you draw men who are already taken because you yourself are not ready to commit to one person. Good single men represent an inner fear to you. Once you work through that fear, you will attract eligible partners. Or you may decide you don't want to ever settle down with the one person forever. It's up to you!

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