On the Hunt for a Better Job. :)

  • I've been working at two retails jobs the past few months, helping myself get back on my feet after being unemployed for about a year and a half (with the odd job of teaching crochet until recently). It's not enough to let me live on my own and take care of my usual expenses at the same time. I'm still paying off loans from school. Considering how my love life has been like a tornado the last few months as well, I felt I needed to do something to better my financial situation and go in a direction that better suits my interests (and take my mind off of things that are unpleasant). I have a huge interest in costuming. I've been trying to drum up people's interest at the fabric store where I work. I don't have any bites yet, but I want to keep trying (I plan on getting business cards too). In the meantime, I need a better paying job to help me with this. Someone suggested a costume shop, and I have looked, it's just that it probably won't improve my finances. Not to mention, my car is on its last legs, and I need to get another one soon. I wouldn't mind doing the costume shop if I could make money while taking orders for costumes myself. However, if I need to go in a different direction, I'm willing. Any advice?

  • Do you have samples or pictures of your work. People often do not trust a strangers concept of perfection. I did odd jobs when my sons were small and daycare would have wiped me out. I sewed most of my own clothes so people could see my work. I did costumes for my sisters drama class.......I charged little and called it a reference. Places that need alterations pay well. You need a collection of costumes to show your skills but the fabric store is not the best place as think about it....the people who go there are people who sew! Go to the colleges.....find the board near the theater and drama classes and put your ad up there withe either an e-mail or phone........make a whole row on right side of paper and cut them so one can easily tear the number and not take the whole ad. Also try posting an ad at a costume shop. And place ads in the free papers with classifieds. Promote yourself as a "custom" seamstress.".But mostly have samples to impress folks and be ready to give a quote. I did many jobs all at once....furniture refinishing, chair caning, painting repairs. Truth is you may give a quote only to find out later there was an issue that took extra work, but you have to just make it up on an easy job. Do make yourself business cards....I used to make my own on the computer printed on card stock ...most programs have a template but now it seems you can order them cheap.I feel you can do this if you can have patience to build towards your break. Have at least a few samples ready. Do a few charity cases if you have to but they are worth the references. Specially drama departments...will add your name under costumes on the programs...save all your kudos. People want to see your references. Don't waste your time at the fabric store unless they have an opening for a sewing instructor. The community colleges offer sewing instructions as well. Sewing machine shops may as well need an instructor. I really feel you should work on some top rate costumes and set up a table and rack at a flea market or farmers market......do some thrift shopping and pick up interesting vintage pieces....hats, bags, jewelry and you can find interesting vintage clothing as well.Go the whole enchilada! BLESSINGS!

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